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  1. Its not a good thing to feel proud of your wide mouth. And for everybody's info, we aren't their opponent, the games will get a grand success.
  2. Please NO RACISM, I am Muslim too. Your Behavior is Anti-Olympic.
  3. I am excited, common wealth games going to start in my neighbor hood, Best wishes from Karachi, Pakistan.
  4. flame is so beautiful, whole ceremony was good, and youthful.
  5. Oh wow PAKISTAN........what a moment. Today is Pakistan's independence day too.
  6. wow beautiful music, good representation of human diversity.
  7. despite of my fast connection, I am getting very slow feed.
  8. OMG I cant find a single channel broadcasting this ceremony. stadium waters and drums reminded me Athens 2004 13 August ceremony
  9. I am not fortunate enough to be selected as designer of the Olympic medals
  10. I just saw recorded ceremony from an international tv channel because it was half night here when it was evening in the Canada. The whole ceremony was magical (offcource not on the level of summer games) it was a perfect performance including choreography light and music, I really missed the firework which they couldn't use due to roof. I don't know why all winter ceremonies look nearly same and especially Atkins have a tradition to use ground projections, projection curtains and faulty cauldrons. The shock waves, clouded, thunderstorm, and maple leaves segments were beautiful, plus audience performed very well. But the thing which has made Vancouver's ceremony memorable is its cauldron, i don't know who gave them idea to use that sticks cauldron, and amazingly they made a big blunder, I cant forget the face of fourth torch bearer waiting for his pole to come out lol. Instead of using one giant cauldron I don't know who gave them idea to fix indoor and out door cauldron and both looks terrible, Both cauldron and their 10 burners do not represent feeling of one Olympic flame, and I hope both will cost them heavy gas bills. In short cauldron looks like an early stove.
  11. I think there will be an actual flame outside of stadium and an indoor lamp illuminated by outdoor flame using optic fiber technique inside the arena.
  12. Closing ceremony was .......................... a school tablooo. Closing ceremony of Doha 2006 Asian games was far better than this folk dance. Completely out of concept ceremony, boring songs and nonsense performances. EXCEPT FIREWORKS. Handover presentation from London was good, energetic, completely western look and made for youth of the world. Extinguishing of Flame was boring too, there was no emotional touch in that segment. Even I didn't find any sad emotion in any part of the ceremony except in Olympic anthem. They were just jumping and jumping and jumping and dancing ................senseless event. what the hell they were preparing since 2005? They used all they budget and creativity just to buy big projectors and that busy bird's sh*t. I was feeling emotional instead of them , I was think how fast time goes, some time ago I was watching the presentation of Beijing from Athens and today I witnessed the presentation of London from Beijing. A chapter has finished, world will turn towards London. Wow......... new countdown, new stadium, new torch and new celebrations...............see you in London.
  13. I hope Pakistan Television will broadcast it LIVE, like Opening ceremonies. Feeling excited, My grandmother has asked me to give a reminder prior to the countdown.
  14. Yes I saw your design, it was also a scroll, but it was similar to Seoul 88 and LA 84 torch look. My design was also about paper roll but made up of glass and rubber handle. Everyone was think about paper but unfortunately Zhang didn't showcased this great invention creatively.
  15. I was right...............my prediction was correct...............................................
  16. Chinese will pay Pakistan contingent a special tribute at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games on August 8 for their support and warm help during the earthquake in Wenchuan, Sichuan on May 12. "While athletes from different countries will be entering the National Stadium in order, please do not forget about this country (Pakistan) - Please all Chinese do stand and salute to Pakistan," Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee said in a statement on Monday.
  17. I think Countdown will start from 00:00:29 on stadium screens (like Athens) and just 3 seconds before the start of the Ceremony, drummers will start to beat their drums. There will be two rows of drummers on both side of big carpet roll. One side will display countdown in English characters 3 ..2..1.. while other side will display Roman characters at the same time III....II....I ||||Dear friends, spectators from all over the world, welcome to the Opening ceremony of the Games of the 29th Olympiad, Beijing 2008"||||
  18. you always criticize me. That is all I can imagine for this Swiss roll.
  19. I think Cauldron can come down, BECAUSE roof has cauldron rail (channel) till the end of roof rim. THINK AGAIN.....
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