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  1. Yeah, I agree that this pollution problem is an issue that urgently need to be resolved, (and I am sure it will be) but can the Australian Olympic Committee quit being such a bunch of alarmist killjoys. Why are we always the first to talk about emergency contingencies to deal with things and it gets splashed on the newswires everywhere. Whatever the plan may be, just state that you are going to do the best for your athletes and leave it at that. The Australian IOC are such drama queens in the way they approach things...after all, more than 200 other nations have to compete under the same cond
  2. "a few nice things about London and our new Wembley! What do you say?" :wwww: :wwww: :wwww:
  3. There still were several world records broken in the pool - our Jodie Henry 100m, the Aussie girls 4x100 metre relay team and the men's 4x100m and South Africa's 100metre team from memory and I think there were several more. At any rate I was only pointing out some of the irony that this stadium has regarding the doom and gloom that was being reported in the press regarding getting venues ready on time etc. I actually remember reading articles that cast doubt about the stadium in Athens and that there could be falling shards of glass during the games and things like that- I am sure it was fro
  4. It is not the Multiplex's fault that the British labour used for the construction of the stadium may not be world class.... all the structures they have made elsewhere are secure and still standing....and when I said the UK was a "world super power," I meant "financial power." Our Melbourne Cricket Ground was redeveloped (by an Australian Company) in stages with football matches still being played there over the last 2 and a half years with limited disruption. This was half of the 100,000 seater stadium... I seem to recall troubles during the building of the millenium dome as well and als
  5. For all the criticism Athens got from the British press, I find it highly amusing that a world super power like the UK cannot get a bloody stadium fixed without such enormous delay and without it falling around them. Honestly...if this is the image being projected to the world it is a good thing that 2012 is so far away... and remember for all the doom and gloom about a small country like Greece, the work in Athens did not start until after 2000 so they got everything ready in less than four years. The Wembley stadium is taking longer than this in London... I have this image of the Monty Py
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