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  1. wanna bet?....if they did survivie they wouldn't be half the event they are today..... and I think whether you agree with this or not, NBC willl prevail in the end....
  2. looks like NBC is getting it's way....I can't say I agree with their actions here
  3. I am sorry but Avril and Ilanaaq just do not mix....it should be interesting to say the least lol
  4. without Samaranch Barcelona would not have come even close to getting 1992.....and I do think his power is waining, because while he obviously had something to do with Madrid's "surge" of votes in round 3, that immediately went down in the next round when ICO members vited for who THEY actually wanted: Paris or London....so he has lost power,or Madrid would have won :laughlong:
  5. yes but he just wished Beijing 2008 well.....so that's nice
  6. are you completely against Beijing 2008?
  7. However Toronto's top status in other bids may have been masked by Paris, London, NYC, Istanbul, and Rio....and just to think what would Toronto do if they lost again in 2012, which was indeed possible with such high profile cities.....
  8. cool bid, shame they got Vancouver 2010 (even though I think they are a perfect host for the WOG) oh well I am sure Toronto will bid and win the SOG someday down the road
  9. wait, I live in the USA around NYC and prefer not to go throughh the trouble of setting up a pay pal thing and do not like to give my credit card info over the internet (even though I know it is pretty safe), so since I do not live that far from Toronto, could I send you the ten dollars in an envelope??? If so what is the adress I should send it to, and how should I go about siging up for a Premium Membership
  10. I think Cape Town, South Africa will be the first city in Africa to host the Summer Olympic Games or possibly Cairo, Egypt I don't think that a South American win would hinder Africa's bid...however I would not see the IOC giving a games to SA then the next one's to Africa...but other then that I think I bid from Africa will be a good contender in future Olympic races... I am all for Olympic games in cities that haven't hosted and especially for continents/ regions which have not hosted
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