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  1. Here's a look at how the in-house graphics for the various host broadcasters have changed throughout the years. Munich 1972. At the dawn of the computer age. No frills. Montréal 1976. Not much to see here. Circular vignette-type effect used to superimpose an image over background. Los Angeles 1984. Multiple colors used for the first time - and a deep drop shadow on everything. Wavy flag graphics also make their first appearance. Seoul 1988. The deep drop shadow remains. Individual competitors' names appeared on a gray slab with a wavy flag.
  2. Story checks out - in Brasilia it looks like there is still 2014 World Cup signage on the upper deck!!!
  3. Last year I attempted to purchase about $100 worth of merchandise from the official online London 2012 store. The website informed me I couldn't order because I was located in the US, and it directed me to the USOC's website. The USOC website had no officially-branded London 2012 gear. So I'm $100 richer, but I don't have any London 2012 merchandise. Such a shame that London 2012 wouldn't take my money!
  4. Overall (after two weeks of watching on TV from six time zones away), I'd say the look has grown on me. The detail, hard to observe at first, makes it very distinct. And it has real versatility in terms of color - which allowed it to be colorful (like Athens/Beijing/LA/Barcelona, unlike Atlanta/Sydney) without being too loud (like Beijing). It does have some inconsistencies and mistakes in some venues, but overall I'd say it ranks with Athens at the top of the list.
  5. This is hilarious. We're talking about a 302-page thread. I don't think there's any chance of someone getting "bored" and there's certainly no need to attempt to muzzle anyone by snidely "warning" them they may be boring people. Listen: you're being called out for making fabulously wrong predictions, sticking with them in the face of credible evidence to the contrary, and then having the temerity to claim that you are persuadable. It hardly requires any psychoanalysis. In fact, this is an internet message board... having your failures immediately thrown back in your face is pretty much the
  6. This might not be the case in 2016, though, since they are renovating Havelange to greatly increase the seating capacity. (And I don't know about you, but "Pele Olympic Stadium" sounds pretty good to me.)
  7. It would be great if they offered up the live cauldron feed on their website. I wouldn't mind having that in the corner of my computers screen all day.
  8. One of the BBC's Opening Ceremonies commentators was Welsh (Huw Edwards) and one was Scottish (Hazel Irvine)
  9. I think his point was that the internet feeds are (as one would expect) far inferior to HDTV in terms of picture quality. That is indisputable. Edit: Saw a cauldron shot for the first time this morning on NBC!
  10. I love how the look is represented in different color schemes at the various venues. (Wish Atlanta and Sydney had done something like that; instead we got turquoise and blue, respectively, as far as the eye can see....). The color scheme at the various venues is reflected on each sport's page on the official website. There are eleven (!) unique color schemes. Here's a rundown: Blue/Pink: Lee Valley (Canoe Slalom), Weymouth and Portland (Sailing) Blue/Red: Dorney Lake (Canoe Sprint, Rowing), ExCeL (Weightlifting) Blue/Yellow: Aquatics Centre (Diving, Swimming, Synchro), Water
  11. I think I read somewhere that London couldn't secure a corporate sponsor for an external cauldron. Still, $5 million would seem like a trivial expense in the scheme of things. Amazing pictures; thanks. It appears that if you went back today, you wouldn't have been able to see the flame from the top of the Orbit. Shame!
  12. I'm not too disappointed by the fact that the cauldron isn't visible to the public in the Olympic Park. That is a recent trend and is very difficult to pull off if you have a fully-enclosed Olympic Stadium. What I'm disappointed about is they couldn't figure out a way to either (1) light the cauldron in its permanent position, so that it didn't have to be temporarily extinguished in order to accommodate the athletics competition; or (2) move the cauldron from its lighting position to its permanent position during the opening ceremony. I can't image it would have been that difficult or costl
  13. Hm. Wouldn't be surprised if this is an actual representation of what the cauldron looks like!
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