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  1. Woman & Men Table Tennis . China to gold for both !
  2. Oh yea.... theres a bunch of extras guests who already been lagging the forum there two weeks . I have to agree with Vito , the chatroom would be nice !
  3. The lag is horid here ! Anyway, I am looking forward to the games ! Good thing Beijing is in the same time zone as Singapore !
  4. Thanks Rob. Will it possible to restrict access to the forum to registered members ?
  5. I don't quite like the colour scheme of Beijing . The rainbow look isn't that chinese.
  6. I've been having problem acessing the site the past few days. Is it due to the high traffic ? Will anything be done before the start of the Beijing games ?
  7. Just in case you didn't know, Phelps along with the US swimming team has been training in Singapore. They are using the pool of a country club .
  8. I guess they cut the programme for commercial breaks.
  9. Ok , I got it . The order is determined by the number of stroke in the first Chinese character of the country. Example : The Republic of Guinea has 2 stokes in their first letter there they are first.
  10. The order doesn't seem to be in English nor Chinese . Take Yemen & Turkey for example , The hanyinpinyin are Ye men and Tu er qi .
  11. San Marino winning gold ? Thats something...
  12. I disagree with SI on Ukraine and Japan. Ukraine is projected to 1 gold. Thats a big difference from 9 in Athens.
  13. It predicts Singapore will win the silver in Woman Team Table Tennis which I hope is true !
  14. Male & Female One Person Dinghy .
  15. I am pinning Singapore hopes of a medal on Table Tennis. Although, China will prove strong competition, I believe that Singapore can get at least a bronze or sliver. Sailing is another sport we actually have a chance at. Singapore is the top sailing nation in Asia and I think there is a possiblity we could one or two in Qingdao.
  16. Heres another boost for Singapore. It will host the 1st Asian Youth Games next year. Asian Youth Games: Singapore to host eight sports in 2009 Games By Tan Yo-Hinn, TODAY | Posted: 24 June 2008 0621 hrs SINGAPORE: In slightly over a year's time, Singapore will host the inaugural Asian Youth Games. On Monday, the Singapore Sports Council (SSC) confirmed the Games will feature eight sports - track and field, bowling, beach volleyball, three-on-three basketball, sailing, shooting, swimming and diving, and table tennis. It will be held from July 2-9. The SSC and Ministry of Education (MOE) will spearhead the organising of the Games, which will be used to help Singapore prepare for the inaugural Youth Olympic Games, which it will host from August 14-26, 2010. The Asian Youth Games' opening ceremony will be held in conjunction with the Singapore Youth Festival. Further details will be announced soon, but it is believed the organising committee and majority of the manpower to stage the Asian Youth Games will come from the SSC and MOE. Hosting the Asian Youth Games was part of Singapore's bid plan submitted to the International Olympic Committee when the Republic was bidding to stage the Youth Olympics. Many, if not all of the Olympic Council of Asia's 45 member nations are expected to compete in the Games. - TODAY
  17. It really has came true. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/7455239.stm
  18. Olympics Mascots Blamed for Bad Luck http://www.todayonline.com/pdf_open.asp?id=1705WLW016
  19. I agree. This quake has left many families childless due to China's one child policy.
  20. Heres are scenes from the News during the Results . Sorry for the poor quality , I took these on my cellphone camera .
  21. One thing that worries me how many medals Singapore will get on home soil . We have not won a medal since Rome 1960 although I am expecting 1 in Beijing . I think Sailing , Badminton , Athletics and maybe Soccer would somewhat a good chance in bagging medals on home soil .
  22. Actually , the Marina Bay Floating Stadia will be the main stadia . Bishan will host the Soccer Matches and Athletics . Its a 10 minute walk from my school actually . It will be expanded for the YOGs
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