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  1. I suspect it was a transition act to allow all the participants and props to leave the stage and the marshall to be take their place for the Athletes Parade.
  2. Well, the report is made up of three volumes: The first one is a photo essay, not available in pdf as far as I know. The second one is the report itself (text only); I have a pdf version of the French version of it The third one is the sustainable development report which was available on Torino Website at one point.
  3. Torino Official Report was officially presented to the IOC Session in Guatemala. There are very few copies of it (I have heard less than a 1,000) and I am the lucky owner of one of them.
  4. Usually an OCOG presents its official report during the IOC Session following the Games it organised: so I suspect the report should be ready by summer and presented in Copenhagen.
  5. Where does it say Toronto (except for the name of course)?
  6. Well, for those of us who are not Canadian, it's at least as original as "Welcome Home", "Passion lives here" and "One World One Dream"
  7. I actually like the pictograms in their large versions as they seem much more "dynamic" à la Torino. Unfortunately, when they are small you can't see the details and they seem rather dull. As for the look, it's much more sophisticated than I usually thought (maybe even a tat too much) but it's really good. I just wish they had also used warmer colours than just green and blue. Anyway, the moment of truth will be when we see it on the venues, uniforms, tickets...
  8. Well, the only thing that comes to mind is "Well Done Beijing". Beijing has managed to stage superb Olympic and Paralympic Games. Sadly, I was not able to attend or follow the Paralympics much (very poor coverage here in France) but I have heard only praises from everyone involved in both Games. Beijing was missing part of the festive atmosphere we had in past host cities but that's about the only thing I can think of. Beijing did a much better job than I was fearing at one point. All the volunteers in particular have been incredibly kind and willing to help. Sure the Games haven't solved all of China problems (human rights issues, control over the media, pollution...) and the true impact of the Games won't be assessed before years but I have been really pleasantly surprised. What's even cooler is that I have no doubt whatsoever that Vancouver and London will be awesome hosts.
  9. Ever seen Lillehammer, Nagano or Torino venues?
  10. Truth is, no one knows for sure how long the YOG will survive once Rogge is gone. A lot will depend on what Singapore makes of the 1st YOG.
  11. Good lord. Hope someone has notified the IOC and filled in an official request for Sydney to be stripped of its "Best Ever" evaluation.
  12. I don't care about what you think. NBC is the one you should be whining at.
  13. NBC is already editing big time the ceremonies that they never broadcast live anyway. Suggest you write to NBC and complain about them being jerk at editing cutting the good part while keeping stupid athletes march. (if NBC hasn't done so yet, could it be that maybe some of the US viewers still think that the Olympics is first a sports event???)
  14. Baron is neither a guest, nor a customer nor anything to BOCOG, the IOC or NBC and therefore has no right. I rest my case.
  15. Amen to that. I did enjoy the show, which at some times was trully stunning, but was not touched as much as I was by Athens... But that's personnal and I am sure I would have had a better understanding of the whole show if someone with a good knowledge of China and its culture / history could have explained it to me while watching it. Anyhow, that's the great thing about the Olympics: they are all different and so it should be!
  16. There will be a relay. The details are still under discussion but the Flame will most likely be lighted in Olympia. However, expect a "small scale" relay. Excellent question that was discussed at length in Beijing during the Games. Truth is, no one knows at the time. Pretty low at the moment.
  17. My thought exactly. Part of the relatively bad and unfair coverage Atlanta got came from problems with the media (minor technical glitch in the first hours of the day). I think that BOCOG sees the Games as an event for the Chinese and doesn't care that much about what the rest of the world thinks.
  18. Have you seen the IOC "Best of Us" corner? That's where I'll be working in Beijing.
  19. LOL, I was not expecting to change your mind because: 1- You have the absolute truth on everything, 2- See point number 1. The truth, in the real word, is the IOC is not asking for what you claim it asks, the US has proven that it is possible to stage a Games without raising taxes, no one forces anyone to bid for the Games, if a government choses to invest massively in infrastructure in relation to the Games it is its choice, the IOC has accepted cost saving money measures proposed by VANOC and LOCOG (NHL sized rink for Vancouver, relocation of Fencing to Excel for London...). BTW, tt's standard business practice to request financial guarantees.
  20. BTW, it's official: the Iraqi NOC will take part in Beijing. 2 athletes will compete.
  21. Baron, Baron, Once again, scr*wing up a perfectly valid first point with a very ill-informed second one... Yeap, except for very few countries (the USA being one of them as the USOC is completely independent from the government) no government interference with the NOC is at best wishful thinking, at worst pure hypocrisy: just look at how may NOC leaders are either government members or closely associated with a government. Likewise, when a minister states Games medals results for a national team, it could be considered as interference... But your second point: First of all, contrary to what your post could imply, the IOC does not get any access (and certainly no "carte blanche") to public funds. The IOC, thank God, does not get a nickel of public money. Second, the IOC requires financial guarantees to: - ensure the financing of all major capital infrastructure investments required to deliver the Olympic Games, - cover a potential economic shortfall of the OCOG. So, again, no "carte blanche" but a precise perimeter for the required guarantees. Third, where should the guarantees come from. Let's see what the Olympic Charter Rule 37, article 6 says: "Any Candidate City shall offer such financial guarantees as considered satisfactory by the IOC Executive Board. Such guarantees may be given by the city itself, local, regional or national public collectivities, the State or other third parties." So the guarantees do not have to come from public collectivities. I will also add that: - Atlanta and Salt Lake were both awarded the Games without a guarantee covering any shortfall of the OCOG, - NYC and Chicago were both made candidate cities with no public guarantee covering any shortfall of the OCOG. NYC had a guarantee covering up to $462 million shortfall for the OCOG and NYC 2012 budget was deemed realist by the Evaluation Commission, - no OCOG in recent history has ever come up with a shortfall so there is not much risk at covering a potential shortfall. If anything, the guarantees required by the IOC have the merit of making the candidate cities absolutely aware of the financial commitment that comes with staging the Games.
  22. In Torino, the OV newspaper was only launched 3 days ahead of the Games so not all hope is lost.
  23. Although I really wish the Iraqi athletes could compete under the Olympic flag, the Iraqi NOC and Government have had numerous warnings and have showed no respect for their athletes either.
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