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  1. No it is not.

    The qualification events and organisation of the Boxing Tournament will not be run by IBA but there will be an alternative model (most likely a Task Force like was done in Tokyo).

    Boxing is however uncertain for LA 28. 

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  2. I have voted for Athens. I may be biased because it was the first Opening Ceremony I attended in person and also because I have a keen interest into Greek culture, but for me, it remains one of the main elegant, meaningful ceremony ever. I can understand some people found it cold but it felt very emotional to me, with a very human touch and scale. It has also aged very well.

    For winter I have voted for Albertville, as I definitely think it has led the way to more creativity but Vancouver and Sochi were quite impressive as well.


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  3. 3 hours ago, munichfan said:

    B ) Symbolics beats taking action. With acres over acres of protected forests cut down, thousands of tons of steel and concrete produced to build the venues and the motorways and rail lines that lead there to nowhere, and every single snowflake artificial in an arid region, it's just laughable to introduce the non-cauldron as an "environmentally friendly" option. These are one of the most environmentally games ever. And their little candle won't change that a bit.


    Not saying that Beijing 2022 is an example of sustainability but to speak of "motorways and rail lines leading nowhere" is a stretch. The City of Zhangjakou has 1.5 million inhabitants, a figure that raises to 4.6 millions at prefecture level.

    But I agree that organising winter games in one a the most arid region of China was probably not the wisest decision.

  4. Any potential double awarding would most likely be linked to the status of Broadcast rights sale.

    Through the Host City Contract, the IOC commits to a financial contribution to the OCOG.

    As most of the broadcast rights are secured until 2028 or 2032, I am not sure the IOC is willing to take a gamble by awarding the 2034 Games if they are not 100% confident about the revenues they will be able to secure.

  5. The plan is to have one temporaty aquatics stadium which would host swimming and one permanent aquatics centre that would host water polo, diving and artistic swimming, the two of them being collocated next to the Stade de France.

    The configuration is really similar to the one in Rio.

  6. 6 hours ago, stryker said:

    Some further tweaks to the venue plan this week. The second Paris Arena, called Bercy II which was to host basketball, judo, and wrestling has been scrapped. Judo and wrestling will now be held on the Champs-Elysses in the temporary exhibition hall being used by the Grand Palais while it undergoes renovation. All basketball games, men's and women's, will be held at the AccorHotels Arena. Badminton will be moved to Porte de la Chappelle near Stade De France though the specific sports arena for it was not named. The temporary aquatics center will now host all aquatics events so I assume this mean the downsized permanent facility that was supposed to hold water polo has now been scrapped. Volleyball will still be at a temporary arena in Le Bourget though I predict eventually they'll scrap this due to cost concerns and move it to the Paris Expo Hall.

    Actually Paris Arena 2 has not been scraped: it has been moved to Porte de la Chapelle and will host Badminton.

    The Olympic Aquatics centre was originally to be a 15,000 seater reduced to 5,000 post-Games (hosting Diving, Swimming as well as Artistic Swimming and Water Polo Finals) with Water Polo Preliminaries to be hosted in a renvated Aquatics Centre in Marville.

    In the updated plan, the Olympic Aqiatics Centre will have on permanent pool of 5,000 (2,500) post Games hosting preliminary waterpolo, diving and artistic swimming and a temporary 15,000 pool for Swimming and Water Polo finals. The renovated facility in Marville will be used for training.

  7. :rolleyes:

    Things do not change here....

    The budget for organising the YOG will be the responsibility of the YOGOC and the local, regional and national public authorities.

    The IOC will fund the travel and accommodation arrangements of IOC representatives, NOC athletes and team officials at the village and IF international technical officials.

    The IOC will fund the production of daily TV highlights produced by Olympic Broadcast Services (OBS).

    Source: YOG 2016 document

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  8. Well of course they have to bid to win but lets face it how many times did Africa Bid for the World Cup Finals Prior to 2010 being awarded to South Africa ? At least Fifa had made a policy 2010 is the year it goes to Africa so we are finally the first sports festival to be held on practically every continent . There have been a few Olympic bids outside the EU-America Domain yet we have a much more lopsided amount of appearances of the Olympics in Europe for a games with a history nearly four decades longer then the WC. Twice the World Cup would be held in South America before it ever left the European-America regions. Three games out of how many in the non G20 nations for 100 plus years is pretty bad.

    As to the Commonwealth Games the very first internationally contested bid had an African City being Salisbury, Rhodesia for 1966. Kingston Jamaica by a miracle won over Edinburgh and Salisbury. Wonder if they would have won if they actually had a Black head of State at the time of the Bid ?

    The All-African Games were denied staging of the games until 1965 by the British Thou Baron Pierre de Coubertin was the original driving force to have Africa its own continental games much sooner like the Americas with the Pan Ams.

    Jim jones

    The point being?

    Your previous post claimed that "Africans generally consider the olympics and the Commonwealths a White persons set of sports festivals", to which I pointed out that Africa only came up with one credible bid. As usual your post does not address the issue.

    Plus comparing WC and Olympic Games is dubious: they are absolutely not on the same scale in terms of the pressure they put on a city infrastructure.

  9. Yeah Scotland hosting Three Times for a mere 6 million population while that equals all Asian Caribbean and African hostings combined. Goes to show why Africans generally consider the olympics and the Commonwealths a White persons set of sports festivals.

    Jim jones

    Again, how many decent credible bids from Africa for the Olympics? One (Cape Town 2004).

  10. Toronto has released its venue plan and the other bid cities Lima and Bogota have not even release it. Is it not a requirement of the bid process, that the bid cities release a venue plan before the bid book.

    Also neither Lima or Bogota have a website. A webiste is also importnat for any bidding city.

    Lima and Bogota also missed the CANOC 6th Annual General Assembly in Curacao and gave no reason for absence.

    Why are you whining like Toronto has already lost?

    Toronto definitely has a very strong bid and is in good position for winning the 2015 Pan Am. But, like in any race, it's not over until it's over. And you have to realise that:

    - the best technical bid does not always win

    - winning a bid involves a combination of several factors (technical, geopolitical, economical...)

    - "It's our turn" has never been a winning approach

    Website is not very important for bidding city (especially in Pan Am Games).

    There is no such requirement as releasing a venue plan before the bid book.

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