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  1. I liked the video . To me honest , Miga is better as a whale. Are the going to sell him as a whale or the spirit bear
  2. Quatchi looks japanese to me. Sumi reminds me one of the Beijing mascots , the green one. I couldn't tell what Miga was if it weren't for the news page. I would love to see it transform. Overall its the best mascots since Sydney with the expection of Beijing.
  3. Quatchi is on this page. Sadly , a bit disapointing http://www.canada.com/globaltv/bc/story.ht...7b3&k=10951
  4. I can't get on the Vancouver website :l A picture would be nice :]
  5. Doesn't impress me :l , what the bear looks like.
  6. According to my cellphone's World Clock , its 0914 in Vancouver. 1hour 46minutes to go !
  7. Well their torch lighting was memorable. The thing is, The arrow actually when out of the stadium but the flame lit when the arrow was above. Organisers didn't want to risk the flaming arrow to fall on the spectators so they shot it outside.
  8. Table Tennis is another event you should watch out for ! The chinese are pros at em ! I am hoping for a medal for Singapore in Table Tennis. We narrorly missed a medal in Athens. 4th place
  9. Singapore may not have as much experience as Moscow. But we hosted a better IOC session, no offence to the Russian members. And if actually took time to read the evaluation closely, Singapore isn't that far behind Moscow like you think they are. An idiot would know you're not actually supporting Moscow. I bet you can't even name Moscow's main stadia or how far is their furterest venue. Your objective of this whole bid race is to see S'pore lose. In fact, if Singapore wasn't involve you wouldn't care less about this race.
  10. If I knew any better he out deny Singapore the games.
  11. Oh poo ! Nobody asked you , faggot ! In case you didn't know this education programme was part of evaluation. Every city did it, even Moscow ! Acting like Abuja, oh please. Have you even seen any news about Singapore's bid outside of GB ? I doubt it ! Good evaluation ? Do you need reading aid ? If I knew any better, you supporting Moscow just because you want Singapore to lose and to even with me for Abuja loss. You want me to feel the way you felt when Abuja lost. Your support for Moscow is solely for anti-Singapore reason, I can bet you would support any city that is ahead of Singapore even if it was Glasgow or Tel Aviv ! I am sorry but I am not going have that feeling if Singapore loses ! After all, I don't go around like a maniac insulting supporters of rival bid. Nor do I criticise Singapore's rival bids ! If you have nothing better than to criticise Singapore here to do then get lost ! You won't be missed dearly, meathead
  12. I just hope those new mascots toy aren't china made who knows whats inside em ? Old Chinese newspapers ?
  13. That would be great ! My fear of Moscow dragging Putin to infuence voters first-hand is over.
  14. Like chill , it was not meant to be taken to the heart. It was just a joke. Btw, Pedra Branca is ours ! Lol, just another joke.
  15. The Straits Times published Moscow and Singapore's scores in the paper today. Here they are 1) GOVERNANCE SG: 9-9 MC: 8-9 2) GENERAL INFRASTRUCTURE a)Transport SG: 9-9.5 MC: 8.5-9.5 Technology SG: 6-8 MC: 6-7.5 3) SPORTS & VENUE a)Quality SG: 6.5-8 MC: 7.5-9 Masterplan SG: 7-9 MC: 7-8.5 c)Experience SG: 6-7 MC 7-9 4) CULTURE & EDUCATION a)Education Programme SG: 8-10 MC: 7.5-9.5 Culture Programme SG: 6-7 MC: 6-7 5) YOUTH OLYMPIC VILLAGE a) Concept SG: 8-9 MC: 8-9 Feasibility - Highest score in this section is 1 SG: 0.7 MC: 1 c) Location SG: 7-8.5 MC: 6.5-8.5 6) TRANSPORT OPERATIONS a) Management SG: 7-8.5 MC: 6.5-8 Distance/Travel Times SG: 7-8.5 MC: 6.5-8.5 7) ACCOMMODATION SG: 7-10 MC: 8-10 8) FINANCE a) Revenue SG: 6-8 MC: 5-7 Expenditure SG: 6-7 MC: 6-8 c) Shortfall SG: 7-8 MC: 5-6 9) OVERALL PROJECT SG: 7-9.5 MC: 7-9
  16. So sad to see you rear your ugly head. I wouldn't expect someone like you to support Singapore obiviousily you haven't seen the scores. Neither do you know any venues in the two cities. IOC says one of main conpect is to give smaller countries to host.
  17. Sorry , about that my mistake. Wouldn't it be accurate if we just find the average of each city ? Moscow 8 Singapore 7.65 Athens 6.7 Bangkok 6.1 Turin 6
  18. Here is the shortlisted cities score based on the scoring system. I not sure how it works. Moscow (7.5 - 8.4) Singapore (7.4 - 7.9) Athens (6.1 - 7.2) Turin (5.5 - 6.3) Bangkok (5.4 - 5.7) The news reached front page on the Singapore Straits Times today. According to it, Singapore's conpect was well recieved by thr IOC. Singapore scored highly in Transport, Stong Government and Accommodation. It was Accommodation that caused Singapore to lack behind, Moscow is using an existing three-star hotel complex used in Moscow'80 & World Youth Games '98 while Singapore will be using a planned University Campus built for the National University of Singapore. In an event this campus will not be completed in time for the YOG, Singapore has a back up plan using existing hostels.
  19. Well , I would be an idiot not to surport my own country So yeah , my vote goes to S'pore.
  20. Well the selection is a very rush-rush affair, the city will only be awarded two years in advance so the IOC probaly wants a city they know thus Moscow, Athens, S'pore & Turin being shortlisted.
  21. Thats great for Singapore ! If we can mantain this, we would have a good chance of winning (:
  22. Yes , I'm pleased that Singapore got in ! (: To be honest, the shortlist was no surprise with the expection of Bangkok. I expected Debrecen instead. I must say Bangkok is a real surprise there ! After that little coup last year. Its like the sin city of Asia. Sex is everywhere there.
  23. To be honest , I find it really strange that the recent hosts for olympic events are all bidding. Athens - 2004 SOG Singapore - 2005 IOC Session Turin - 2006 WOG GC - 2007 IOC Session
  24. Now, I know this sounds very patronic (sp) but here are two programmes that the government will be doing in schools if S'pore wins the bid. [*] Olympic Education - Students will learn about the olympic games, the values as well as its history [*] Adopting a nation - Each High School in Singapore will "adopt" a nation and learn about it. I've been hearing some other plans about this but I can't tell you just yet.
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