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  1. It was meant to be a showcase to show the world, Nigeria is ready to host the next Commonwealth games in Abuja
  2. I couldn't help but laud at the trony of this statement.
  3. Same here, during the woman's final between the India and Singapore. The home crown just went wild every time the home team scored a point.
  4. In case you were wondering, the Aussies beat the home team 5-2 in that match.
  5. Actually, if my memory serves me right, we never had any sporting event, be it the Olympics, Asian Games, CWG on a Chinese-language channel. I think the YOG was an exception though, although it was still broadcasted in English.
  6. Full Article: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-south-asia-11474371 Is he was weed ? Or has Princess Dianna risen from the grave and gotton a sex change ? No disrepect to Princess Di intented.
  7. They're newly built, although some of the debris and dirt can be attributted to the recent Monsoon rains. However, you do think they would have had a decent drainage system for the village.
  8. Ex=actly, you can understand why theres a big fuss. It looks like it has been partially abandoned even before the games started. I had better accomodation than that when I was up at an inn in Cambodia last fall.
  9. Its one snowball after another for Delhi isn't it ? New Delhi: The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) has presented photo evidence of a stray dog jumping on a bed in the Games Village. The CGF now wants all stray dogs to be removed from the Village site. CNN-IBN has access to the details of the meeting between the delegates and the organisers of the Commonwealth Games, where the delegates raised questions about the unfinished projects of the Games Village. The meeting, which took stock of the progress of various unfinished projects, also deliberated on the shortcomings pointed out by Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) President Michael Fennell about the Games village, said top officials. Fennell said that the final preparations for the Village have been a concern since the federation visited the residential zone on September 15. He condemned the Games village and reports quoted Fennell as saying that the athletes' village is seriously compromised. Moreover, delegates from England and Scotland say they saw workers sleeping on beds meant for players A Canadian delegate has said the external parts of the towers were full of "rubbish" and exposed wires posed a risk. While, delegates from England and Scotland say they saw workers sleeping on beds which are meant for players. But the Organising committee of the Games does not seem too worried. They held a news conference on Tuesday evening and claimed there were no major concerns. "We are confident of completing the cleaning of the towers in the Games Village. We have recieved a letter from Fennel about his concerns. We understand the concerns of the member countries but the situation is under control," said Oranizing Commmittte General Secretary Lalit Bhanot. "We are looking into all the concerns and it will be solved before the arrival of the athletes, " said Bhanot. I would pay big money to see that photo. Also, it just goes to show you, the Western media isn't the only one slamming the games. Better than the Beijing games ? I don't think so, not a long shot. http://ibnlive.in.com/news/cwg-shocker-stray-dog-found-on-athlete-bed/131446-3.html?from=tn
  10. C'mon who ever gave Hambantota a chance of beating the Gold Coast ? Calling a David-Goliath battle would an understatement. No matter how much Hambantota assures the CWF that everything will be fine and ready in time, the Delhi tag is going stuck with them like glue. Does the average American differentiate Slovakia and Slovenia ? No, they don't and its the same for CWF members voting. They're not going to differentiate Sri Lanka and India. If Delhi, the Indian Capital can't get everything on time, what can make the voters assues that some second-rated Sri Lankan city can do it ? Anyway, back to the topic. I can see the games being postponed and pushed back but not cancled. The next week is be really crucial. Although, I have to add, after everything that has happened Delhi is just a nail away in closing that coffin that is the Commonwealth Games 2010. In short, one more hurdle like this and the games are in really deep sh!t.
  11. Its disease that is rampant thoughout the cyberworld. The disease of the Patriot. Defending your country even though you know you're at the screwed end. The Russians and Ukrainians do that what someone criticises their Eurovision entry, james and his nigerian posse did that for Abuja's 2014 bid and now the Indians are doing that for Delhi, we saw that for Rio to a certain extent, we've seen that all so many times...
  12. I think we'll see a Montreal-like run-up, where workers were laying the new turf on the day of the opening ceremony.
  13. I think the runup to these games have been nothing but bad. If India is really intending to uses these games as a coming out party like Beijing's, then they really far for it. Also I think the bad pubilicity has also really squashed India's goal of a future Olympic bid similar to how Cairo's tail got bitten during the 1991 All-Africa Games.
