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  1. Excally. When Singapore hosted the IOC session in 2005 , I remember the local media saying "that the IOC session is the next best thing since we are too small for the olympics." Anyway , theres been a lot of advertising about the Singapore bid here . Taxis have Singapore 2010 decals on their windscreens. The local TV channel has this small ad on the top right of the screen promoting the bid. And there are also Television commmercials about it. In fact , today in the local tabliod , they have an article about tshirts for the bid. I'll post em later if I not lazy.
  2. They should sell and market him like the other 3 . Mukmuk have the cute factor that only Miga has as well.
  3. And at the same time we can paint BC place pink and grow flower on the turf .
  4. Oh sorry . Wikipeadia said 100 000 . However , Worldstadiums says 91 000 as well.
  5. The Post-olympics configuration is 80,000 if I am not wrong. During the olympics, it will be 100 000. So thats 20 000 temporary seats , I guess
  6. Oh , that woman was in the papers in Singapore yesterday . The artical was like about half-a-page or a 1/4 .
  7. Opium Den - 鸦片小室 - ya pian xiao shi White Sex Slave - 白人性奴隶 - bai ren shi nu li (Female)
  8. About that word , heres the correct one Communist - 共产主义 - gong chan zhu yi
  9. Heres some basic greetings . Ni hao - Hello Zai Jian - Goodbye Zao an - Good Morning Wan An - Good Night Zao - Early Wan - Late Zao Shang - Morning Xia Wu - Afternoon
  10. Lets see , Human rights - ren quan - 人權 Freedom - zhi you (Its pronounce as yo) - 自由 And just in case , Communist - 共产主义 - yi ? chan zhu yi I am not sure about the first one maybe some of the chinese poster can help me :X
  11. For those of you going to Beijing , Chinese is important so I'll doing some phrases for you guys . My chinese is a bit rusty , I got a B this year . Qu shi ba , ni shao ya ! - Go and die , you roast duck ! Qing wen di tie zhan zai na li ? - May I know where is the subway/train station Wo cong mei guo llai de. - I am from America. Ou Yun Er ling ling ba nian - Olympics 2008 Bei li ! Bei li ! - Molester ! Moslester ! Yi - One Er/Liang - Two San - Three Si - Four Wu - Five I'll happy to help anyone ^^
  12. Actually , Bangkok only hosted 9 out of 45 sports in the recent SEA games. Not mention the venues were very empty and not one seemed to care in Bangkok .
  13. Well maybe you should shut up before going around labling people. I am sure you're no angel yourself. If I knew any better you're an MRT seat hogger that goes around littering everywhere.
  14. We have 4 offical languanges , English , Chinese , Maly & Tamil . English is spoken by nearly everyone. Besides English , Singlish or Singapore slang is also used
  15. I never said it was. Read the post before you act like a total smart ass and embarrass yourself like total eejit.
  16. I think its more of whether African cities want to bid or not. There has been a recent unhappiness over why Africa has host a major sporting event but if you look at it closely , how many African nations actually launched a serious bid for a major sporting event ? Besides the WC 2010 bids, Cape Town 2004 & Abuja 2014 there has been no serious African bid.
  17. Well at least it had more effort than Abuja tasteless website. It isn't excally the best website for a country which was obcess with winning
  18. http://www.singapore2010.sg/night/index.htm
  19. Singapore have revamp their site as well as their sub-logo. The sub-logo is much simpler
  20. I think the Spanish & US teams will do well in Beijing. China will be better as the home team but I don't see them as a basketball powerhouse yet.
  21. Lol , I posted that when I was 13 o.0 ! Anyway, the Canadian swimming team is here , I think.
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