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  1. You've got to like been lectured by someone who cannot make the difference between the IOC and OCOG...
  2. The sports posters are very classy. The others are OK.
  3. Simple, money cannot not buy emotion. From the reports we are having, I bet Beijing ceremonies will be the most spectacular. But whether they will be the best remains to be seen (some people will think it's the best, others won't).
  4. During the Paris 2003 World Champs, it was more or less where the Athletes stand was. Could be it.
  5. Seems to me that the Chinese Authority is out of touch with its citizens. And of course, this has nothing to do with the fact that the Chinese leaders have overplayed the images of the Paris Torch Relay... It's lose / lose here. Had Sarkozy decided not to come, we would have read in the Chinese media about how it was an insult to the Chinese people, how Sarkozy was mixing sports and politics. For whatever reasons, the Chinese government seems to be decided to punish France.
  6. So let me get this straight: - Sarkozy doesn't go to Opening -> BAD - Sarkozy goes to the Opening -> BAD
  7. I have to agree with Baron on this one. Depending on where you were seated in the Stadium, you didn't necessarily have a good view on Clepsydra: for example, at the Dress Rehearsal, I was sitting right above the athletes entrance and it was not the greatest place to enjoy Clepsydra (one of the reason being that the statutes started moving only in front of the official stand). Athens Opening remains however my favourite Opening: not the most spectacular but the one that has touched me the most.
  8. Then I guess we didn't attend the same rehearsal.
  9. In both Athens and Torino they didn't perform the lightning during the final dress rehearsal (it's possible/likely that they rehearsed the lightning separately though, but they didn't during the last full ceremony dress rehearsal).
  10. Sorry, I won't be able to join. I am working in Hong-Kong for the first few days of the Games before going back to Beijing, so I expect to watch the Opening Ceremony from HK Olympic Village!
  11. Thank you. It's a question I have raised a few months ago: why do candidate cities feel they need a Wow factor to their venues?
  12. I have to admit that I always thought that you were tough and sometimes a little unfair to BOCOG. But I now admit that BOCOG ticketing handling is a spectacular failure on many accounts. Most surprisingly, I can't believe the IOC had so little control over the whole ticketing process (which is sanctioned by the IOC).
  13. Did I say he was cheerleading? No Did he ruin the semi-final? I had the feeling that the game did take place, in a festive atmospere and that the tournament was not disturbed for more than a few seconds...
  14. Hmmm, since the ceremony did not take place at Stadium Delle Alpi, I think it's safe to say that 100% of whoever was in that stadium that night didn't see the cauldron lightning live.
  15. I remember that in Athens, most of the track and field athletes didn't take part in the Opening Ceremony. They only arrived at the OV a few days ahead of their events. I had worked with Athletics Canada in the past and was surprised not to see them at the Olympic Village.
  16. Fencing is used to this kind of places. It serves the purpose. Grand Palais was proposed in Paris 2008 bid (and will be the site for the 2010 World Champs).
  17. It is indeed a good decision. What I still don't and I guess will never understand is why fencing was not planned at the Excel from the beginning since the ExCel has always been here.
  18. They do. ATHOC, TOROC and BOCOG made it very clear from the beginning that volunteers were responsible for finding their own accommodation (though they can sometimes bring some assistance). It was a requirement to speak basic Chinese for being a volunteer in Beijing.
  19. News flash James: hosting olympics always relies on the use of some temporary seats, tents... that in some cases have been used before the Games and will be used after the Games (otherwise, it would be a complete waste of money and resources).
  20. Athens Official Report comes up with a DVD of about one hour presenting the preparation of the Opening and Closing ceremonies. It's amazing to see the amount of work that can be done in a few hours to convert the Olympic Stadium from Athletics mode back to Ceremonies Configuration. I was in the olympic stadium for both the last track and field event and Closing ceremony: they had covered the field with a special floor, set up the central ramp/stage, put back additional lighting and sound systems, add some new props in the air... I remember being surprised on the last track and field day at how fast they were rushing the track and field equipment outside the stadium as soon as an event was over (basically not a minute to lose).
  21. Using different cauldrons for Opening and Closing ceremonies was actually rather common for past winter games. Most of the times, the two ceremonies took place in different stadiums (open air one for the opening, main ice arena for the closing). I am certain it was the case for Grenoble 1968, Sapporo 72 (actually, there was no cauldron in the arena during the Sapporo closing: a screen displayed the main cauldron being extinguished), Innsbruck 76, Lake Placid 80 and Sarajevo 84. I think Calgary was the first host city using a dedicated venue for its ceremonies (i.e. a venue not used for any sports event).
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