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  1. lol~ i am just giving the examples, if you are not willing to listen to, that's your free will. coz I am just telling the truth, telling the historical fact that Human Rights Issues are always happening all the time anywhere. Don't tell me you are that naive to think BEIJING would be able to deal with the so-called promises all together just before the games started. How about after the games? How about the possible another Olympic Games in China in the future? And also how about the rest part of China? Actually the Games is the Games, China is still the China. To make the promise is always easy, but to break it is quite easy as well. To put some last minute pressure is understandable, however, I suspect that is going to be effective really. Beijing Games for Chinese central leadership, it is really a politics show. Have a look at the Bird Nest, how much money they invested into it? There are a lot of local residents been forced to leave their houses, that's pathetic. but you might don't know after the games, there are also thousands of them are going to move to the Olympic Villiages. The new lines of the subway been opened in just these 2 and 3 years and starting to improve the both air polution and transpotation quite much. To improve the Beijing Games, the central government moved 2 biggest and high polluted steal works miles aways from Beijing in order to improve the enviornment around Beijing. Beijing is also a city lack of water in fact, so the nation invests huge amount of money to set up a so-called 'SOUTH WATHER TO THE NORTH' system which actually could be potentially harmful to the enviornment of south China for filling the need of Beijing.......everything is towards to Beijing. That's the reality of China........ the organs of the prinsioners, athletes, blah blah~~~~~~I don't see anything that a 17-day Olympic Games could deal with it~ How about the inflation in China now? Could you make the market to promise you are going to be free for buying everything in great great Beijign? who cares mostly on this? Chinese themselves. Who understands themselves mostly? Chinese people~ Who could become the saviour of Chinese People, I would rather believe in God than the so-called Internation pressure. Just yesterday, I saw a news that BOCOG is going to provide free deomostration and dinner for the foreign athletes. I found that's disgusting~ BOCOG IS LICKING foreignERS' ass so much that ignore the harsh circumstance of the Chinese athletes~ so does it belong to a human right problem? if it is, trying to tell the athletes of your nation that don't eat it, don't drink it, don't sleep it for helping achieve the promise of Beijing BID. The action is far more effective than the talk~ believe me. IF you are also going to improve Chinese human right, don't learn from this brother~ at least, CHINA IS RISING~the people are not going to tollerate this in Beijing 2008
  2. No~No~,I didn't mean to any particular person, but I understand some kind of mainstream attitude towards to China from the West. That's the reality we couldn't ignore, could we? The fact is that those areas you mentioned mostly are the autonomous regions, the major population of these areas are the native people (Such as for Mogolian, there are also more than 15 ethnic groups, Mogolian, Russian, Tibetan....)~of course except Hong Kong/Macau, one group was seperated by the ethnic recognization, one group was seperated by the social form. I been living in an Muslim autonomous region for years~ the muslim community is highly been respected at many levels, however, there is always comes out a principle that the local government is not going to tollerate any activities that may harm for the national security. However, the fact is unless the central government really send the troops to these areas, the king is always the muslim~my grandpa told me that in the past, the leader of the communist government even been kidnapted by the muslim community in the early 1970s. You could imgaine how terrible it is~Do not think they are fighting for the so-called human rights~?do you know in Xinjiang, Muslim could take a knife with them~ one of my friends who got two roomates from Xinjiang, one is always been involved in the school bullying,that one is not willing to get in touch with everyone and isolate himself all the time, one is always stay in the room and do nothing or playing games, never attend the class~ and all of these are using our tax-payer's money for helping those Xinjiang people~ The children muslim thieves from Xinjian is the most common ones who making more and more Chinese upset about Xinjiang,why? because they are everywhere in the major cities of China.~when the police got them, they even have no shame and causing the chaos. ~Ironically, when the policemen been stolen, they can't even say anything~cause Chinese are not allowed to say anything may cause unfriendly atmosphere towards to the muslim~ ........................................ the EAST TURKS you may heard about it~I don't care if they really fight for their HUMAN RIGHT, however, when they just having a connection with BEN LARDEN~you know XInjiang is just near AFGHANISTAN~i don't think America,the police of the world would be happy with that~ you may also know in the early of this year~ there are two Japanese spies been to XINJIANG for inlegal geographical research....... are they goona write a book about introducing the XINJIANG TORUISM? And I also answered to Juan~ I may know very less about Canadian~,however, I still think you couldn't make the issue of Tibet as the fully same as the Qubec~ I think from the year of 1999, the confederation government of Canada is not going to tollerate the vote about the independence of Qubec from their single side, but it has to be passed by the central government and other provinces combined together~ so that means it is about to let the entire Canada to vote for the question of Qubec~ I think that's more rational and scicitific,~ isn' t it? Don't forget on the MONTR√ČAL Games, one french girl and one english boy light the flame together at the open ceremony~don't you see sth very interesting from that?
