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  1. Looks like a huge 'Bird Net' lying in the middle of Beijing Don't forget these great warriors~! Busying and Busying..... trying to fix the wall for preventing strong wind and sand-strom one of the most eccentric venues in Olympics history. Conclusion, to be honest, Olympics for beijing is more political for China than any other purposes. Quite a lot of Chinese tax-payers aren't really satisfied with the 'the huge or radical transformation of the face of the city', but that's the plan it goes for the nation. Above all, Chinese people are welcoming everyone from all over the world and welcoming the friendship with other cultures. Good luck Beijng
  2. Yeah, but in spite of the clash between different views of the political identity,such as the communism and democracy. at least they Taiwanese government even do not support the cultural and historical link among the people of two sides. How on earth we could expect Olympics could pass the spirit of humanity ranther than such this political joke? At least in my opinion, the rejection is totally a skinless decision. remember Beijing is not gonna pass the troop through Taipei but an international-sharing symbol as the dove of peace. I can only say that's truly a shame!
  3. I told ya to expect those Taiwanese politician to do some right thing is too quixotic!
  4. Taiwan rejected the torch relay route is an extremely stupid discision. shame on those Taiwanese politians
  5. Yes, to choose Nagano could be also recognized as the statement like' look Japan, if you do not admit the crime you committed in WWII, the ending of Nagano would come to you again' lol You are right, but that doesn't mean China only prefers the ' friends', such as Indonisia and Turkey this kind of anti-China enemies also on the list. You could see China is trying to embrace them as Jesus. at least for the gor. That's the perfect plan and also the first in the history Yes, very clever. I like it. I do not know, but that's good for the Africa. where is the highest mount of AFRICA by the way? that's not the gossips, that's the principle everybody knows. that's not important at all. lol....LOVE ST.PETERSBURG.
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