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  1. OMG!!!!! Taekwando result overturned after video evidence!!!!
  2. Perhaps another story to add is the disgraceful incompetence of the judging in Taekwondo - something has to be done before 2012!
  3. Modern Pentathlon athlete Katy Livingstone.
  4. We know not all Australians hold these opinion - don't worry.
  5. Well I did a study myself, a year ago, on the visitor numbers to previous Olympic cities. I found that travel to the hosts of the 1988, 1992, 1996 and 2000 Games all increased well beyond that of other non-hosting cities in the same region in both business and leisure travel.
  6. Olympic cities often do experience a drop in foreign visitors during an Olympic year - it's the years following that cause visitor numbers to soar as a result of the exposure of the cities culture in all the corners of the world.
  7. Thanks for beating the Russian in the Pole Vault Australia - one more day at third in the medals table!
  8. Surely that's an arguement against the US's system of medal tables.
  9. What a horrid man - and obviously shows a lack of knowledge about which of the two countries has won the most Olympic medals.
  10. Jacques Rogge has equated Ben Ainslie's achievements to those of Phelps and Bolt.
  11. Take a last look at the medals table with GBR in third place - I'm sure by the end of the day Russia will be in third instead.
  12. Britain's Shanaze Reade suffered a suspected broken hand as she crashed out in the women's BMX final. French rider Anne-Caroline Chausson, in her final race, won ahead of Laetitia le Corguille with American Jill Kintner taking third. Very disappointing for Team GBR - Reade was considered one of our best hopes before the Games - happy that France has added to its medal tally though. Latvia won the mens event ahead of the two Americans.
  13. In the final race of the Sailing events Great Britain wins the Gold medal. 4 Golds won in Sailing this Olympics.
  14. Britain are third in the Swimming medals table behind the US and Australia - surely that hasn't happened for a long time!
  15. The British marathon swimmers have both been beaten in the last few seconds - another silver medal. Russia's getting very close!
  16. Just a few thoughts..... Where does Team GBR go from here? The aim for London 2012 was to finish fourth; by the end of Beijing 2008 we might still be placed above Russia in third - what targets can be set for 2012: 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st? The British athletes have done so well in Beijing, would 2012 be seen as a failure if they don't do quite as well when the Olympics come to London - expectations are going to be so high now - is that a good thing or a bad thing? Government expenditure on British athletes is set to increase - where should this be spent? Cycling and Rowing or Judo and Table Tennis? Is Britain the only country that is scared of its own success? The BBC, the other evening, instead of enjoying the achievement of the cyclists, was discussing whether Britain's domination of the velodrome was really bad for the sport as a whole - I doubt somehow Australians were expressing these concerns after their cycling medal haul in Athens - perhaps Britain isn't use to winning - why do British people always have to feel guilty for succeeding in something?
  17. I'm the landlord, I decide the opening hours!
  18. The difference between him and the silver medalist was incredible!
  19. One of the male competitors on the US team has dislocated his shoulder but still intends to compete - I hope he does well - he'll be in a lot of pain.
  20. Sorry Roltel, we were waiting for the beer to get to room temperature. Everyone, please help yourselves to a complementary pitcher of Pimms and enjoy your discussions of all things Team GBR! Enjoy!
  21. Although personally Britain's medal tally is pretty spectacular, internationally is it really that important? - countries have won 16 golds before. What is amazing about the British performance in Beijing is their dominance of some of the sports - sailing, rowing and particularly cycling. It's their complete dominance in the cycling events that is unmatched in Olympic history, not 16 gold medals that has been done many times before by other countries. So... Gold - The politics surrounding China being the host/the success of the Games as a whole Silver - Bolt/Phelps Bronze - Team GBR's domination of the cycling events
  22. Perhaps not - but then I'm happy with a gold being considered more valuable than either a silver or a bronze.
  23. France, Italy and Greece seem among the biggest losers so far. Allez France!
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