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  1. Yea, 5 would be just right. 50:50 . Debrecen is started to become a real contender in the past 2 weeks.
  2. Don't they have chunks of white elephants leftover from '04 ?
  3. Lols ! I hoping its a good one. There have been many disapointment recently in terms of LOGOS and MASCOTS
  4. I am sure it be some Native American Theme
  5. First , you're problematic . Next of all, you don't know anything about my personal life. Therefore, you have right jump to conclusions , Born Lose Nigerian
  6. For those of you who don't understand Singapore-English Slang , Kiansu or Kiasu means over-enthusiastic.
  7. Hate to disapoint you, but Algires chicken out and failed to answer or submit the questionaire.
  8. Yes, they are . They announce the list by the end ogf next month.
  9. O please , Your crappy mud hut is the last place on earth I would go .
  10. I am sorry , didn't mean to insult your African brother , Algeria , Mr African of the Year ! However , I guessing its Singapore , KL , Moscow , Turin , Athens and Bangkok fighting for the spots .
  11. Look just because I against the Abuja bid doesn't mean you can backstab me with an insult. However , I suggest you look at Singapore's website. They can provide something Abuja doesn't , VENUE INFORMATION. Btw , the floating stadia is only used for the ceremonies .
  12. I knew Algires would chicken out ! How many cities will be shortlisted ? I am guessing 4 .
  13. Details on the venues can be found here http://www.singapore2010.sg/news/press-release-29oct07.aspx The IOC is expected to give some details concerning the YOG itself in the next few hours (:
  14. Some details were released to the press today . Here are the proposed venues Bishan Sports Hall Bishan Stadium Choa Chu Kang Stadium East Coast Park International Convention Centre Integrated Education and Culture Programme Jurong West Stadium Kallang Cricket Field Kallang Netball Centre Kallang Tennis Centre Marina Bay Floating Stadium National Hockey Centre *scape Youth Space Singapore Indoor Stadium Main Media Centre Marina Reservoir National Sailing Centre Sentosa Siloso Beach Singapore Sports School Singapore Turf Riding School Tampines Bike Park Toa Payoh Sports Hall Toa Payoh Swimming Centre Youth Olympic Village (Education & Culture Programme) Youth Olympic Village
  15. Here is the offical website . http://www.singapore2010.sg/
  16. Singapore's Bid documents are on its way to the IOC headquaters in Switzerland ! http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin.../307297/1/.html
  17. Awww .. you beat me to it ! Anyway , this logo isn't great in comparison to SOGs logos . On a side note , Singapore is biddng for the 2009 World Junior Hockey Championships .
  18. True , just goes to show you how useless the floating platform is . As for capacity , the IOC requirement for the YOGs are smaller compared to SOGs so thus the smaller venue .
  19. Other possinble venues Jurong Stadium Jalan Besar Stadium Woodlands Stadium Choa Chu Kang Stadium Tampines Stadium Queenstown Stadium Toa Payoh Stadium
  20. The Straits Times , Singapore's local English paper reported that the following places will be venues , Marina Bay Floating Platform - Opening & Closing Ceremonies East Coast Parkway - Sailing Events Bishan & Jurong West Stadium - Soccer Bishan Stadium - Athletics Singapore Sports School - Woodlands - Swimming Suntec Convention Center - Indoor Sporting Events Singapore Indoor Stadium - Indoor Sporting Events - NOT CONFIRMED Ritz-Carlton Millenia Hotel - To Host members of IOC & VIPs Marina Bay Sands IR - Media Centre NUS University Town@Warren - Games Village It also reports that the venues need not be big with the IOC only requiring venues which can hold a few thousand people unlike the 10 000+ figure some of you mention.
  21. Singapore will be lucky if it can get a medal in Table Tennis or Sailing .
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