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  1. Britain's first individual gold medal since Lake Placid 1980!
  2. I just thought I'd mention it before someone else did.
  3. This is true. The newspaper articles mentioned above are so different from the general coverage on the television news in the UK. For example, the malfunction during the torch lighting wasn't even mentioned during the live broadcast - it's only by simultaniously viewing comments here on Gamesbids that I knew about it - the most used word during their broadcast was probably "spectacular". I also believe that the negative views in the media regarding Vancouver have more to do with the continued lambasting of the BBC that has been going on here for the past few months and also because London 2012's preparations are seemingly running so smoothly at the moment. London 2012 will have no more critical observers than those in the media here - the Times article for example seems to be written more as a warning to London than a direct attack on Canadian organisation skills.
  4. It's good that they're getting them all to walk quickly! The Parade of Nations is usually the dullest part.
  5. The athletes seem to be very early! They usually enter nearer the end don't they?
  6. The spectators all look like they're about to have surgery wearing all those blue things.
  7. Dreadful news A number of people have worried about the safety of the track for a while according to the BBC.
  8. I'm not so keen on the floral wall paper you've chosen Lee, but the paper doilies you've made are lovely! I'd like two soups please!
  9. Quatchi - I think he's Canadian
  10. Exactly! I'm sure he'll come up with something amazing - his recent RA exhibition was the most successful ever by a living artist - he's proven himself to be a very popular artist among the British public.
  11. It looks like the handle of a toothbrush
  12. This looks like Christmas has come early to London's Olympic Park ..... or did they forget to take down one of the electricity pylons? I'm all for Anish Kapoor designing something though - his current exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts is spectacular!
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