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  1. Totally. Altho it's another variation of the "runner" theme, at least the Paralympic logo has a 2nd dimension to it of Man & Mountain. The feckin' Ilanaaq is nothing but a shuffleboard of 5 blobs of color forming a very crude, ungainly whatever. It is so one-dimensional that to someone who doesn't know what it's supposed to emulate, he/she HAS to be told the story behind it to receive its proper meaning. Really a stupid choice!!

    I wonder how stupid they're feeling right now at VANOC headquarters, and with the release of the Paralympic logo, how foolish or angry the sponsors feel for paying so much for a bit of amateurish crap like Ilanaaq. I'm surprised there wasn't a sponsors' revolt at that shitty little thing!!

    was there a sponsor revolt when atlanta released their shitty amatuerish logo? i think both logo's are dull - like the vancouver font though!

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