  3. lol~I understand why there are always a word COMMUNIST involved China all the time. However, if you really go to China, you are going to see a so non-communist lifestyle for common Chinese people in China To 'break out' with Communist nation is so natural, why? because Chinese government are not enjoying the mode of the COLD WAR. you might don't know USSR and China did break out very seriously in the early 1960s, there are even wars over the borders. 1993, China failed to win the bid for the 2000 OLYMPIC GAMES with only 2 votes, one is USA, one is North Korea~~ (the reasons you might know), in the early 1980s, China broke up with communist Vietnam~ Chinese communist government even compromise Russia a huge large-size land for the socalled relationship~ did the West, especially America ever help againest that? It's all politics, only the people suffering from the isolation and war
  4. Somalia, Iraq, and Afghanistan aren't relevant or the same thing YES,it is just because they are different, so the American policy for each of these are different(some with positive attitude, some with negative attitude), but the human right disasiter are the same~ children lost their families, wife lost their husbands, there are no houses, even clean food and water. The fact of human rights cause more chaos (we just don't judge at any moral level or legal level). for some, they lost their spririts, for some, they lost they lives. I believe that's true for both Iraqi people and American people. However, that's real sad~and to improve it, do you think to spread the differences do really helP? I believe that's real also in sociology. Olympics could be involved politics, but you have to remember what is the porpuse for founding the Olympics? America is the most powerful one in the world, but is it in moral value all the time~I suspect. China was a nation with long and heavy history, before the communist party, China already got tons of the human right problem (some you might never understand). why? because China was blocked from the outside world. So there is only wayto make China open as more as possible, Chinese and the West could understand easily with each other. Olympics is just the oppotunity, if the Chinese people could see more, why couldn't they been changed? To boycott is so COLD-WAR. American might never know US government also blocked information and propogandise sth that might put the stars and the stripes in a huge embarrisment. it's very natural in every nation
  5. you are misunderstanding, dude. so human rights affair could be universal, however, when it refers to a nation's internal system, such as the political liberation and development, it's definitly under the power of the current authority. The fact of the human rights and the dealing process of human right are totally different. If Hitler didn't take over the German internal system and won the internal election, do you think German people were willing to send their troops to the war for no purpose? are you a jewish? if not, I dare to say that German killing JEWISH for non-JEWISH people themselves, that's not a human right problem. 'they are even helping for their coming generation to spread the size of the land for promoting their human rights in the future'. Ok~that's really offensive, but that's also real in logic in history. Do you remember the appeasement policy of Britain and France during WWII? Do you remember the Treaty of non-Aggression Between Soviet Union and Germany? Did your grandpa's grandpa promised anything for demonstrating a better human rights union transcend national borders? Check out the partiction of Triple Entente to the Germany in Paris Peace Conference, was that really HUMAN RIGHT? And we also have a look at the GREAT DEPRESSION. which single politcal party and power at that time cause America such great human right disaster? How about AIDS? could you dare to say thousands of HIV POSITIVE in America, the American government should not take the biggest responsbility or let the developing countries to suffer from the international pressure? I'll ask who should take the responsbility of your health and who can mostly effective to control your health? I'll sure you know that. If you promise me all the time you would definitly take the pill but I'll never help you in the real need such as the money but always shout at your face or kick your ass or trying to seperate your body into small pieces. do you think you could really be healed? You must be a middle class, otherwise you would never have such feeling~ but to boycott Beijing games only harm for most of the Chinese people,why? cauze China already invested huge amount of money, they the money from the tax-payer~isn't that killing CHINESE middle class which could lead the real democracy in CHINA? do YOU HAVE A BRAIN? MY DEAR FRIEND?
