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  1. And here is Barcelona Olympic and Sport Museum: Barcelona Sports & Olympic Museum
  2. You have the German Sports and Olympics Museum, located in Kohln (Cologne). Here is the address: German Sports and Olympic Musuem
  3. Mixing up various topics without addressing the actual facts. Typical you. As mentioned several times before Games Overlay is much more than surfacing a track: it's about facilities needed for the media, temporary lightning and sound equipment, power supply if so needed, security equipment, temporary seating facilities in exhibition halls, conducting needed security studies for certification for temporary or modified venues and so on... It doesn't require a huge amount of time but certainly not two days. Keep reading, you have so much to learn.
  4. Typical lie. I have never said it couldn't be done as I have never said they could be no compromise on an Overlay for the Games. What I said, and you know it, is that your claim that "Overlay could go through the window" was preposterous. You have since then modified your claim, explaining that what you meant by "Overlay could go through the window" is that it could be reduced, mentioning specifically the look of the Games part. With that I agree. So please, keep embarrassing yourself put don't try to imply I have said things that I didn't say.
  5. And like I said, you don't know what you are talking about: Games Overlays is everything needed to turn any venue in operational mode. YOU CANNOT STAGE AN EVENT WITHOUT OVERLAYS. But you have never attended a sports events....
  6. Even if I do agree that the media coverage was unfair to Atlanta which, all in all, were good Games, ACOG is at least partly to blame: they had announced for months the "Party of Century", flawless organisation, perfect security... A more humble approach (that has been adopted by SOCOG, SLOC and LOCOG among others) wouldn't have hurt.
  7. I have to say that at the moment, I agree with Rei. Vancouver is very good: I love it. Howevere I really loved the warm colours that Torino used (mainly indoors and within Torino). To be to be honest, I was sceptical about Torino look of the Games until I saw it in Torino during the Games themselves: it worked beautifully. So in order to have a honest appraisal of Vancouver Games, I'll have to wait and see til the Games themselves. Anyhow, it's nive to have these rings at the airport. Having a good look at the airport is crucial as it is the Gateway to the Games for most people.
  8. Well, dah. It's the Olympics, what would you expect?
  9. I was the one asking the question, not Mo so your post is once again completely irrelevant.
  10. Forgive me for enjoying proving him wrong. I just want to be sure that no one will ever give any credit to the trash he posts here.
  11. 25 lines without answering the questions but spinning your way out but throwing in Rio in a discussion about Commonwealth. Nice job JJ.
  12. Unbelievable how you manage to turn every single issue in "I can't get over the fact that I publicly embarrassed myself with my foolish prediction of an easy Abuja victory". Did anyone ever deny that Abuja has some of the facilities needed to stage the CG Games (including the T&F stadium)? No Did anyone ever claim that Glasgow had an IAAF Class one stadium? No. Does that make Glasgow claim that 70% of the venues already exist untrue? No. The only possible connection to this topic would be if Abuja was ready to step up for Dehli. If so, good for them. If not, get a life.
  13. Absolutely priceless from Mister "at least 12 cities could step up as last minute Olympic host"! You acknowledge that it is almost impossible, even for the CWG and claim it is possible for the Olympics. JJ, twisting the facts to whatever suits him.
  14. That's just Mo"s ego speaking, the ultimate expert cannot possibly be wrong... Though, to be honest, I hope he is right in predicting no major security incident for Vancouver.
  15. It's not a matter of whether somebody wants to attack Canada or not: the Olympics, as a mega-event attracting worldwide attention, is a potential target for terrorism, no matter where they take place. Vancouver's initial security budget was way underestimated and that was acknowledged by many in the Olympic Movement.
  16. Highly unlikely for winter Games. Expect the usual King and Queen of Sweden, the Prince of Orange, maybe Putin for the closing because of Sochi, some British royals but I think if you have 10 "world leaders" it will be a max.
  17. I don't necessarily think that the Evaluation Commission should give a score to each bid. Rather clearly highlights the assets and weaknesses of each respective bid and provides an overall risk assessment level (like what is done for the YOG Evaluation Report). Then the voting members can make up their minds knowing what they are doing. What is useless is having to read between the lines to decide whether "would stage" is better than "could stage"... As for Athens, let's be fair: in terms of readiness to host the Games, there was not as much difference between Rome and Athens than there was between Sochi and Salzburg. Athens had problems because it took 3 years for ATHOC and the Greek Authorities to get in order. The major infrastructure work (new airport, metro, ring road) was well under construction when the Games were awarded to Athens.
