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  1. That's more or less what I thought... until I tried to buy some tickets in Athens: it was sold out!
  2. Good question. I don't know the answer. I guess there are several possibilities: the IOC can decide to select the YOG host cities 4 years before the YOG are to take place (since the cities are not supposed to build any infrastructure on purpose; it's safe to assume that theYOG host cities do not need to be elected 7 years ahead of the Games) in which case the YOG host cities could be elected during the IOC Session taking place during the Games (for example the YOG 2014 host city would be elected in Vancouver) the IOC can decide to elect the YOG host cities either 3 or 5 years ahead of time, in which case they would be elected during the same IOC Sessions as the Olympics host cities (for example the YOG Winter 2012 or YOG Summer 2014 could be elected in Copenhagen in 2009) but I am not sure taht would fit well with the IOC will to keep the YOG simple or the IOC can decide to stick to the postal vote in order to avoid expensive presentation during IOC Sessions and avoid having to electe during the same Session an Olympic Host City, a YOG host city and IOC President.
  3. That's one of your most ill-informed posts James. First of all, Education & Culture is a very important part of the YOG, the IOC has been very specific about it. Second, Singapore, given its high technical scores in many aspect of the IOC Expert Group evaluation, has obviously many of the requisites to host the YOG.
  4. Hmm, the only new part is that the IOC Evaluation Commission won't travel to the candidate cities. It was a known fact from the beginning that a postal vote will be organised and that there would be no formal presentation to the IOC members...
  5. No because the range gives a very important indication: the degree of uncertainty about the evaluation of the city capability.
  6. It's becoming a usual thing with KL. Its 2008 Questionnaire was also poorly prepared. In particular, the maps lacked precision and it was difficult to locate the venues and see how they were connected to the transportation network. Again, that's one of the experts group main comments about KL YOG 2010 application... Too bad. Hopefully, sometimes KL will get serious about it.
  7. The last volume of Moscow 2010 YOG bid book (the photo file) is now on line (same address as the bid book one).
  8. I voted Singapore because as a young, "small" country, it seems it would be a great symbol for the YOG to start in Singapore. I would be equally happy with Moscow and Athens though.
  9. There is no final bid book. The short-listed cities must provide additionnal financial garantees and a more detailed budget but that's it. Moscow is not overrated. At the moment, it is the city with almost everything ready and which has a lot and lot of experience in staging World Champs and multiple-sports events. It is the less risky choice therefore came on top of a technical evaluation. This being said, Moscow is by no mean a shoe-in. Now that the cities have passed the technical threshold it all comes down to emotional, sentimental, political considerations.
  10. Otherwise called "One School, One Country" since the Nagano Games
  11. Exactly. I think Bangkok, both due to its poor rating and the lack of experience of the IOC with the city, stands little chance. Torino rather poor marks will also make it challenging for them to win the Games. So basically, the IOC will have a choice between: - sentimental factor -> Athens might pull it out, - going to some new horizons -> Singapore, - playing it safe -> Moscow (which could probably host next year if they had to).
  12. I stand corrected as I was certain that Debrecen would be short-listed. It seems that the large number of venues under contruction/renovation in Debrecen has been a major source of concern to the panel of experts. Interesting to see that the Executive Board did not apply the same criteria to short-list the cities than they did for 2014 (otherwise Bangkok and Torino would be out). Other interesting part is how low Athens scored in Culture and Education. With Debrecen out, I feel that Singapore has a very powerful case: one of the top two technical bids and the only one that could not or hasn't hosted the "real" Games. Moscow will be difficult to defeat though.
  13. Don't know much about Bangkok 2010. Having just hosted the Universiad is certainly a strong point for Bangkok. I just feel Bangkok is too big for the YOG. Unless they can come up with a fairly compact plan (unlike the Bangkok 2008 plan which was spread out all over the city), I wouldn't be a huge fan of Bangkok (my fear is that the YOG would be "diluted" in this city).
  14. ATR predicts a 5-city short -list. Hmm Athens, Debrecen, Moscow, Singapore, Torino ?
  15. I 100% agree. Debrecen is what the IOC claims it is looking for the YOG: simple, youthful, ready, compact. My only concern is that with very little opportunity of promoting the bids, I think Athens, Moscow, Torino and even possibly Singapore (that the IOC members know thanks to the 2005 Session) have an edge over Debrecen.
  16. We believe you as the topic has been discussed here for months...
  17. Here is the link to the Moscow 2010 Bid Book Presentation video: Moscow 2010 video
  18. But then it's always the case, it's not specific to the YOG.
  19. Indeed, from the three bid books we have seen, it seems Athens is the less compact. But then, compactness is not everything (I mean the Athens 2004 Olympics were not more compact and they were successful).
  20. I have to say that I was dubious about the Bird Net. But as it's getting near completion it's growing on me (both from the outside and from the inside - the panels will definitely help fpr shadows). Can't wait to see it all dressed up with the look of the Games.
  21. They would use some of the 2004 venues but most of them are way too large for the YOG. The 2004 Olympic Stadium would be use for the opening ceremony but track & field would be stage in a 10,000-seater stadium under construction (Moscow is planning to do the same: opening in the Olympic Stadium but the events in a mcuh smaller stadium). What I like about Athens plan is the OV on the sea shore (quite close to Marathon). Other than that I am not that excited about Athens proposal. I would much more like to see Debrecen or Singapore hosting.
  22. To be fair, BOCOG has always been very specific about Volunteer applicants needing to understand basic Chinese...
  23. Wait a minute, you mean you can read! The only thing you would have to read then is the YOG Candidate Cities manual that states: the IOC will cover the travel and accommodation costs for all delegations + Olympic Family (not the case at the Olympics) no new venues should be built by a city for hosting the YOG (so there should be no white elephant) there won't be broadcasting rights, the olympic right holders being provided YOG highlights That's for the principles. Now, we shall soon see whether the IOC membership will follow these principles or not. If the IOC choses to go to Debrecen or Singapore then the YOG can be something different than just another olympic mega-event and will be a real opportunity to spread the Olympic Movement to smaller countries/cities. If the IOC goes with Athens, Torino or Moscow then I fear the YOG will rapidly become another mega event that only a few cities in the world can host.
  24. Actually, Baron, if you had made the tiny effort of doing some research before doing your usual moaning/bashing/complaining, you would have learned that the IOC is very unlikely to make any money out of the YOG. It will actually pay for a lot of expenses that are usually in charge of OCOG (athletes travel to the host city + OV stay will be covered by the IOC). For me it's more an effort of Rogge creating a tangible legagcy.
  25. Here it is Moscow YOG 2010 bid book I guess now that Debrecen has opened the way we shall see more.
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