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  1. What Salt Lake pins did you get? Would you be interested in trading possibly? I collect 2002 pins too since I was born in Utah
  2. Since I can't delete the post, I'll pass this along. I got in trouble from Spirit of BC today. They sent this along to me.
  3. They sent me the one with the GM logo on the right. I have the blue one with the whale but I got that from a friend.
  4. I got a pin from GM today and two from Ricoh
  5. This is my pin collection so far (with only a couple missing) http://sites.google.com/site/appincollection/vancouver-2010
  6. I contacted YVR too, they forwarded my email to a certain person - still haven't received a reply.
  7. I got lucky and know a person who works for one of the Olympic Sponsors and she got a few of them and gave me one =)
  8. SkiFreak, I used the contact form on their website at http://consumercontacts.generalmills.com/C...s.com/corporate I received two pins from TransCanada today, one from the City of Surrey, one from Rogers Sportsnet, and one from RBC today. One thing I have learned is to always include your address somewhere in your emails - and on the online forms. So far two of the people I have emailed have sent me pins without responding to my email.
  9. Hmmm, it's funny. I haven't received a response yet from Bell and when I asked at a couple of Bell stores, they said they don't have anything. You think Vancouver, as host city, would have some pins available. I missed the Vancouver Sun offer
  10. I actually just starting collecting sponsorship pins last week when I stumbled across this forum...didn't know you could get sponsorship pins for free by requesting them Yeah, I have been using Radar's site a lot as a reference, it is awesome. I didn't nessessarally get a no from HBC - more of a canned "I don't understand your message" response that told me to call customer service, who told me to go buy them at the local Zellers, Bay, etc... I tried another email to a different address. I emailed the Municipality of Whistler last week, not the resort. No response yet. Also emailed Whistler Tourism. No response either. Forgot to mention I got a response from Saputo saying that they have no pin available, but they are working on one right now, and that they are keeping my request. Nortel told me to call a phone number...that was out of service lol. Globe and Mail said no, they can't send me one directly and they said to contact Bell Globemedia - they distribute their pins for them
  11. Btw, what I did was I went to http://www.vancouver2010.com/en/about-vano...724w/index.html and then clicked each of the logos to go to their website, found the contact page, and emailed them. So far I have received a yes from (in addition to the above mentioned) Atos Origin, Garrett Metal Detectors, GM, Haworth, Ricoh, Rogers SportsNet, the City of Surrey, TransCanada, General Mills, and Omega Watches. I have received a no from HBC, 3M, Acklands-Granger, BC Hydro, BC Lottery, Canada Post, the City of Vancouver, Cypress, DOW, Epcor, the Globe and Mail, ICBC, Visa, Weston Bakeries (Wonder+), and Workopolis. Will keep you updated. By the way, I met someone who works for Britco - don't try emailing them or calling them, they don't respond and the lady supposedly hangs up the phone if you ask for a pin.
  12. The gold BC Provincial logo ones I obtained by my local MLA's office. I just emailed his information email. Spirit of BC sent me 3 pins, a Vancouver 2010 Olympic logo, paralympic logo, and Legacies now logo pins. I emailed them at SpiritofBC@2010LegaciesNow.com Teck Cominco sent me 2 pins, emailed them at info@teck.com Millennium Water sent me a pin also, I emailed them using their form on their website at http://www.millenniumdevelopment.com/contactus.php - make sure to enter your address on the form, they didn't email me back but I got a pin in the mail. I have ten more that said they will send me pins. As soon as I receive them, I will email you with the contact information.
  13. They don't have an ad for it on their website anymore...I wonder if they ran out. I requested one by mail, hope I still get one. I got a pin from Millennium Water today as well as two gold British Columbia ones from my local MLA.
  14. I got my sponsor pins from Teck Cominco and the Spirit of BC today =) Spirit of BC sent me 4 pins in total, a Vancouver 2010 Olympic logo pin, a Paralympic logo pin, a 2010 Legacies Now pin, and a Spirit of BC pin.
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