  18. Hard to tell: Rome Vs Athens would have been a lot closer but I think Athens would still probably have won (Rome did a very poor campaign while Athens was brilliant) Paris over London: if it was not for London brillant presentation, I would have said Paris but I think it would have been really close as well Beijing all the way...
  19. The sad thing about all this is that the IOC knows the solution. Here are some highlights from the Olympic Games Study Commission report (not surprisingly chaired by Dick Pound). Legacy, deviation from the Games Template, real role for the Evaluation Commission: it says it all. Under the new process for electing host cities for the Games, the Evaluation Commissions have a duty to identify excesses and to focus attention on them, in clear and precise language. The IOC members, and the public in each candidate city’s country, must be made aware of the implications of any aspects of the bids that exceed the Games template. IOC members themselves must exercise a particular duty of responsibility, to demonstrate that they support these principles, when they vote to elect a host city for the Games. Additionally, roles and responsibilities between the IOC and other stakeholders must be clearly defined. It is the IOC, in consultation with other parties, which establishes Games requirements and takes the necessary measures to stop inflation. This factor places an extra burden on the Evaluation Commissions to be sure that all aspects of each candidate city’s bid are properly identified and assessed. It will also require a change in the traditional mind-set that has been a feature of IOC reports regarding candidate cities. The Evaluation Commissions must be prepared to make choices and distinctions between candidate cities for the benefit of IOC members, since only the Commissions have the opportunity to see and to study in the requisite detail each of the candidacies. It will no longer be appropriate to couch the reports in bland generalizations or to refer only vaguely to certain "challenges" that will be faced by particular cities if they are chosen. Both the strong and weak points of each candidate must be clearly identified. The candidate cities are in a competition and they must be prepared to be judged accordingly. The following principles related to the IOC Evaluation Commissions are submitted for consideration by the IOC: The IOC Executive Board should review the mandate of the Evaluation Commissions and make changes to ensure that their reports are complete, specific and useful for their intended purpose. Evaluation Commission reports should focus on the cost aspects of the various candidacies, specifically identifying variations from the Games "template" and the resultant cost and complexity increases. Evaluation Commissions should press for reliable information on legacy aspects of each Games facility and probe for opportunities to use temporary facilities and to double-up on usage of facilities. Host city and host country governments should be requested to confirm in writing any legacy needs that exceed the Olympic "template" and to provide reliable assurances as to financing of construction and funding of post-Games usage. Any variations from the IOC guidelines that may appear in applications and in the proposals of candidate cities should be highlighted, and cost estimates of the variations should be obtained from the cities involved, be assessed by the IOC for accuracy, then published. The IOC Executive Board should develop an IOC communications strategy to make clear the mandate of the Evaluation Commissions, including a specific component directed to the costs of organizing the Games. Such a communication strategy must also be designed to inform the public of the IOC’s intentions regarding the cost, size and complexities of the organization of the Games and additional costs resulting from the plans of potential host cities. It should address the objective of creating the best possible legacy of the Games (which does not mean the "biggest" facilities) and the cooperative management of the preparations for and operations of the Games under the guidance of the IOC.
  20. Amen to all that. I have campaigned for years for the evaluation report to be a true evaluation report clearly highlighting the risks associated to each bid. The sad thing is that there is a huge difference between the comments made by the evaluation commission during and after the visits and what is actually stated in the EC report. Either allow the EC to publish a real evaluation report or let the IOC members visit the cities again: 2 IOC members recently told me that they would have never voted for Sochi had they visited the city before the vote! The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that the Executive Board should be the one selecting the host cities: its members, as well as the CoComm members know what staging the Games means. Most of the other IOC members have no idea.
  21. Yeah, like the IOC requested Beijing to build the bird nest... Again, last time I checked, the IOC does not force any country / city to bid: Barcelona, Atlanta, Salt Lake, Vancouver, where is the extravaganza? Coming from Mr. "I am only interested in Ceremonies", which is the ultimate vainglorious extravaganzas, this has to be one of your dumbest posts.
  22. New flash, the number of participating athletes have been frozen since Athens: any new addition of a sport or a discipline must be counterbalanced by a reduction in other sports/discipline.
  23. Closing Ceremony during the last part after the Flame was extinguished.
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