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  1. Well, given the size of China domestic market and the enthusiasm for the Olympics displayed by the Chinese people, it's hardly surprising.
  2. Precisely. And they knew that, when investing in him, there was a high likelyhood that he would someday be called on national team.
  3. 100% agree. It's hypocrisy at its best. They know the players are good (that's why they sign them in the first place) so likely to make the national team and still...
  4. And once again, proving that not only you don't have a clue about what you are talking about but also that you will make no effort to think and try to understand... If you can't understand the difference between having the minimum required infrastructure and needing to redevelop a part of a city, then it's your loss.
  5. You keep mixing things up. To host the Games, a city / country needs to have basic infrastructure in place. By that I mean, a solid transport backbone, telecommunication infrastructure, accommodation, good health and security organisations... The Games wont' bring all this: they simply don't have that kind of "power". What the Games can do on the other hand is speeding up already defined development plans for specific areas of a city: that what we have seen in Barcelona and Athens for example, and what we should see in London. The 2-step bidding process is aimed at selecting during the first phase the cities that have the basic infrastructure (or will have with no great risk within the next 7 years) needed to stage such an event. During the second phase, it's up to each individual IOC members to use whatever criteria he/she may want to decide which city he/she considers the better choice (one of these criteria could be what kind of legacy a city would get, in which city the Games would have the greatest impact...).
  6. I have to say I am impressed at the crowd the torch relay is getting! It's good to see peaceful gathering around the torch relay and is certainly a tribute to how proud the Chinese people are of hosting the Games.
  7. I could also be possible to have two cauldrons: one inside, used for the opening ceremony which would be lit at the end of the ceremony (and later extinguished so it would only burn for one hour or so) one outside that would be lit after the one inside and which would burn for the 17 days of the Games, being visible from all over Vancouver No drama, every body is happy.
  8. My post wasn't meant to criticize Vancouver plan or anything. Just a scientific fact. As I said previously, I have no doubt whatsoever that if an indoor flame was as risky as some here would like us to believe (I am certain there is a safe way to have the flame indoor), VANOC won't take a chance. Worse comes to worse the flame will be outdoor and it won't be the end of all things...
  9. Hmmm actually, a blue flame usually means that the combustion is better and therefore a blue flame is hotter than a yellow.
  10. I am 100% with James on that one. If BBC is not an international media, please name one
  11. Easy. What's with the attitude? I was stating the obvious: if lightning the flame inside BC is really as dangerous as you make it sounds, then surely VANOC won't take a risk. The TV networks couldn't care less about the Flame being lit inside in front of the spectators... What they want is a spectacular lightning... (but yeah, if I were a ticketed spectator, I would be pissed off if the cauldron was outside).
  12. I don't think VANOC would do anything that would put safety at risk. Worse comes to worse, the flame will be outside... I am amazed that everyone seems to discover the issue now. It has been Vancouver plan from the beginning to stage the ceremonies at BC Place. An indoor Olympic Flame is no more an issue now than it was 6 years ago when Vancouver was bidding... Maybe the IOC, concerned with how well things were going in Vancouver, required VANOC to create a roof issue (always a safe bet) to spice things up.
  13. If you look at the various images we get from various places around the world, you would notice that most of the incidents didn't involve "westerners" but rather pro and anti-Chinese Government minorities in the visited cities...
  14. This is serious matter. If you are joking I don't find it funny. I you are serious, I hope you have some credible evidence to back your insinuations.
  15. "Within 24 months" means it's already way too late for Vancouver 2010 (and that's not even taking into the time needed for setting up the stage for the ceremonies and the rehearsals). I think it's safe at this point to assume that the BC Place renovation won't take place before Vancouver 2010.
  16. Still, at the end of the day, Samaranch had much more influence on the Olympic Movement than Rogge has (and that's probably for the better: let's remember the state in which the Olympic Movement was back in the eraly 80s when Samaranch took over the IOC. I think strong leadership and sometimes nepotism was needed at the time to surf on the strong financial success of the LA Games). To be fair with Rogge, I give him strong credits for the fight against dopping. Yea the two Rana are brothers.
  17. First of all, just to make things clear, although I support some of RSF actions, I didn't appreciate the way they have used the Olympic Torch relay for it has triggered some of the violent clashes that surrounded the relay: I believe in demonstrating peacefully not in violent protest. Then, in response to your post, it is essential to understand that RSF main purpose is to defend freedom of information and journalist rights around the world. In the particular case of Iraq, no matter what one might think about the war over there(whether it was needed or not, ), it is quite clear that under Saddam Hussein, Iraqi journalists had indeed "zero press freedom" and that the war has resulted in a new era of freedom, full of hope and uncertainty, for Iraqi journalists. So from this perspective, I don't see how RSF is deceiptive, nor that it endorses the Iraq invasion.
  18. But never does he say explicitly that a ring is linked to a specific continent.
  19. In which case America would be blue, Europe yellow, Africa Black, Asia Green and Oceania blue which is not exactly how things were during the Arrivals segment.
  20. It's mandatory according to the Olympic Charter to use both French and English during ceremonies (Opening, Closing, Medal Ceremonies). I don't recall Spanish being used except in Barcelona of course (it was used neither in Athens nor Torino). It could be used during sports events if the sports draw a very large Spanish or Spanish-speaking audience.
  21. I have to say you've got a point as the article mentionned the Nepalese soldiers...
  22. Exaclty, and still you feel that you have to keep replying. And don't worry, based on the friendly posts you have made on some other thread, I did get that you were sitting opposite me
  23. Wow, I am flaterred my opinion carries that much weight.
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