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  1. Please, what happened yesterday in Paris had nothing to do with Paris losing 2008 and 2012! Else how do you explain the incidents (though less violent) that took place in London? And the protest that will most likely take place in San Franciso? I don't approve the violence in Paris yesterday but let's get real shall we?
  2. Well, they would fall under the "Reporter Sans Frontière" category. More seriously, most of the press condamn the violent behaviour of the protesters. But almost everyone agrees on the fact it was predictible and poorly handled by all the stakeholders.
  3. So basically, that's what you do. When some one puts facts in front of your garbage, you flee to another topic... I'll give you that you have quite some nerves (instead of gutts) for keeping preaching like this with not a single fact to back your claim. BTW, you trashing France is actually an honour so please keep doing it (not showing gutts here either but hey didn't expect you to).
  4. It's obviously front page in French Newspapers. As usual, they play the "Who is to blame" game. Pick your choice: The IOC BOCOG The French Police Reporter Sans Frontières The French NOC The Media who were waiting for something like that to happen The Chinese Government
  5. Did she really say that? To call it a "crime" is an absolute lack of respect for all the victims of real crimes around the world. Some IOC members better get back down to Earth and fast (Lindberg has never struck me as one of the brightest IOC members anyway, just one of the most ambitious and not too subtle about it)...
  6. BOCOG runs the Olympic Torch Relay. That's a fact. BOCOG decided to stage an international Torch Relay. That's a fact. BOCOG is the ultimate authority when it comes to staging the Olympic Torch Relay (by delegation of the IOC), they are the ones who selected the cities visited by the Torch Relay, they are the ones giving the final approval about who the torch bearers are, they are the ones deciding to stop the relay. That's facts. I notice that you ignored the fact that I posted (the Torch relay restarted after 13h01) to add some new trash. Even IF what you posted were true (that people were paid to protest - where does the money come from BTW: thousands of protesters in London, Paris, most likely in San Franciso... That's a lot of money), it doesn't change the fact that BOCOG decided to skip the stop at Paris City Hall, and to cancel the last part of the relay. I won't comment about your kind post about nazis taking over Paris.
  7. And then the Torch relay started again but yeah you are right. The eventual decision to suspend the relay was taken as the Flame got by the Assemblée Nationale by BOCOG. And who decided not to stop at Paris City Hall? BOCOG again! And who do you think "Forces de l'ordre" stands for? BOCOG escort staff. Truth is BOCOG has created this whole mess and does not know how to handle it.
  8. Dumb *ss, the decision to cancel the relay was made by BOCOG just as the Flame was passing by the Parliament as several representatives were standing there waving Tibet Flags. Strange coincidence isn't it?
  9. I don't think it has. London has already been awarded the Games and is preparing a spectacular Games.
  10. Translation of the statement published of the French NOC website: The Torch Relay in Paris has seen many incidents and as a consequence many torch bearers haven't been able to carry the flame, which was carried for part of its journey to Charlety Stadium by bus to Charlety. Numerous athletes have expressed their frustration due to the problems encountered and their lack of understanding of BOCOG's hasty decisions of cancelling the relay, of carrying the flame by a secured bus or to extinguish the Torch for not apparent reasons. During the official ceremony held at Charléty, Jean-Claude Killy, IOC Member has declared : "It was the day to welcome the Flame. Our position is the following: President Rogge declared today "we respect NGOs, militants and the causes they support. Our organisation is neither political, nor militant. We express hope that the conflict in Tibet to come to an end as fast as possible. Violence is against the Olympic Spirit" and I add that I wish these Games every success possible". President Henri Serandour, currently in Beijing for the ANOC meeting, has stated: "The Flame should have been allowed to go through", adding "I think the Flame could have gone through and that protests could be staged by the side. Everybody is free to express his idea but to block the Flame is also asking for freedom without respecting freedom for our athletes. Of course, these Games will be a magnifying tool for anyone who wants to talk about China or Tibet, but in the same times, there are many conflicts around the world that no one talks about. A symbol such as the Flame, carried by young people who want to deliver a peace message should have gone through... I deeply regret what happened".
  11. Wow, it's been an interesting day in Paris! Chaos is the only word that come to my mind. The Flame passed by my place and my neighbourhood was already full of policemen by 6:30 am. It's certainly what the IOC had in mind when it awarded the Games to Beijing, but if one wants to be honest, one has to recognise that the pro-Tibet groups would have never dreamed of such a tribune. (on a side note, I think France can kiss goodbye to hosting the Olympics any time soon as the IOC will not forget/forgive what happened in Paris today).
  12. I can tell you from IOC sources that the IOC is not happy at all (and that's an understatement). The most surprising is that they didn't see it coming...
  13. Paris has mobilised over 3,000 policemen for the torch relay! That's more than what's usually done for head of state when they visit!!!!
  14. I would say the Chinese Government policy has also a huge share of responsibility... They knew they were under scrutiny from the entire world and didn't even try to pretend they would improve their HR record. Not to mention BOCOG and its brilliant idea of staging another global torch relay (the IOC was not too keen with the idea to start with).
  15. Exactly, that's why I think, in the long run, the Chinese Government will be caught in the trap they set for themselves: they wanted to make a big PR coup with the Torch Relay and it is backfiring. The same will happen in August: they simply won't be able to control everything.
  16. Newsflash, the thread is called "Beijing National Stadium" pictures. Any information your huge ego, err I mean brain, cannot process? We all know you are bitter cause you didn't get ticket for the Opening, get over it!
  17. I stand corrected. The media report I read was wrong. This being said, given the love of the Greeks for the Olympics, I am amazed by the low turn out at the stadium...
  18. People were prevented from entering the stadium for fear of new protests (only accredited people were in). They are actually not THAT uncomfortable (used them during the Athens Olympics).
  19. Sarkozy doesn't know what he wants. He is just following the French public opinion that, at the moment, is in favour of a boycott of the opening ceremony. I bet anything that he will attend saying that he is there to represent the majority of the European Union (let's face it, London 2012 and Madrid and Munich bids make it impossible for UK, Germany and Spain to upset the IOC).
  20. Quite frankly Pyrros, I was expecting something smarter from you. What do you know about Reporter Sans Frontière? Do you know for how long they have been campaigning for Tibet? Do you think members of RSF are welcomed in China? I didn't particularly enjoy RSF action in Olympia but to state that they don't have balls is ignorance at best, bad faith at worse and disrespectful in any case.
  21. Let's put it another way. If it was not for the Games, the situation in Tibet and China in general wouldn't be that much under the spotlight. I would think it will eventually have a small effect on Chinese society as a whole. When, I have no idea.
  22. You think that's rough and brutal? I have seen much much worse in France. The police are just dragging them the way. They are not beaten.
  23. At least the IOC broadcast did show the incident...
  24. Well the IOC has just issued this press release: Statement by Jacques Rogge
  25. Yeah, very brave statement indeed. I am sure the Chinese leaders are scared. He is as convincing as Sarkozy when he said "I did mention 'Human rights' during my diner with the Chinese President". This is exactly why I am pissed off by our leaders.
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