  6. Speaking out I think is useless fo helping the Qubec, if I really need to fullfill my political need, I have to use anything. So I have to break the law, legally in and inlegally out is just the thing those two Cans done in China, why couldn't Chinese do that, otherwise I am going to say Canada is a racist nation if you really let me do such thing as your logic. When you think that's Chinese problem, why couldn't you follow your two Canadian Warriors path to help more? is that too selfish to them? yes, China did promise that, but do you know it is just because of the so-called olympics, China invest huge amout of money and resources on the capital Beijng and ignore other part of CHINA. some of them even couldn't bear the rising price of the daily goods. you guys boycott, could even make the worst worse and lead China a huge bankrupt, you think Chinese people can get a better lives from this? Childish.~
  7. Very interesting to see you only catch up this part of my information ( ). Yes, that's legal for Canadian law. However, you have to understand what kind of political form of Canada exactly it is. As you say that Canada is a confederation, but you forget about that Canada is also a nation from the West. Could you remember the Cold War? Could you remeber the NATO? It's very clear to see the actual political identity of Canada. Ok, if Qubec quit Canada, do you think the Qubec would be possibly aviod the political influence or we called it PRESSURE from Canada? Furthermore, what kind of FREE of Qubec it actually is? You have to understand the differences between the liberation and the seperation. And also, if we talk about the real master of Canada, do you think they are really the white people? The former colony of the British Empire and the French Empire became a independent political individual on the map of the world. Do you think that's legally and morally fair for the native Canadian (and also there is issue about the early slave trade in Canada)? ok~they embrace at last, but what is their motivation? the bread or the great great British and French authority? Why is the major offical language of Canada are English and French? Can you see the shame of the politics at this point? Back to the issue of the Qubec, Ok~ we acknowledge on the side of the Qubec, however, what is the biggest ethnic background in Qubec? The French-speaking people. So of course they been supported by French Government. Why did the British Government never help with that if Qubec is really a universal sadness and been supported by the UN? Two dogs are biting together out of their houses, who owns the truth at last? Mao ever said 'the government only comes from the power of gun'. That might sounds quite offensive for your Westerners, but that's the natural process of the birth of a political power. The free of the individual and the free of the community are different but also connect with each other , even Switzerland couldn't reject the Globalization and finally joined the UN. However, some political issues are so not that easy to deal with as your Qubec case. OK~as your logic, why Palestine still couldn't form a country successfully as just another nation located near Isreal? Why couldn't the Tukish and Greek Cyprus still under one flag? Why do the Corsica still need to be under the French control? Why Gorden Borwn promised that he is not goint to let Scotland go? Why couldn't the Northern Ireland become independent in the period of Tony? Why the American coluldn't let the Kurds become an independent state? Why do Afghanistan been controled by the US troops without the ackownldgement from the UN? Before China has its influence on Dafur, where was the West...........come on~Global Warming is killing more and more people, rising sea level has already wipeD away some island countries. In the past 100 years, who shoud take the biggest responsbility? AIDS is becoming a huge disaster around the globe, where is the promise from the WEST to the develpoing nations? Your left hand got an icecream, right hand got a coke, sitting on the sofa trying to help the world, is it that really effective? You think the Tibet, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Manchuria(rediculars conception), Macau and Hong-Kong are not willing to be under China? I just think that's true. not for everybody but for the mainstream. You also forget that CHINA has more than 55 different ethnic backgrounds. they all have their own autonomous regions~ they are the true native residents. unlike the immigrant feature of Canada. It has long history,not for the communist China, but it starts from the ancient China 4000 years ago 900 years ago now You forgot Taiwan as well. Chinese maps been always changing. Because the Chinese culture and people are always communicating with each other. so it is hard to see the extreme highly isolated groups but for common people, you could feel they do support the form of China but maybe not for any particular government. And you also say there is not democracy, that's ridiculars. Do you think the Chinese government can control everything? lol~you should really come to China to have a look. Do not really think Chinese people are that stupid as you imagine.~it is just because they speak in Chinese that you may never learn to understand....that quite true. At last, CHinese governmet is not going to send those two Canadians to the death. Or they gonna treat them quite well by using CHinese tax-payers money. That's the history it shows. I also have to say the truth, if some of the Chinese nationalists got that news, some of them may really think they need a real punishment. that's not good for the mainstream as the friendship between two countries. but that's another issue. So China is bad, Canada is not good either if you do really need me to sum up in your logic. I would pray for those two spirits, but I have to say your understand China too less or you have another purpose.
