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  1. You swollen-headed traitor, your ridiculous clamour for "human rights" is nothing but a shrill cry! Weapon test part of ceremony! For conclusion we plan beautiful rings of destructive nuclear fallout. Very Ric Birch.
  2. So. I see no sunshine of Juche thread dedicated with daily supplicanting wishes of never-ending life on this dumb Belgian and gay forum? You despicable stooges! Why you get erect in pant about stupid Coliseum render and unnecessary fancy Beach Volleyball venue near metal coat rack I have been plotting with my son to wipe places off Earth! We have missiles that can reach Busan! Niigata! Dutch Harbor! Darwin! Sandakan! Chiang Mai! Beijing (no tell Mao - he still testy)! You swollen-headed bloodsucker, you would be well advised to behave with discretion! You imperialist militarist, we will mercilessly crush you with the weapon of singlehearted unity! I am eternal!
  3. Istanbul sound like bad kind of disease. Wah! My Istanbul playing up!

  4. support Annecy - only real candidate that not panda to false Korea everywhere or Munich.

  5. All big error. Do not question me capitalist dogs! Your lies betray your true fears!

  6. Wah! Life in North Korea very very strong and much better than false Korea below me and even dumb Socialist ugly heads over there. Hang on... phone. Oh sorry - China most respectible best Olympic fan ever and they do best at everything sometime better than other.
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