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  1. Not to mention it includes the athletes village which may even make money; otherwise private investers never would have been involved with it. Vancouver only took it over because of the credit crunch not because the value of the condos they'll be selling fell. There are only a couple things I think should be included in the cost that fall outside Vanoc's budget. Security and the paid "volunteers" the provincial government supplied.
  2. If you think about it, their medal count isn't really that surprising. The kids coming of age now are completely past the USSR era and the massive amount of funding they put into it for the cold war.
  3. I think the thing with the security budget is it was well worth it in another way. The RCMP has taken an absolute beating here in the past few years. We had a young man shot in the back of the head in their custody, the taser death at the airport, and the drunk driver from the airport incident who killed a man and basically got a slap on the wrist. I have to say it was WONDERFUL seeing them act so well and up to what we were used to in the past during their crowd control, and especially in their handling of the protesters who were basically baiting them. I think it will improve the public perception of the RCMP a little; I know Vancouver has its own police force but they brought in a lot of mounties to help who did beautifully.
  4. The problem I have with these coming out this early is that we don't know the revenues yet. That athlete village is going to be a relatively short term debt; those are waterfront condos in a city that really didn't lose any value in 2008/2009. They will sell. I heard on the radio this morning a 22 million dollar penthouse sold last weekend to somebody from Europe who loved the city; he wouldn't have been here otherwise and already he's added $20,000 to the provincial coffers in property transfer tax, and he'll be dumping more money here on his visits to his condo. And I also find it really odd that people complain about the cost in the same breath as crowds, those crowds are spending money, generating sales tax that wouldn't be there otherwise, generating income for businesses that will again be taxed, causing increased staffing at tea shops like murchies which will again generate more tax....but none of those will be included in the revenue; yet the critics love to include things like the Sea to Sky Highway as a purely olympic cost when at best it should be amortized; I pursonally think getting that deat trap of a highway fixed is a major benefit of this event. Other things like the Canada Line were aproved before the games were a certainty; but you often see it in the expenses. You also never hear how much the corporate sponsors have contributed. Most of the things built for the olympics were desperately needed and we wouldn't have gotten any help from the feds or McDonalds if it wasn't for these games. Anyways, do I think it was worth it? Absolutely. I think when the final accounting comes in it will be much less than people are fearing because those fears don't include the revenues.
  5. Poutine is everywhere. I hope some people from outside Canada tried it, looks gross but tastes so good.
  6. Me! We went over three times from the Island...I really should post some pics.
  7. I gotta say seeing Shani was one of the highlights for me, that's saying a lot as a Canadian who went to THREE hockey games First of all he seemed very cool and grounded when he was on Colbert Report but also he seemed so damn smart when he was practicing. He was the only one really observing and watching his competition ahead of his race during his warm ups (especially the Canadian he skated directly against), it was really interesting. The rest really were just focused completely on their warm ups and really didn't assess the others at all.
  8. How can you possibly link that to Vancouver? I think the kid from growing pains was more relevant than that.
  9. I'm going to miss the old roof. I still remember being a little kid when it was new, exciting, and the province was proud of it. I even had a Purdy's BC place and the roof was made out of white chocolate and the rest was milk. I know it's time for a new better roof but it was very cool.
  10. For Vancouver I really hope the groups that protest every little minute problem have finally had their day and disapear now. I'd say for around 15 years they've protested everything under the guise of poverty action which makes everyone feel guilty, and they often turn violent or disrupt celebrations, meetings, or other events. They also had a tendancy to randomly vandalize things. All the while they are holding cameras and baiting police praying for an incedent that would make them a martyr in the public eye. It's almost been like the city has been under seige. We couldn't even have public celebrations at the 1 year point because they interupted every olympic ceremony leading up to it. It just seems since they were so unsuccessful in their attempts and everyone is out having so much fun that maybe they get that the public not only disagrees with their tactics, but makes us think negatively about their cause.
  11. Nice collection! I love the one with the mittens and the torch.
  12. We just got back from a couple days in Vancouver. The mint pavillion is giving away pins at the info desk inside. We also got some robson square pins from a paid volunteer wandering the area! We are going back next week without the kids so I'll have more time to pester people
  13. I saw that! I really hope he's not too seriously injured
  14. I found it ironic that a bunch of white people with "no olympics on stolen land" were blocking the native guy running with the torch.
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