  8. At the first point, I am not intend to provoke a kind of unfriendly atmosphere in this tread. However, I have to say they been judged quite fairly. Why? Because, they broke the Chinese law in the land of China. That's very simple~ Just imagine a group of Chinese people got the Canadian visa aim to help Quebec to be strongly againest the current english government of Canada. Is that legal for Canadian law? I only make this point in a fair but didn't judge at the moral level. They are the same cases. You are not the Chinese citizen, how on earth could you do such thing that didn't ask for most of the Chinese ordinary (Non-government background) people's signatures and opinions? isn't that wiser for a so-called 'honest' international political activitist? I am tired to explain about the story of Tibet, I believe the real history will be really to unveil all the truth in the future. If these Canadian friends do really hope Tibet for a better future, why not trying to be more clever to do the practical constructions job on the land of Tibet such as helping Tibetan tourism or leading a funding for Tebetan youth education, poverty improvement, cultural communication and so on. If you do really come to the land of Tibet, you would understand Tibetan people also need a better quality of life and so on. I do understand Chinese Communist Party is extremely controversial. However, I have to say, it is also only the Chinese Communist Party who make a record that help the largest population in human history been improved their life standards from the UN poverty line. I have to say something that very curel and realistic, in Tibet, the spritual leader was the king. Because of the pure heart of the Tibetan people, they been stifled the free will and the understanding of the human rights by the local landlords and religious leaders for about hundreds of the year. For your european, that's quite similar as the fusion between the Dark AGE and the Slave Trade together~here are some pics It's very common to see those faces in early Tibet A Tibetan slave been cut off one hand by his Master(landlord) This one is quite disturbing, they are the human skins of the slaves been cut off by the early Tibetan Authority. can you a baby size skin? terriblly the British Empire was going to take over Tibet by threating former Chinese government British soldiers were humiliating honest Tibetan warroirs(even though they are also the slaves) British troops are taking over the city of Lahsa. I am not a Communist but a Christian. I do not stand on either side but only love to listen the local people's feeling. We cannot always say the countries that plitically away from the West all doing propoganda or mind-controled. It's just because their doors are closed, it doesn't mean they are all isolated by the modern world. Actually, there is only a nation such as North Korea is the typical one the world and the democracy need to deal with seriously. Honestly, Tibet been a part of ancient China already thousands years. However, Chinese government never prefer to invade this great land for their political need. So you could see even though Tibet was in the map of China, even the troops were in their, As I show you in the early year, Tibet even has their own spritial leader! So aren't they been free for long, but who won the moral value. I don't know. This question is so complex so that it is a issue. The truth is Tibet is geographically important for the Chinese security, but this refres to the modern history of CHINA, because China was ever been invaded by more than 8 countries from the West combined together (the impact could be positive as huge as negetive), but emotionally it is negative. The distrust of the West was start from that period. But it doesn't mean Chinese people like to be isolated Could you find your nation? So to talk about the issue of Tibet, we have to see the both sides, not just from the Dalai~ the viewpoint of the West. coz he was just that spritiual leader. we know in Islam, there are also the spritual leaders (or some of them are fundamentalist), their rights even bigger than the political authority~(the reason is quite clear, if you could understand and think). If you do really experience the real life of the early Tibetan slaves~you could understand deeper about the social liberation of the Tibet (I emphasis on the social one because I also do concern the cultural communication is changing the native Tibetan culture). It's so similar the West would never understand how terrible Japanese nationalists harmed to the Chinese people during WWII. So why not wait for the answer given by Tibet itself in the future (you have to believe the power of the people is bigger than any politics)? China is a highly controled nation (Big Brother). That's the fact, because of it's extremely huge population and it is a developing country, there must be tons of harsh problems . So you could see how taugh it is~ the political war is always happening behind the image. You maybdo not know, there are quite negative attitudes to Canada among Chinese people on the internet. Do you know that? I would tell you, it is just because quite a lot pf the Chinese embezzlers who commited the terrible crime on the human rights, economy and the justice successfully escaped to Canada for the political asylum that Canada never make the honest answers on these so that they could still enjoying their nasty lives by using huge amount of illeagal money from China as propagandizing for harming the image of China. isn't that a double-standard of the true value?
