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  1. What have I missed? Seems a little quiet
  2. I've been to both Rome and Paris many times and love both, however, it's unquestionable that the Parisian infrastructure seems more able to cope with an Olympics than the Roman. btw ... I really don't see 2024 being the US's time. Try 2028/32 .... and try with a well planned and central New York bid ... give the world what it wants!!!! It worked for China, Britain, Brazil and Japan, and I'm sure it's about to work for France ... give the world what they want!
  3. Thanks I agree, Paris already seems like an obvious choice. You don't waste time and money by bidding for something you have no chance of winning.
  4. I'm surprised some of the NOCs haven't paid attention to recent trends in the selection of host cities. In a time when visiting bidding cities is restricted, the Olympics are far more likely to be awarded to a city with international recognition ... and a country is far more likely to be successful if they offer their most celebrated internationally renowned city. A bid from a second-tier city gives the impression of a half-hearted attempt. Tokyo, Rio, London, Beijing, Athens and arguably Sydney, were all NOCs bidding with their best choice in the eyes of the wider world. I believe that the US and German bids for 2024 are really missing a chance ... voting for an Olympic host needs international appeal ... very different to any domestic considerations. Even before I've seen any of the proposals by those bidding, I can't see how either Hamburg or Boston could possibly overcome the appeal of Paris, Rome, or even Budapest!
  5. Having lived in Paris for two years I can state with authority that Parisians are no colder or unpleasant than any other inhabitants of a very large European city.
  6. City mayors just need to be more realistic about the capabilities and priorities of their cities. Why should the IOC decrease the number of events? There's no shortage of capable cities still interested in hosting the Games at the moment and no shortage of interest in the different sports in the Olympic programme during the Games. Exactly!
  7. What should change is the cities that bid .... not the Olympic programme.
  8. I don't remember the IOC being so blunt with an Olympic host before ... certainly is "unprecedented". I've always been an enthusiastic supporter of Rio 2016 and really hope everything will be okay on the day, however, no matter what the outcome, I feel the IOC's future decisions on Olympic hosts are certainly going to be influenced by their experiences as we approach 2016. My partner is Brazilian .... although he enjoyed 2012 here in London, he's completely against Brazil hosting both the Olympics and World Cup while there continues to be such economic divisions in society there. Whilst I used to point out to him that the Olympics can/has acted as a catalyst for development before, recently I have been far more sympathetic to his point of view. Among his friends and family both here in London and in Brazil, there seems to be very little enthusiasm for either event ... and sometimes open hostility! I remember at the same stage of my own city's Olympic experience there was an (albeit nervous) excitement ... I find it very sad that, at least among the Brazilians I know, this seems to be completely absent ... I only hear of their anger about money being spent on stadia and corruption rather than on schools and hospitals, and their annoyance that their country is suffering an embarrassing muddle in view of the rest of the world. Very sad
  9. Thanks all! I moved to north Pakistan and converted to Islam just to annoy baron!
  10. Hey baron, CAF. I had a really great London 2012 ... went to see quite a few events .... it was brilliant. Glad to hear you enjoyed it Feeling a bit marooned in my home at the moment because I'm surrounded by the marathon ... feels a bit like the Olympics again today!
  11. I don't seem to have missed much!

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