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  1. It's funny how it seems noone likes Vancouver Logo. I have to admit that I found it very strange at the beginning but it has really grown on me: it's original (it's not a snowflake inpired logo like we have seen in Sapporo, Sarajevo, Calgary, Nagano and Salt Lake) it's very Canadian and it taught me something about Canada First Nations I like the message it carries. I think it does the job. The only thing that bothers me is that it is very "static".
  2. Because VANOC really wants the Vancouver Games to be Canada's Games. I think that's smart considering one of the issue of Torino 2006 was the fact that, up to the final weeks, they were considered as a regional event with no real excitement in the rest of Italy (that changed with the Torch Relay).
  3. Well don't blame BOCOG for that. Nothing new here. The Organizing Committees have always sold tickets through national olympic committees. The only exceptions were Athens and Torino when European Unions were able to purchase tickets directly on line. What's strange is that the Pakistani NOC is not able to sell them (through an agency for example).
  4. Good, you said it yourself. Fundamentalists twist the Koran and Islam. We're making progress here.
  5. France was attacked in Karachi in Pakistan (a bus of French workers was bombed a few years ago).
  6. The main reason for not organizing the Winter and Summer Olympics on the same year anymore is that it was becoming a logistics / financial nightmare for everyone involved: NOCs, Media, Partners... It also gives a greater exposure to the Winter Games. Finally, thanks to the shift, there is an Olympic event every year: N : Summer Games, N +1 Election of the host city for the N+8 Summer Games, N+2 Winter Games, N+3 Election of the host city for the N+10 Winter Games and so on.
  7. Sure you can. It has been done for Nagano where the flame was splitted in three and followed three different routes to Nagano.
  8. So far I haven't heard anything about a global torch relay for Vancouver. I suspect the flame could visit Lake Placid or maybe Alaska but I suspect it will be it.
  9. The usual Coke and Samsung plus Lenovo are the Beijing 2008 Torch Relay partners.
  10. Where on earth did you get the idea that Seoul and Barcelona ran "less expensive" Games? Barcelona has been very expensive Games for the very same reason London is going to be expensive: the Games have changed the face of the city. One could consider that it's money well spent... the same way that London Games should be seen as a long term investment. Also, one never mentionned the fact that, if Montreal ended up being a "spending disaster" it's mainly because, between the times the Games were awarded to Montreal and the time they were organized, a major economic crisis shaked the world (oil crisis in 1973) that sent the prices of pretty mcuh anything skyrocketing!
  11. There was actually an Ocenian portion of the relay that visited all the NOCs of Oceania before the Australian portion. International portions are not uncommon (the Mexico Olympic Flame visited Spain for example, Moscow Flame was carried across Bulgaria, Romania). But Athens remains the only "global" Torch Relay (and will probably remain so).
  12. A symbolic torch relay was organized in Athens at the Kalimarmaro Stadium when the HOC transmitted the Flame to the ACOG: a representative of each previous olympic host cities took part in this relay before the flame was given to Atlanta.
  13. The work on the Mascot has started months ago. I suspect it will be released this year at the D-1000 milestone (just a guess)
  14. You're absolutely right. I have met people who organized the international part of the Athens 2004 Torch Relay. And they were all like "Never again". The IOC is actually not very keen on a global Torch Relay "a la Athens"....
  15. Love it! Classy, nice blending of Chinese culture and traditional Olympic medals (the Summer Games Organizing Committees have lesser freedom than those of Winter Games when it comes to medal creation).
  16. 110 m hurdle Athens Olympic Champion. He is huge in China and in Europe. Definitely a candidate for a spot among the final torchbearers. Liu Xiang bio
  17. Well, since Sydney 2000, the IOC, together with the University of the South Wales, has managed the Olympic Knowledge Transfer Programme which means a lot of data are now transfered through this programme and not through the Official Report anymore. That's why the last official reports (Sydney, Salt Lake, Athens) are quite different from LA and Seoul.
  18. The DVD about the remodelling of the OAKA and the backstage of Opening and Closing Ceremonies is quite good too. Athens is indeed one my favourite reports together with Nagano and Los Angeles.
  19. I suspect the on-line store will be opened only after Beijing (or at least that non-canadian will only be able to pruchase Vancouver 2010 after Beijing is over). It has something to do with world wide marketing right.
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