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  1. The women and men team events are well underway. I may sound baised here but its Singapore only hopes of a medal ! Anyway , here are the countries that have qualified for the Women Team SEMIS : China, Singapore, United States, Austria, Japan and South Korea. The big unknown is in Group C , Hong Kong, Romania & Poland are fighting for the two spots left. For the men , the following have qualified, South Korea, Chinese Taipei, Japan & Hong Kong. Still all is to play for in groups A & B .
  2. Malaysian World No. 2 , Lee Chong Wei defeated Singapore's Ronald Susilo earlier this evening, 21-13 , 21-14 .
  3. Ahhh yes... Singapore finished 5th while it would have been nice to see her win a medal, 5th isn't bad. Perhaps in London 2012 !
  4. USA won the match 101:70 . I have to admit China's No 9 , Sun Yue is hot !
  5. Singapore might actually have a chance in winning a medal in the pool ! Singapore's Tao Li finished 3rd in her heat and 4th overall in the Women's 100m Butterfly semifinals today ! The finals will be held tomorrow.
  6. Here are the events I am looking forward to , since I can't make a new topic ! Mon Aug 11-Men's Synchronised 10m Platform Final -I'll be rooting for team GB and their divers, which includes 14 year old Tom Daley ! Wed Aug 13-Women's Team Group B SINGAPORE (Singapore) vs UNITED STATES (United States) Wed Aug 13-Women's Team Group B SINGAPORE (Singapore) vs NIGERIA (Nigeria) Thu Aug 14-Women's Team Group B SINGAPORE (Singapore) vs NETHERLANDS (Netherlands) -The Singapore Women are ranked 2nd in the world ! The best hopefuls for a medal for my country ! I may even be counting on an upset for the Chinese on home soil ! - In my dreams, of course ! Wed Aug 13-Men's Team Group B CANADA (Canada) vs SINGAPORE (Singapore) Thu Aug 14-Men's Team Group B SINGAPORE (Singapore) vs CROATIA (Croatia) Thu Aug 14-Men's Team Group B GERMANY (Germany) vs SINGAPORE (Singapore) The men may not be be as strong as the Women, but I'll be keen to see them play the mighty Germans ! Most of the Men swimming events ! - I wonder if Michael Phelps will get his 8 golds ... Mon Aug 11-470 Men - Race 02 -Singapore has a few sailors in the Sailing regentta. Hopefully, they win something ! Sat Aug 16-Men's 100m Final -The most watched event of the games ! Will there be a new record ? Thu Aug 21-Men's 110m Hurdles Final - I can safely say, Liu Xiang, the home favourite will be there ! Thu Aug 21-Women's Gold - Match 26 - W23 vs W24 I am rooting for Norway here ! Sat Aug 23-Men's Gold - Match 32 - W29 vs W30 -The Men soccer finals will be another event which will be interesting for me. Sun Aug 24 14:30 Men's Gold Medal Game - Game 76 -It would be anybody's guess to guess which team I am supporting here ! The Americans ! Who else ?
  7. Same here ! My laptop is running out of juice anyway.
  8. I wondering if they going to have giant mascots like there was for Misha in 1980.
  9. I guessing theres at least half-an-hour more of performance before the atletes come out.
  10. Those square-ish things look like Mahjong tiles, a chinese way of gambling !
  11. Now the paper in floating ! Are those men wearing giant paintbrushes on their heads ?
  12. Its a film about paper making now ... a chinese invention. Ohhh and there caligraphy as well.
  13. Those rings are floating now ! Whar are they ? Kites ? Lanterns ?
  14. Those footprint fireworks is an interesting presentation .
  15. Singapore's flag barrier will be Lee Jia Wei, a table tennis player. One thing ironic is she was born in Beijing. She narrorly missed out on a bronze in Athens four years ago. Hopefully , she'll win a medal in Beijing !
  16. Singapore's flag barrier will be Lee Jia Wei, a table tennis player. One thing ironic is she was born in Beijing. She narrorly missed out on a bronze in Athens four years ago. Hopeful
  17. Its was four years ago, but I just can't get that Athens 2004 opening ident out of my head ! Its just sounds so nice ! I wonder what the Beijing one looks like ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9Gd4BzVr1k
  18. I agree ! They should all those guest in the forum. They're lagging the whole thing !
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