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  1. I voted for the Queen because her doors look nicer than the Governor General's curtains. Why are you even having this debate? It's a Canadian Olympics - I would have thought the answer was obvious.
  2. Actually, fox hunting was banned several years ago in Britain. And my argument was not as to whether seal culling was right or wrong, it was why the Canadian government should want to intentionally create controversy with many people around the world for very little reason.
  3. The argument as to whether it's actually right or wrong to cull seals is irrelevant - the point is that in Europe, as well as many other countries, it is generally viewed as wrong. So why are the Canadians deliberately drawing attention to the issue at their winter Games? It's obviously going to promote protests against the practice at a time when Canada should be striving to portray a positive image of itself.
  4. What a stupid decision - they're just going to create controversy that will reflect badly on Vancouver 2010. Such a silly pointless decision!!! Why would the Canadians at their own Olympics want to draw attention to one of the only things that make them unpopular around the world? Perhaps during the ceremony they can club a lot of baby seals and all the blood flows onto the snow in the form of a maple leaf! ..... and perhaps London 2012 should have a musical and dance number about the Irish potato famine!
  5. Sorry I've disappointed you arwebb. Third place is okay - I do have memories of seven Summer Games - although Los Angeles 1984 is limited to the Opening Ceremony and Zola Budd. I realise Sydney was an incredible Games, however, it was the one I watched the least. In the autumn of 2000 I was in the middle of moving house in Paris - believe me; moving from one apartment to another in France involves a lot of bureaucracy - it left me with very little time to watch anything. Also, and sorry to mention it, but, Atlanta had left me quite dissolutioned and I suppose Sydney suffered as a result. Sydney only places so high on my ranking due to knowledge I've gained post the Games - I wrote an MA thesis on the legacy aspects of hosting the Olympics a couple of years ago and Sydney came out quite well in most areas of my research.
  6. I must admit to being a little disappointed with London's little segment - I liked the idea of the double-decker and the queue (two very British things!) but the lighting and the sound were dreadful - It was so difficult to see or hear the performers.
  7. 5 - British domination of the velodrome 4 - Opening Ceremony 3/2 - Usain Bolt's record beating performance 2/3 - Michael Phelps' record beating performance 1 - China's position in the medals table/ number of nations included on the medals table
  8. I thought the Beijing Games were amazingly organised - everything seemed to have been thought about a great deal before and nothing left to chance - although perhaps this led to the absence of spontaneity and any relaxation. The Opening Ceremony was among the best Olympic Ceremonies ever in my opinion - everything was choreographed and synchronised within a millesecond - almost robotic (so perhaps lacked a little emotion). The sport was amazing too - despite the problems with judging in some events - I particularly enjoyed the rowing, sailing and cycling. 1) Barcelona, 2) Beijing, 3) Sydney/Athens.
  9. I'm heading to Central London to watch there. I'm quite excited about the Closing Ceremony but I wish the Games were taking place for a little longer - feeling a little empty now! Overall they've been fabulous Games.
  10. Here you go. As for racial intolerance - it is you who are displaying those sentiments with your paranoia about any opinion from me, a westerner, must have racial overtones - this I find extremely offensive. Perhaps you're the one who resembles Pillan? As I've said before, I have been an avid supporter of the Chinese and their Olympics throughout the months leading up to these Games and through the Games themselves and will continue to do so despite your efforts to provoke conflict. I've had enough of this conversation, and of you - write what you will, I won't reply.
  11. Perhaps, but I still believe closer scrutiny, even in wrestling and judo, by an additional official viewing the same footage people can see at home, would only help judging decisions for the better should a contentious incident arise.
  12. Well that's easy - we had evidence of bad judgement in todays Taekwondo. If the unprecedented step hadn't been taken to review video footage of the match and reverse the decision then the wrong competitor would have advanced into the semi-final - the decision was only reversed because of an official protest. It should not have needed an official protest to be made for the judges to at least explore the possibilities of a mistake. Perhaps if you still believe me to be racially intolerant you should check out the 'Hot Bods of the Games' thread.
  13. You are obviously not reading my posts properly (btw that is not a racial slur because you come from Asia). I've already stated that crowds will obviously be bias no matter where the event is placed - which suggests that I don't believe it's a solely Chinese phenomenon. Understand? Errors of judgement have occurred in Olympic sports in the past, however, I haven't spent a couple of hours today watching events from Sydney, or Munich, or Albertville, I've been watching the Beijing Games and commenting on a 'Beijing Games' forum about the Beijing Games. I challenge you to find any post where I say that Chinese athletes are cheating - because I have not. You seem to have the ability to deliberately misunderstand anything I write.
  14. Thank you. I'm glad you agree with me - better judges and ways of judging are needed for sports like Taekwando - if not, then yes Taekwando doesn't deserve the honour of being an Olympic sport. It wasn't an isolated incident; for the integrity of the sport to continue better judgements need to be made in the future - for without the integrity there is no point.
  15. How is it anti-Chinese or racially intolerant to blame judges of competition for being swayed by partisan crowds? Of course overwhelmingly Chinese crowds are going to support Chinese athletes (it is the same whoever the hosts are), but it is wrong for the referees and judges of these events to be swayed by popular opinion in the venues. That's not the fault of the Chinese athletes or the spectators - it's the fault of the judges and referees. Where is the racial intolerance in that? If you are a regular visitor here you would know that I have been a great supporter of Beijing 2008 and China as hosts for a long time on these boards.
  16. Don't be ridiculous - this is an attack on bad judging decisions and not China itself. Grow up.
  17. It was wrong of the Cuban athlete to do that - but I must admit I enjoyed seeing it after all the stupidity in the women's event earlier.
  18. The sport of Taekwondo has probably had its worst day ever! First the incompetence of the referee in the Women's +67kg causing an extremely embarrassing reversal of the quarter-final result - and then the +80kg Cuban competitor kicking out at another unreasonable official; although the official can't be blamed for the violence, the Cuban was given only ten seconds notice to finish taping his injured foot and get up ready to fight before being disqualified - ridiculous! If I was the IOC I would be seriously questioning whether Taekwondo should remain an Olympic sport after today's displays.
  19. I think by 2012 events such as Wrestling, Boxing, Taekwondo and Judo should have an additional official watching the match's television coverage (which can be replayed to check the points being played). There have been far too many irregularities and often to the benefit of the Chinese - judges were obviously being swayed by partisan spectators.
  20. Congratulations Norway and Belgium.
  21. I don't think there are enough events left for Germany to take fourth place from Britain. Tomorrow's finals are mainly team events such as Handball, Basketball, Water Polo and Volleyball, and there's also more Boxing finals. None of which involve Germany (or Britain).
  22. Juan Guillermo Uran - Colombian Diver.
  23. Apparently this has never happened before - Taekwando certainly needs video replays for a second referee/fifth judge in London.
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