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  1. The medals table today... CHN 44 14 19 USA 26 26 27 .... which is the greater achievement? In my opinion it's China's - at the moment they have 18 more athletes who were better than anyone else - The US only has more athletes who were second or third best. China may well have beaten many of these American athletes in second or third place but because of the same weight of each of the medals the US is placed ahead of China. It is surely better to be the best than second best. Perhaps the medals should equal different points G=3, S=2 and B=1 - if one country has one gold and another has a bronze and a silver it is the country with one gold that is placed ahead in the medals table. If this was the case today China would finish top of the table with 179 points and the US would have achieved 157 points. Russia would be in third with 85 ahead of Britain with 78 points.
  2. Yes - because one athlete who is better than everyone else should be considered more of an achiever than people who were second best.
  3. It's okay - I think we had to beat you by eight goals anyway so......
  4. I would prefer Australia to Russia myself - C'mon Oz! What are Australia's remaining medal prospects?
  5. Britain has won a silver and a bronze in the 10km swim and a bronze in the windsurfing so far this morning - this puts them ahead of Australia on total medals won as well as number of golds. Russia won the gold medal in the 10km swim moving above Australia on the medals table.
  6. Why? What did Harold Bishop do other than annoy Madge?
  7. As far as I am aware it's only the US that counts the total medals won for the positions on the table. It seems strange to me that Phelps wouldn't have been judged any different if he'd been awarded three silvers and five bronzes - Golds should be worth more than other medals. It should be called the jack of all trades master of none medals table.
  8. Same thing happened to my laptop - I'm glad a called in sick today!
  9. They were medal hopes - not just gold medal hopes - so basically you agree with everything I say! Germaine Mason has just won a silver medal in the High Jump - that wasn't one of the expected medals.
  10. It might seem hard to believe but Britain has also under-performed in some events - Equestrian, Judo and Badminton were among the events where we were expected to do better.
  11. Christine Ohurougu Athletics Women's 400m Nick Dempsey - Sailing Men's RS:X Bryony Shaw - Sailing Women's RS:X Shanaze Reade - BMX Cycling Women Phillips Idowu - Athletics Men's Triple Jump Tim Brabents - Canoe Flatwater Men's K1 1000 Sarah Stevenson - Taekwondo Women's +67kg David Price - Boxing - Super heavyweight +91kg There are also several other more hopeful hopes including the remaining Equestrian events, other Boxing medals, the Swimming Marathon, Modern Pentathlon and the Track Relays.
  12. Third Beijing Gold for Chris Hoy of Great Britain in the cycling sprint
  13. ...and Anna Meares saves Australia's blushes with silver.
  14. Yay! Victoria Pendleton wins the gold medal for Britain.
  15. Congratulations to Argentina - one of only a few medals won by them ever!! The British men didn't finish very well - apparently Bradley Wiggins is suffering from his two world records earlier in the week. Not medalling in the Madison means that Mark Cavendish is the only member of the British cycling team not to win a medal. Still a pretty amazing time in the velodrome though.
  16. Competitor for the bronze in the Men's Sprint Cycling - France's Mickael Bourgain just caught my eye.
  17. An exciting semi-final in the women's sprint between China's Shuang Guo and Australia's Anna Meares - Guo fell off her bike and after the race was resumed won only to be disqualified for elbowing the Australian out of the way. The Australian will now go for gold against Victoria Pendleton of Great Britain.
  18. Three Blondes in a Boat - Britain's Yngling Girls
  19. It's too late - you've already expressed who you'd prefer to be 3rd.
  20. I know of one British swimmer who is definately gay ..... not sure whether he's out or not. I don't see what the big deal is - who cares if our athletes are gay or straight - all that matters is that they do as well as they can.
  21. Third Sailing Gold for Britain in sailing's Laser class. Britain's 13th gold overall.
  22. In 1908 Britain won 56 gold medals amid a haul of 146 medals in total - has any other nation ever won so many at one Games?
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