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  1. LOL take your time. Thanks!

  2. i have a lot of pics..but uploading them to fb is the worst thing in the world :S

  3. Yea but the thing is they have to be free use images. Otherwise its no good for wikipedia. Since you took the pics and your okay with them being used on Wikipedia they are fine.

  4. http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=234185&page=482 in this forums you would find a lot of pics from everything..
  5. From the torch relay i have none...

  6. BTW do you have any pics of the torch relay and any medal ceremonies?

  7. I am assuming your f/book account is attached to email? So just make the Guadalajara 2011 pics visible I guess.

  8. right now im uploading more pics :S 180 :S !!

  9. Oh fail. do you mind listing your e-mail here?

  10. the email i have here its not mine..at least i dont use it anymore...

  11. Okay Im going to email you.

  12. yes, i have a lof of them on my fb profile, i dont know if you want to see them i could add you.

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