  9. I agree with that~ why do these guys have to wait for the games about to begin then to do these "amighty thing"~when Chinese people are facing extremely heavy flooding, terrible natural disasters in the early of this year, where are those guys? where are their helps?
  10. By the way, the human right affairs belong to the Chinese internal affair. Ok~that's Chinese government's fault, but how about those Chinese who are looking forward to share the joy of the olympics~you doing such boycott, could it be called as harming the their free wills and expectation for a better lives which also a part of Human Rights?
  11. RUBBISH AMERICA. How about Iraq? How about Somalia? How about Afghanistan? Those rubbish politians always like to make Human Rights as the biggest weapon againest other countries. Why not sell your American's thousands of bloody and high polluted factories l;ocated on the soil of China to improve the poverty of the Chinese people so that a good part of the 1.3 billion Chinese people could have a chance to be educated so that they could understand what your human rights should be? faking your kindness is so unwise, American DAD~
  12. YOu got my idea, look back to Athens ones, such as <PASS THE FLAME> and <Oceania> by Bejok, they are really modern as kind of mystic or symbolic. At least, look at the history of Olympics, how many countries from the the East ever hold the games? I meant if you olympic guys do really think Olympic games is about the share of different cultures and an universal celebration, why do we have to follow kind of western fashion all the time rather than to explore the beauty from the East once? The size as big as the whole Europe, China could be recognized as the one of the oldest, richest and most wonderful civilizations on this planet. why couldn't the music escape the influence of Rock n Roll? Hear the vocals in the style of Blues and R&B~ crap~~~~~~~you are ready for what? ready for the American parents to adopt more Chinese childen away? That's not kind of cultural boycott, but where is your confidence and personality of China?
  13. I have to say I don't like it~honestly, I would rather put some of the greatest Chinese classical music piece fused with modern pace than this kind of plain and boring commercial song.~ .............I cannot find any great Chinese culture in there and also you cannot really dance with it. This song is definitly not my cup of tea......sorry.
  14. In order to celebrate the 'ONE YEAR AWAY', BOCOG release some new suvounirs the model of "The heaven temple" made of pure gold attractes lots of people Twp Nano-size Fuwa gold brick
  15. tHE PRESIDENT of the USA team said America is going to send about 600 athletes for the coming games in Beijing
  16. From ANA news, A panda-like airplane from ANA Japan was landed in Beijing Capital International Airport on 25 July. This 'flying panda' was particularly designed for the 35 anniversary of the national friendship between China and Japan and also the 20th anniversary of the open of Chinese market as well as for the coming games And also the FUWA ones for the Chinese official use PANDA VS FUWA
  17. they are workers, they are wearing red hats and some of them don't. At least, I translated the description from Chinese.You have a great imagination and inductive capacity
  18. It's going to be fantastic celebration for the olympic committe to send out more than 250 invitations globally and this is also the first time IOC make this event hold in olympic city of the year. The workers are preparing for the huge show in th TIANANMEN SQUARE (WORLD'S LARGEST SQUARE)
  19. sorry, I made a mistake, actually this is a kind of cartoon episodes. I believe they are going to publish to the international networks if neccessary/ quite good
  20. This is the clip in CHINESE YOUTUBE, WAITTING FOR LOADING AND CLICK 'PLAY' !!olympic adventure of the fuwa clips!!
  21. It costs about 6 milion dollars and lauched in Beijing. I t's going to be a great cartoon in olympic history
  22. SEGA lauched the new Mario Game <<Mario & Sonic at the 2008 Olympic Games>> on the E3.
  23. There are too many foreigners are friendly or not friendly to the Chinese people. I think this olympics is going to cause some new presses in Olympic history.
  24. Great.I think there will be more and more people could take part.
  25. there is another bird production is going to be finished before Olympics-National Opera House (Bird egg) Inside of the EGG bUSYING AND BUSYING again.. This design is controversial however, some people think that is destroying the view of Beijing by making this city as a Bird Basement, as the early attitute of eiffel tower in Paris. Another view of the egg satellite view inside of the egg
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