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  1. Extra funding to be used in the period leading up to the Beijing Games will mean that the British team in 2008 will be the largest ever team assembled by the UK for the Olympics.
  2. Dear Uncle Puppy, How would one successfully remove an old red wine stain from a beige carpet?
  3. I suppose between 1790 - 1914, a little early to have any baring on the new Wembley Stadium. I find it really funny that an Australian has the nerve to criticise the delays at Wembley as it is one of their construction companies that have really screwed everything up and are paying a huge financial penalty as a result.
  4. Looks really colourful.........perhaps workmen in in their luminous jackets can be another idea to add to our long list of Olympic Opening Ceremony possibilities! :kungfu:
  5. I like the sign showing "Pitch Access" - I would have assumed one would just walk towards the open space in the middle of the stadium that all the installed seats seemed to be facing.
  6. There is now a 70% chance of the stadium being ready for the FA Cup final - is that positive or negative news? I saw the new Wembley on the television this morning - it looks amazing! http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/4661494.stm
  7. Wow! That sculptures an amazing likeness - are they having any other England legends immortalized in bronze (are there any others so worthy?), perhaps the whole 1966 World Cup final team.
  8. There really is a theme to my posts today - don't know why!
  9. Yes, brilliant post Rob - certainly is a busy time for London's construction industry.
  10. Yes they're great pictures! It's ridiculous, different people involved seem to release different storys everyday regarding when Wembley will be finished - I struggle to keep up - yesterday it would be on time - today not.
  11. Well going to the toilet is a social event for women - they have a completely different lavatorial etiquette to men - look straight forward, don't make eye contact, try not to be tempted to compare yourself with the man at the urinal next to you.
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