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  1. What Salt Lake pins did you get? Would you be interested in trading possibly? I collect 2002 pins too since I was born in Utah
  2. Since I can't delete the post, I'll pass this along. I got in trouble from Spirit of BC today. They sent this along to me.
  3. They sent me the one with the GM logo on the right. I have the blue one with the whale but I got that from a friend.
  4. I got a pin from GM today and two from Ricoh
  5. This is my pin collection so far (with only a couple missing) http://sites.google.com/site/appincollection/vancouver-2010
  6. I contacted YVR too, they forwarded my email to a certain person - still haven't received a reply.
  7. I got lucky and know a person who works for one of the Olympic Sponsors and she got a few of them and gave me one =)
  8. SkiFreak, I used the contact form on their website at http://consumercontacts.generalmills.com/C...s.com/corporate I received two pins from TransCanada today, one from the City of Surrey, one from Rogers Sportsnet, and one from RBC today. One thing I have learned is to always include your address somewhere in your emails - and on the online forms. So far two of the people I have emailed have sent me pins without responding to my email.
  9. Hmmm, it's funny. I haven't received a response yet from Bell and when I asked at a couple of Bell stores, they said they don't have anything. You think Vancouver, as host city, would have some pins available. I missed the Vancouver Sun offer
  10. I actually just starting collecting sponsorship pins last week when I stumbled across this forum...didn't know you could get sponsorship pins for free by requesting them Yeah, I have been using Radar's site a lot as a reference, it is awesome. I didn't nessessarally get a no from HBC - more of a canned "I don't understand your message" response that told me to call customer service, who told me to go buy them at the local Zellers, Bay, etc... I tried another email to a different address. I emailed the Municipality of Whistler last week, not the resort. No response yet. Also emailed Whistler Tourism. No response either. Forgot to mention I got a response from Saputo saying that they have no pin available, but they are working on one right now, and that they are keeping my request. Nortel told me to call a phone number...that was out of service lol. Globe and Mail said no, they can't send me one directly and they said to contact Bell Globemedia - they distribute their pins for them
  11. Btw, what I did was I went to http://www.vancouver2010.com/en/about-vano...724w/index.html and then clicked each of the logos to go to their website, found the contact page, and emailed them. So far I have received a yes from (in addition to the above mentioned) Atos Origin, Garrett Metal Detectors, GM, Haworth, Ricoh, Rogers SportsNet, the City of Surrey, TransCanada, General Mills, and Omega Watches. I have received a no from HBC, 3M, Acklands-Granger, BC Hydro, BC Lottery, Canada Post, the City of Vancouver, Cypress, DOW, Epcor, the Globe and Mail, ICBC, Visa, Weston Bakeries (Wonder+), and Workopolis. Will keep you updated. By the way, I met someone who works for Britco - don't try emailing them or calling them, they don't respond and the lady supposedly hangs up the phone if you ask for a pin.
  12. The gold BC Provincial logo ones I obtained by my local MLA's office. I just emailed his information email. Spirit of BC sent me 3 pins, a Vancouver 2010 Olympic logo, paralympic logo, and Legacies now logo pins. I emailed them at SpiritofBC@2010LegaciesNow.com Teck Cominco sent me 2 pins, emailed them at info@teck.com Millennium Water sent me a pin also, I emailed them using their form on their website at http://www.millenniumdevelopment.com/contactus.php - make sure to enter your address on the form, they didn't email me back but I got a pin in the mail. I have ten more that said they will send me pins. As soon as I receive them, I will email you with the contact information.
  13. They don't have an ad for it on their website anymore...I wonder if they ran out. I requested one by mail, hope I still get one. I got a pin from Millennium Water today as well as two gold British Columbia ones from my local MLA.
  14. I got my sponsor pins from Teck Cominco and the Spirit of BC today =) Spirit of BC sent me 4 pins in total, a Vancouver 2010 Olympic logo pin, a Paralympic logo pin, a 2010 Legacies Now pin, and a Spirit of BC pin.
  15. If you live outside of Metro Vancouver, you can receive one by mailing a self-addressed stamped envelope to: CTV 2010 Pin Request Attn: Alexis Chicoine 300-750 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1X5 Only addresses outside of Metro Vancouver and within B.C. are eligible for this offer. If you live within Metro Vancouver be sure to continue to watch CTV News for more updates on how and where you can pick up your free CTV 2010 Pin. We will send one pin per household, while quantities last. Unfortunately at this time, the eight limited edition CTV British Columbia 2010 Pins are only available to residents of B.C. (From CTV BC website)
  16. That was pretty cheap of CTV tonight. They made it look, by the ads and on their website, that they were going to tell us where to get them tonight...and now say Wednesday is the day they will announce it.
  17. Hey Everyone, New to the forum and to pin collecting, but thought I would share this bit of information. If you live in the Vancouver area, you might want to call your local WHL hockey team (Chilliwack Bruins or Vancouver Giants) and ask them if they are having a night when a RBC Olympian will be coming. I am not sure if other WHL teams across BC/Canada are doing it. The Chilliwack Bruins had a RBC Olympian with them last night at the game. They had a limited amount of RBC Torch Relay sponsorship pins with them that they were giving out. They also have autograph cards for the athlete that attends and you can get your photo taken with the athlete and the RBC mascot (Leo) and pick it up from the RBC branch. It is something worth checking into. Cheers and good luck on your pin hunt.
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