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  1. i have a lot of pics..but uploading them to fb is the worst thing in the world :S

  2. http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=234185&page=482 in this forums you would find a lot of pics from everything..
  3. From the torch relay i have none...

  4. right now im uploading more pics :S 180 :S !!

  5. the email i have here its not mine..at least i dont use it anymore...

  6. yes, i have a lof of them on my fb profile, i dont know if you want to see them i could add you.

  7. Lol i have a lot of images, i went to most of the venues..but i havent downloaded them yet...:S

  8. mexico1968

    GDL 2011 Closing Ceremony Livechat

    Well i had the chance to attend to a lot of the venues and competitions :S so i guess it changed my life for the past 15 days !!
  9. mexico1968

    GDL 2011 Closing Ceremony Livechat

    Im gonna Miss Guadalajara 2011.
  10. mexico1968

    England 2018- World Cup Bid

    it remembers me..some calatrava Stuff..
  11. mexico1968

    Olympics at the Movies

    Its not Sarajevo but Lake Placid. The title is Miracle. oh thanks.
  12. mexico1968

    New Wembley Stadium

    They are fast...
  13. mexico1968

    Olympics at the Movies

    There was a movie about the USA Hockey team in Sarajevo 1980...