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  1. Quite frankly, just 2 months ago, I would have expected him to be re-elected by acclamation (a la Samaranch). Now, I think it will depend on what happens this summer. If the Games go "well" with no major incident, then Rogge will probably run unopposed (I cannot imagine him not wanting to be President for the first YOG). If things don't improve on the PR front by August, then who knows? Some IOC members might come out and get in the run (which would makes things much more difficult for the 2016 candidates...).
  2. I am sorry but I also have to disagree: Rogge was handpicked by Samaranch and is therefore a testimony about how active Samaranch was (and still is BTW, remember that Spanish city that almost created a major surprise back in 2005?). Rogge was a supporter of Beijing 2008 as he was of Beijing 2000, on the ground that "you cannot deny one fifth of the world population the Games" and therefore, as every single IOC member who casted a vote for Beijing, was directly involved in awarding the Games to Beijing. Rogge has been non-existant for the last two months, just issueing a luke warm statement about "China not fullfilling its promises" only to say nothing when he was publicly criticized for that by a senior Chinese Official. Rogge had already been pathetic a year or so ago with the whole "will the Olympic Torch go through Taiwan or not" mess. I wouldn't mind Rogge being quiet on the public stage but achieving things back door. It doesn't seem to be the case at the moment. Samaranch always managed to impose his view on the IOC (which has not always been a good thing, granted) whereas Rogge has never even managed to set the agenda (which is after all the role of thePresident). Rogge only legacy would have been the Youth Olympic Games (assuming they survive his term) but will probably end up being the catastrophic PR nightmare that Beijing 2008 has turned out to be (nightmare for which he had 7 years to prepare).
  3. Well, here you go, just fresh from BBC web site: cost for tax payer of the London leg of the Beijing Torch Relay? About £750,000! £750,000 to carry a burning stick from Wembley to the O2! (I am still waiting for the price tag of the French part of the relay which spectacularly succeeded in getting China mad at France) Another smart and informed comment James?
  4. There will be some grass (it could be installed after the opening ceremony though, which would avoid to ruin it).
  5. The security cost is not covered by the sponsors...
  6. Rogge has been missing his balls for years...
  7. Of course not. It would have been even worse but it's still quite sad that neither BOCOG nor the IOC saw it coming...
  8. No it's not. The IOC has never been keen on the global torch relay thing: debrief from Athens was that it was a logistics nightmare and a very costly event. It was a recommendation of the Athens 2004 Coordination Commission not to stage the torch relay on such a global scale in the future. To be honest, I don't thing the IOC foresaw the whole PR nightmare. BOCOG insisted on having a global torch relay.
  9. I have been saying that for months... The Global Torch relay, despites its great success, was supposed to be a one time thing.
  10. The only recent ceremonies I can remember where only the host nation language was used are LA 84's (and it was English, so pretty common language). I would be very very surprised if only Chinese were to be used during the ceremonies (that would be very, very dumb from BOCOG: isn't one of the goal of the Olympics to present China to the world?)
  11. B*llshit. China needs European technology as much as Europe needs access to Chinese market. Hint: if China buys planes, trains and nuclear powerplants overseas, it's because they need to.
  12. What's the purpose of life and everything?
  13. Actually yes. The Federal Development Programme which was approved and launched before Sochi was elected included the development of Sport venues in Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana: the ski resorts are all existing (although most needs major development), the bobsleigh and luge track was planned and two indoor arenas were planned as well. The development of these venues are just going to be moved forward because of the Olympics. The ski jumps and two indoors arenas were bid dependent.
  14. You are the one who mentionned White Elephants Again, you kindly overlook the fact that PC was pretty much at the same stage as Sochi just 10 years ago (everything to be built). Can you please explain to me why what is legitimate for Korea (i.e. developing a winter sports centre) is not legitimate for Russia?
  15. Sure, I bet all seats of Stadium Australia are weelchair accessible This picture doesn't mean that part of the stadium is not accessible.
  16. Goody, the torch would therefore head to Myanmar... That should go well
  17. Way too early to tell. Russia is in bad need of a national training centre for most winter sports so most of these venues should be used after the Games. Anyhow time will tell.
  18. Actually, Beijing did use this card for 2000. "A more open China awaits the Olympics" was the bid's motto. But 1989 was closer, Sydney had an incredible bid (and it was Australia third consecutive bid), Beijing's bid was not as strong technically as the 2008 one (I do agree that Beijing 2008 was not as good as Paris and Toronto but it was more than decent) and the Chinese were rockies in the bidding process.
  19. Might I remind everyone that the whole Olympic Movement (NOCs, IFs and Organizing Committees) takes benefits of 93% of the money generated by the Games. So yeah, money counts and it does contribute to sending athletes from 205 NOCs to the Games! Not saying that awarding the Games on money alone is right. But that things are a tiny more complicated than "money = bad" that some tend to think.
  20. Here you go you ask for it, you get it. Once more, total inconsistency in your post...
  21. OMG!!! Baron and tolerant in the same sentence!!! That's unheard of
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