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  1. I actually think it will be more a question of whether IOC Members from countries that will never be able to host the Olympics will want to give a chance to a smaller city to host the YOG: I am therefore far from convinced that most of European votes will go to Moscow.
  2. I beg to differ... (but I don't think it has anything to do with the YOG bid!)
  3. Well, I don't think it's such a bad idea for staff and volunteer to have a different uniform. As a volunteer, it makes things easier to find quickly a staff member (for they are usually more senior than the volunteers). Besides, the two uniforms are really consistent so, there is little doubt that they are all part of the team. As for Rogge, based n my personal experience in Athens and Torino, he very rarely wears the uniform of the Games besides part of the opening and closing ceremonies and his "official" visit to the OV.
  4. Although I have no doubt Moscow would be a wonderful host, I really hope Singapore will host the inaugural YOG (for all the reasons stated above).
  5. May you stop whining for once? If you had done little research, you would have seen that the look of Beijing uniform is absolutely consistent with what has been done for the last editions of the Games (Games logo on chest, Olympic rings in the back and on the sleeves).
  6. Exactly, I always wondered whether Canada needed two world class ovals in the country.
  7. The weird part is that it worked perfectly during the final rehearsal.
  8. Well that's precisely the reason why I hope Singapore will get it. I still think Moscow can win though (the good thing for Singapore is that Sochi won last year, so the IOC members could consider that Russia has been served).
  9. VANOC will be gone within a year or so after the Games. The way it works usually is that the venues are either transfered to a public agency or a dedicated Olympic legacy body is created to manage the venues after the Games.
  10. I think Hamburg could host the Olympics (never understood why the German NOC picked Leipzig over Hamburg for 2012) so I think Hamburg would have no problem hosting the YOG. I suspect most of the venues planned for training in the Hamburg 2012 bid could be used as main venues for a YOG. My only question is what could be used as an Youth Olympic Village? (is there any University centrally located in Hamburg with a campus that could be used as a Village?)
  11. Oh, I fully agree. Which is also why I think that the sole "it is where the Olympics were born" argument is not sufficient for Athens. I have actually studied the bid book of the various YOG candidates and, technically speaking (venues, transportation, economy) I have no doubt that both Singapore and Moscow are at least at the same level as Athens (most of the venues proposed by Moscow are quite recent or haven been completely refurbished since 1980). As for legacy and cultural / educational programmes, I have been much more impressed by Singapore's and even Debrecen's proposal than by Athens'. Don't get me wrong, I have no doubt that Athens would do a fine job hosting (I do love their plan to have the Olympic Village by the sea side) but I am more seduced by Singapore overall proposal.
  12. Am I the only one thinking that Athens is not an obvious choice? The YOG is a brand new idea and I think it would be a much more powerful symbol for them to start in Singapore a youthful country rather than in Athens. BTW, the bid with most venues already existing is Moscow.
  13. Those are the Albertville pictogrammes. They definitely have to change them.
  14. Yea but they are linked... In order to produce a ranking you have to evaluate the various candidates against a set of criteria and give them scores. Whether you publish the scores or just the final ranking is another subject. Anyhow, reading the FIFA report it's clear where each federation scores high or not. It also clearly gives information, city by city about accommodation, transport infrastructure, health facility... In terms of general infrastructure, I think Cairo has the edge over any Moroccan city (not saying that Cairo could stage the Games soon). Cairo 2008 questionnaire was very poorly prepared and lacking details in a lot of areas so I am not sure it does any justice to the city true potential as a host city.
  15. Actually, FIFA did publish a ranking of the African candidate federations for the WC 2010: South-Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Lybia was the ranking (source: Fifa inspection group report).
  16. James, the only reason why Korea cohosted WC 2002 with Japan is because FIFA decided so. There is absolutely no doubt that either Japan or Korea could have hosted the WC alone...
  17. From what I have seen from LA 2016 bid books, I think LA would probably be the city most ready to act as a back-up host. This being said, given the size and complexity of the Games, there is absolutely no way a city could act as a back-up if it is not designated at least 3 years ahead of time.
  18. Well, we have an answer to the question some of us raised last month: the winter YOG 2012 will be awarded by the end of 2008 through a postal vote -> that means the city will be elected a little more than 3 years before the Games (so the IOC will most likely go with a city it already knows with everything ready) the YOG 2014 and 2016 will be awarded during the IOC Sesion in Vancouver. This will leave much more time for the cities to get ready and therefore should open the race to more "risky" choices.
  19. Actually Algiers withdrew (didn't submit the bid file). So there has been no African bid.
  20. Hmm it's not a stupid policy... It's called protecting Beijing 2008 marketing rights. VANOC will most likely not be able to sell its merchandize on the international maket til the end of Beijing so as not to compete with Beijing 2008 program.
  21. I have been a volunteer in Athens and Torino. Of course, being a native is always an advantage as it makes things easier for attending selection interview, training and finding accommodation. But, thanks to the internet, most of this can be done on line now. This being said, if you speak at least one of the two IOC official languages (French and English), it's not impossible for a foreigner to be a volunteer. Being able to speak a few words of the host city language does not hurt.
  22. One thing I don't understand with all these ticketing problems is that the IOC has approved the ticketing plan (the plan can only be released after IOC approval). It either means two things: BOCOG doesn't respect its commitment to the IOC and the IOC should give a warning the IOC didn't know what it approved
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