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  1. Here you go you ask for it, you get it. Once more, total inconsistency in your post...
  2. OMG!!! Baron and tolerant in the same sentence!!! That's unheard of
  3. For Christ sake, learn to read/think before you post! I specifically did not say that scrapping the torch relay was the solution. I even did say that I was not against having a few international stops on the way to the host country. What I said is that if developing countries (China can hardly be compared to most developing countries) were to stage the Games sometimes then whatever little cuts (be it ceremonies, smaller stadia and arenas, fewer accredited media) was the way to go.
  4. James, you are once again completely inconsistent: you cannot one the one hand claim that the Olympics should be spread among developing nations and on the other hand disregard the fact that the cost of staging the Games keeps increasing. Yes a global torch relay is fine but it has a cost. If one is serious about developing nations hosting the Games someday, then one has to to do whatever it takes to keep the Games cost under control. Smaller budget for ceremonies and torch relay is clearly a way to achieve that. I think the key to achieving substantial cost reduction is to save a few tens of millions anywhere it is possible. That is not to say that there should be no international stop in the torch relay. But going back to something like Sydney did, where the Oceania countries hosted the torch on its way to Australia, is probably the most appropriate things to do. I could foresee that whenever a South-American or African city finally host the Games, the torch would visit the whole continent (that was what was proposed by both Buenos Aires and Cape Town for 2004).
  5. I know very well this report thank you very much, which was aimed at controlling the complexity and cost of staging the Games. Hence the recommendation of keeping the torch relay "short". One has to make distinction between the recommendations of the Olympic Games Study Commission and what came out of it. The current version of the Olympic Charter does not include any specific instruction about the Olympic Torch Relay besides that the Torch Relay is in charged of the OCOG and should be approved by the IOC. I am not denying that the Athens Torch Relay was a great success. I also know people who worked on it: it was a logistical nightmare and the IOC is not too keen on such global torch relay as it is in complete contradiction with keeping the cost under control. Proof of that, to go back to your 2012 candidate cities statement, is that the 2012 Evaluation Report states that "all torch relay project will have to be discussed with and approved by the IOC". I am not saying an international torch relay won't happen again. It has happened before: Berlin, Tokyo, Mexico, Barcelona, Lillehammer, Sydney all had international segments in their torch relay. Global Torch Relay a la Athens/Beijing are very unlikely. Last word of advice, don't believe what the IOC President says when he is being polite.
  6. 100 % false. The IOC has never had specific instructions about the number of days for the torch relay. Never did the IOC said a global torch relay a la Athens was a great idea for the future. The global torch relay was supposed to be a one time thing and the IOC was not especially keen on having further global torch relay.
  7. It's a demonstration event in the Olympics so no medal to be won.
  8. Good old Brundage was at least as comfortable.
  9. A man shouldn't be held accountable for his father behaviour. I have to say I was very sceptical about Juan Antonio Samaranch Junior skills but I have been quite pleasantly surprised. To suggest that either of the Samaranch would support Doha is dumb.
  10. It's the cauldron used in the Torch Relay not ZE cauldron.
  11. Yea, on the other hand he had 7 years to see it coming and nobody begs him for running for IOC Presidency (and no one told him it was going to be an easy job). I would have had no problem with this stance months ago. But after b*llshiting us about how politics and sports are not linked, to come with this statement is the very very least he could do.
  12. Your continuous French bashing (or obsession about bringing back France in every topic) is fascinating... Clearly some childhood trauma involved.
  13. Very little and very late... Unbelievable it took near riots during the Torch Relay to come to this statement. It will be interesting to see whether the IOC will let the athletes wear the "For a better world" sign...
  14. Douillet is pointing at the area where the transition from him to the next torchbearer should take place (HQ of Canal + one of the French broadcasters of Beijing 2008). He said he had absolutely no explanation about why the torch was turned off.
  15. Part of the security personnel for Athens International Torch Relay was also American.
  16. You mean he has been totally absent... To say I am disappointed in his behaviour is an understatement (talk about "silence assourdissant").
  17. It is just as it looks. Noone understood exactly why the torch was turned off (and why no one was bothered by the fact that the escort left without the torch bearer - who was not carrying the Flame anyway)
  18. Surely the French police forces were the only incomptent at work on Moday (see in particular from 2:30)
  19. I know you were but I was afraid some of the newbies (or some of the members that does not a lot about the issues) could actually believe it.
  20. Please, what happened yesterday in Paris had nothing to do with Paris losing 2008 and 2012! Else how do you explain the incidents (though less violent) that took place in London? And the protest that will most likely take place in San Franciso? I don't approve the violence in Paris yesterday but let's get real shall we?
  21. Well, they would fall under the "Reporter Sans Frontière" category. More seriously, most of the press condamn the violent behaviour of the protesters. But almost everyone agrees on the fact it was predictible and poorly handled by all the stakeholders.
  22. So basically, that's what you do. When some one puts facts in front of your garbage, you flee to another topic... I'll give you that you have quite some nerves (instead of gutts) for keeping preaching like this with not a single fact to back your claim. BTW, you trashing France is actually an honour so please keep doing it (not showing gutts here either but hey didn't expect you to).
  23. It's obviously front page in French Newspapers. As usual, they play the "Who is to blame" game. Pick your choice: The IOC BOCOG The French Police Reporter Sans Frontières The French NOC The Media who were waiting for something like that to happen The Chinese Government
  24. Did she really say that? To call it a "crime" is an absolute lack of respect for all the victims of real crimes around the world. Some IOC members better get back down to Earth and fast (Lindberg has never struck me as one of the brightest IOC members anyway, just one of the most ambitious and not too subtle about it)...
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