  14. Its not bad that for Singapore, six medals is our best performance in any Olympic Games after all, mind you ! Besides we're not the worst Olympic host of all time, the Japanese won 3 medals in Sapporo (1 of Each) and the Yugoslavs won just 1 silver in Sarejevo. And its worth mentioning the most of Americans are actually part of the the US "B" team.
  15. hi-fived TOM DALEY yesterday at the 3m Springboard Finals !

  16. Here are more photos from yesterday's 3m Diving Springboard Finals. Just to side track abit, I managed to hi-five all of the participants as they walked past the stands including the reigning 10m Platform World Champion, TOM DALEY ! Pretty elated about it ! http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=205526&id=630806783&l=0a7bec4cee
  17. Here are the directions from the Olympic Superstore at Basement 2, 1) Walk straight to the Takashimaya Food Hall 2) Once inside the food hall, turn left at the junction of the Brownie Stand and Bakery 3) You should be facing the Cold Storage Supermarket Entrance, walk straight til you see the escalators. 4) Take the escalators to the 4th floor. 5) Once at the 4th floor, you should see a few mini-store selling sport labels, walk straight toward the post office. Also, I should tell you, the Post Office is close on Sundays.
  18. Try the Post Office at Ngee Ann City, near the Olympic Superstore at Orchard Road. Its at the 4th floor of the mall. They should be able to get them there. Otherwise, you can order them online, at http://shop.vpost.com.sg/syog/invoke/viewCatalog?catalog=YOG.Philatelic#CSH10AST
  19. FinFinally got the photos up! I might just take a few more snaps over the weekend. Going for Diving next tuesday to see Tom Daley, of course! http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=204486&id=630806783&l=06266fbc46
  20. The cheapest were going for SGD$30(About USD$20), with restricted views. With higher ones going at SGD$80, 120 and 200. I have to admit the cultural performances were nothing magnificent. Although you have to keep in mind, modern Singapore was founded around the 1820's, (1819 to be exact) and was built by our forefathers from many parts of Asia , so we do not really have such a rich culture as say China or even Australia and most of it has been pass down from generations to generations, so they're pretty close if not the same as compared to the motherlands Singapore forefathers came from. Anyways, back to the topic. Wasn't really value for money in the performance aspect but the "Parade of Nations" and torch lighting made it worth it ! The best after Barcelona & Beijing, but I might a little biased
  21. Great to hear that ! If you're looking for someone to show you around, I'm always free over the weekends !
  22. The ex-soviet medalist look pretty happy particarly the Ukrainian that won in Swimming tonight. I've got tickets for tomorrow, so I'll keep a close eye for you with some pics.
  23. I thinking if they'd would be doing that as I watched the Israeli won his match. When I saw the Israelis led without the Iranians, I knew they had pulled it off ! The commentary on the telly did say he pulled out because of injury but I have my doubts.
  24. Where can I find pretty girls to make out with? YOG volunteers claim they were propositioned by delegates from other countries By Ho Lian-Yi March 28, 2010 They leered. They groped. They propositioned. Hardly the kind of behaviour you would expect of Chefs de Mission (CdMs), the very people in charge of leading and caring for the welfare of their country's sports delegations to major events. The foreign CdMs cited by three girls were among 200 National Olympic Committee representatives for the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games (YOG) in August. They were here for a four-day Chefs de Mission Seminar and the incidents occurred at formal dinners last week. At least three Singapore volunteers were invited by CdMs to their hotel rooms. The girls, who spoke to The New Paper on Sunday, were among 60 Culture and Education Programme (CEP) Champions who attended the functions. The Champions, aged 18 to 25, were picked as volunteers by the Singapore Youth Olympic G'ames Organising Committee (SYOGOC). The Champions told The New Paper that the CdMs invited them to their hotel rooms and asked inappropriate questions. http://tnp.sg/news/story/0,4136,235004-1269813540,00.html?
  25. Today, it was written on a local tabloid, the New Paper that YOG girls volunteers were invited to hotel rooms, propositioned, groped by a number of Chef de mission during the recent progress visit in Singapore. The Chef de missions involved include an unnamed African Chef de mission as well as a Caucasian Chef de mission. More details will be made available here tomorrow, when the New Paper will publish today's reports online.
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