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  1. it was really an excellent summary of the Games....when the other principal anchor, Jim Lampley, signed off earlier in the afternoon for the last time he also had a great sign off speech prepared....

    when all of the other channels on the NBC network signed off they ran the credits to the song "Dreamer" which I also enjoyed....NBC did a great job covering these Games, and i am glad they will be the USA's broadcaster definately for 2010 and 2012...hopefully they will be renewed when it is up again

  2. I understand that the IOC had reglations regarding NOC's and that there was a clear violation here...but I mean come on give the country a break...it's in the middle of a war and undergoing unusual circumstances for a nation...it isn't like some well established nation went and broke IOC rules out of no where.....

    I hope at the very least these brave athletes can participate under the Olympic flag, although seeing Iraq march with the other 200+ nations on 8/8 would have been a highlight of the ceremony for many...

  3. this is all very sad and disturbing....and while I feel bad for the torch relay participants, I can't say I do for Beijing or the Chinese government....they have direct human rights violations that they said they would use the Olympics to fix (which we knew was bs) and I am glad the world isn't letting them mask it with the Olympics like the Nazi's did....what a (much deserved) embarassment for China....I think this theme will play out until the end of the Games and will come to a head this summer

  4. yea Williams was a little umm...gloomy...that night in his commentary (The Daily Show even poked fun at that lol)...it won't be him again, he was just a last minute replacement for Katie who was on her way out...they said it was because she was "touring Italy" prior to arriving in Torino, but everyone knew the real reason....

    Viera would be wonderful, but I don't think they will go with her....it probably will be that female tennis player Mary Carillo who usually helps out a lot in the coverage and who always hosts the closing ceremony coverage....if not female, I would say Tiki Barber will do it

  5. thanks! wow that opening is definately much more solemn than all of the other one's...and I forgot NBC "borrowed" Jim McKay for the 2002 coverage....after seeing all of thier openings on youtube, I can't wait to see their Beijing one...I wonder who will host the opening with Bob Costas now that Couric is completely gone (although she didn't do Torino either because she was getting ready to leave NBC at the time)...

  6. awesome site...thanks so much :-)

    Also, I have a quick ? for TNMP....whatever happened to that page you had with all the music from the various Games on it? (it kind of looked like the bid book website, and I think it was you who had made it)...I remember there being the Olympic Anthem version from Albertville on there...do you still have this, and anyway of getting it to me?

    thanks again

  7. awesome clips, I know I asked a while back but does anyone have anymore opening sequences or the final closing credits to NBC's coverage of the Olympics- Torino, Athens, Sydney, and Atlanta are on youtube.com...I would really love to see Salt Lake City's again...

    if you have them or a way of putting them on there I would really appreciate it if you did :-)

    or if you find them please post them here...thanks

  8. I know that NBC's initial opening piece (with an overview of the host city and their Olympic music piece) is up for Torino, Sydney, and Atlanta (by someone named Julius) on youtube...does anyone have these openings for the other Games such as SLC and Athens?

    if you do and could post them, I would appreciate it soooo much :-)

  9. oh calm the hell down Lenric...every nation in the world is/was involved in event's that turn heads...this isn't the place to bring them all up...what it boils down to is Beijing made PROMISES to the international community to clean up their act with regards to Human Rights and it seems that they have literally done everything to prepare for the Olympic Games with the exception of this....it's the equivalent of if they failed to provide a major venue like the Bird Nest stadium or something that they promised in their bid...you just don't do that because it will completely detract from anything else they do...the inetrnational community is merely trying to put some last minute pressure to get China to at least ATTEMPT to achieve this promise THEY made....but as I said, there won't be any boycott, and in the end failure by China to adress Human Right's issues will only hurt their edition of the Games and nation for decades to come...it's their choice

    stop citing every single world tragedy/war you can think of...because other than involving Human Rights, it has nothing to do with this particular discussion

  10. Somalia, Iraq, and Afghanistan aren't relevant or the same thing....there was "talk" in Congress and the State Department about the USA boycotting Athens when their incompetency was creating major security concerns in the months leading up to those Games, but of course that went absolutely no where, as I suspect this won't neither. The USA and their billions of dollars that fund the Olympic movement will surely be there come next summer. I do however hope that Beijing and China at least attempt to fullfill some of the promises they made when they were bidding, as they have failed to so far. If not it's their loss, they can spend as much money as they want and come up with all the great ideas they wish, but failure to make some changes in regards to human rights will completely distract from this and detract from their edition of the Games no matter what they do

  11. NBC has officially begun their promotion of Beijing 2008 today...it was featured on the Today Show with reports from Meredith Viera who went their a few weeks ago, the Olympic rings are back under their television logos, and I have seen several comemrcials already which feature NBC's logo for Beijing 2008, which is great...I am so excited for next year

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