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  1. Thanks for the link Rob. I have actually been very eager to read about Debrecen bid.
  2. According to Olympic protocol, French comes before English (as happened in Atlanta, Sydney and Salt Lake). So all the annoucement should be made in French first followed by English. But the nations should parade in the English alphabetical order.
  3. Your continuous bashing of everything that's not Sydney is getting annoying... What happened to BOCOG would have happened to any other OCOG. Never before in the history of the Olympics have the national market for tickets being so wide! I don't know many systems in the world that could handle 8 million requests at once. BOCOG back-up plan is actually probably the fairest option giving every one the same chance to try to get a ticket. You do have balls talking about Beijing ticketing disaster where we will indeed most likely see one of the highest attendance ever. BTW, you seemed to forget that Sydney also had its own ticket disaster (although it was more a poor PR issue -as acknowledged in the Official Report- since at the end of the day, the Sydney Games took place in front of a full capacity crowd at almost every venue) when the Australian public realised a few months ahead of the Games that a large chunk of tickets were reserved for partners...
  4. I agree that, from what we have heard so far, Debrecen seems to have a quite different but exciting plan (very compact and green: everything within walking or biking distance). Hope we'll get to see their bid book. It would be very fitting to have the first YOG in a country not part of the traditional hosts (I am thinking Athens, Torino and Moscow).
  5. Well, that's the problem with these Ceremonies nutts ...
  6. After the head of the Malaysian Olympic Committee publicly announced it was very reluctantly supporting KL bid, I doubt KL will be shortlisted... On the other hand, I cannot see how Singapore could miss the shortlist.
  7. For the venue capacity, you can consult the IOC Questionnaire which states the minimum capacity. That's were I got the 10,000 figure for track & fields. Your post also confirms that the floating platform does not seem suitable for track & field.
  8. Clearly, Singapore hosting the first YOG would be a great symbol. But I wouldn't count Moscow and Athens out.
  9. Do you know whether the platform is large enough to host a track (from the pictures I have seen, it seems too small but it's difficult to tell)?
  10. Yea, because boycot will help improving relation between Taiwan and China... It will only ruin the opportunity for some Taiwanese athletes to take part in what could be the greatest competition in their carreer and for what result? And you criticize China for politicising the issue? Talk about hypocrisy... If some athletes do not want to take part, let it be their choice. Taiwan politicians have always worked against their NOC in this whole stupid story. They are as much to blame as Chinese politicians: it takes two people to dance. Besides, as many have said here already, Taiwan could always agree about the request about the flag. If Taiwanese really wanted to display some national flags during the torch relay, they could probably have done so anyway.
  11. Maybe they can temporarly increase the capacity from 6,000 to 10,000...
  12. The requirement for the number of seats for the YOG track and fields stadium is 10,000 minimum. I suspect Singapore should have no problem finding a 10,000-seater athletics stadium (on the other hand, I cannot see how Marina Bay Staidum could host track&fields).
  13. My understanding of the whole story is that the blame lies mainly on some Taiwan politicians who went against the wishes of the Chinese Taipe NOC which was ready to welcome the torch. Another example of politics being more important than people / athletes.
  14. According to the IOC website, 10 cities have participated to the YOG 2010 Candidate Cities seminar in Lausanne. Belgrade has withdrawn its candidature and will focus on 2014 instead. 2010 YOG Candidate Cities in Lausanne
  15. I can assure you that at the present stage, the IOC is much more pleased with Vancouver preparation than they were with Torino at about the same time (not surprising considering that VANOC is the first Winter Games OCOG getting full benefit from the OGKT programme).
  16. True, then who cares? Need I remind you that a significant part of the world population does not even follow the Roman calendar?
  17. I am only talking about the bid phase. I suspect the host city will create a logo. I suspect the idea is to save money. Creating a brand can be expensive (unless it's chosen by public contest a la Madrid).
  18. The IOC has actually instructed the YOG candidate cities not to create a specific logo.
  19. I am convinced that KL has the infrastructure (or would be able to have the infrastructure) to host the YOG. However, given the fact that the MOC has publicly stated that it wishes money to be spend on other projects, I don't think KL stand smuch of a chance (at least for 2010). The IOC has stressed again and again in the past that a successful bid/games relies on a string parternership between a city, a state and the NOC. As for Algier, I don't know much about the city I admit. I do think that the fact that they have just hosted, rather succesfully it seems, the All Africa Games should mean that they have a basic infrastructure in place. Would that be enough to be ready for 2010? Probably not but it woulkd be interesting to see their questionnaire (if it ever comes on line...). That's probably wishful thinking from me but I would really love to see the YOG goes to smaller cities/countries than traditionnal Olympic hosts (2010 could be an exception given the tight schedule to the Games). I trully believe that the last thing the IOC needs is another mega event.
  20. What exactly makes you think Algier's bid is weak? What do you know exactly about its bid?
  21. Given the fact that the Malaysian Olympic Committee has publicly stated it was bidding relutanctly, I don't think KL will / should be shortlisted. Besides the obvious top 3 (Athens, Moscow, Torino), I would bet on Belgrade and Singapore or Bangkok.
  22. Careful what you wish for. They did rehearse the Athletes Parade during Athens dress rehearsal. If you think the actual parade is boring, try this: a volunteer carrying the American flag then... nothing for 6 minutes, then the next flag, nothing for 2 minutes and so on.
  23. I would actually be in favour of a young country (Singapore) or a new frontier city (Algiers) hosting the first YOG. The YOG are supposed to be more affordable than the "regular" games and could go to cities other than the usual hosts. I would agree that Athens could be an exception but I really think that the first YOG shouldn't go to Moscow or Torino.
  24. Atos existed long before Athens and was not created to service the IOC.... At one point, SEMA Group, an IT company involved in the Olympics since Barcelona, was merged with Atos Group which is how Atos-Origin became a Top Sponsor.
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