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  1. NBC gets a fair amount of flack for their Olympic coverage. No matter what you think, they always put together an incredible closing montage! https://vid.me/dMTo
  2. Exactly! I would have preferred if Kim would have won the gold, but Sotnikova was very athletic in her two skates, and athleticism is more rewarded than artistry in the new scoring system. Somehow, artistry needs to be valued at a higher level, but I'm not sure how that happens in the new system. I was sad that none of the top women had any long, gorgeous spiral sequences in their programs (like Kwan, Cohen, etc. always included). Now it's just element, element, element... and the musicality and artistry suffer. I feel like something really needs to be adjusted in the men's scoring system in regards to quad jumps. In the current system, a fall on a quad jump receives more points than a perfectly completed triple jump of the same type. This seems crazy to me! In the men's free program, the top guys were falling all over the place on quad after quad. Quads either need to be outlawed, restricted (only a certain number of attempts allowed in a program), or downgraded in value. The level of artistry is already going down, and now we have top skaters attempting jumps that they know they cannot land just to rack up the inflated points.
  3. According to the bid book it will be used on days 7, 8, 11, 12, 14, 15, and 16. So that would make it both mens and womens semi-finals, and both the finals. I just thought it was going to be the Final itself. Thanks everyone! I'm glad the stadium is going to see more matches; it seems to do the venue better justice than just the finals of each event!
  4. Wow! It is certainly a great looking stadium. I have one question about the new Wembley. Will it host just the finals of the football competition in 2012, or will it host other matches thoughout the tournament as well? I know that the football competition will be spred out, all through the UK, but will Wembley be used for other later matches (the semis, etc.) as well? It seems like such a great venue; it would be a shame to only host one match.
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