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  1. It was amazing seeing how Britain won the team pursuit and there's so much more to come tomorrow! I saw Victoria Pendleton's sprint qualifying - it looked as if the other athlete had stopped she excellerated so quickly and pulled away at an amazing pace. There's also the Madison and the men's sprint tomorrow. I've never felt such confidence before about success for our athletes - I think there will be three more gold medals, four if you count the men's laser sailing which has virtually already been won. Then a possible medal in the women's 400m. This time tomorrow Britain may have 16 gold medals
  2. It would be a phenomenal achievement for Britain to finish third in the medals table as fourth was given as our target for 2012. Whether or not we do hold on to third place the success of the British team this year has caused so much pride in this country and a lot of excitement. We're use to having success and disappointment in equal measure at the Olympics - this year the successes seem to be more numerous. Can't wait until tomorrow!
  3. Cuba usually does really well in the boxing events which medal on the last day of competition. Britain is doing surprisingly well in Beijing, however, I don't really expect us to finish third in the medals table - fourth place was the target for London 2012 itself! I would expect Australia and perhaps Germany and Russia to match/beat our total. Italy seemed to do well early on but they have seemed pretty static over the last few days. Really surprised by France though.
  4. Come on, you're just being modest.
  5. Another favourite, the US's Terence Tramwell is also out due to an injury on the track.
  6. The BBC says that Liu Xiang been hiding for a few days - I think this injury would have happened before and the pictures of him pulling out on the track were staged to provide a dramatic conclusion.
  7. That was a very late silver medal for the British pair - they were in fourth position overall halfway through the final race. Australia are one gold away from taking third place from Britain in the medals table too.
  8. I'd like to know that too. I'd certainly like to see a lot more of them.
  9. There aren't any serious athlete's who would have done things any differently to Gonzalez in his match with James Blake - it wasn't Gonzalez's fault; it was the fault of the match referee for not paying attention.
  10. Another one. Oussama Mellouli, gold medal swimmer from Tunisia.
  11. Nadal certainly is the best sportsman of 2008 - congratulations to him and Spain.
  12. Louis Smith wins bronze in the men's pommel horse event to hand Britain our first men's individual Olympics gymnastics medal in 100 years - and I miss it because I had to meet my parents for lunch!
  13. Chris Hoy and Victoria Pendleton remain on course for Olympic success after making a great start to their two sprint campaigns. Hoy, cycling for his third gold, and his fellow Briton Jason Kenny both went through to the second round with ease. Pendleton also set a new Olympic record as she topped the women's standings.
  14. Women’s Individual Pursuit Gold - Rebecca Romero - Great Britain Silver - Wendy Houvenaghel - Great Britain Bronze - Lesya Katitovska, Ukraine
  15. Women's Quad Skulls Gold - China Silver - Great Britain Bronze - Germany It was so close for gold.
  16. Ben Ainslie has just won gold for Britain in the Finn class.
  17. This gold puts Britain above Australia in the medals table (for now).
  18. Other races have been delayed yet again due to the weather - so frustrating!
  19. Great Britain won the first completed medal race of the Olympic Sailing Regatta on August 17 to win gold in the Yngling (Women's Keelboat), the second consecutive Olympic gold for Great Britain in the boat class. The British team finished with 24 overall points, while the Netherlands finished second with 33 points overall. Greece won bronze with 48 points.
  20. I'm not sure what to do- I want Paula Radcliffe to win gold more than anyone else in the British team - but the timing of the event couldn't be worse - I want to see the swimming, rowing, sailing and cycling tomorrow too!
  21. It's a brilliant day for Britain in the cycling events - a little frustrated though about the sailing.
  22. Just seen British cyclist Chris Newton ...... hmmmmm
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