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  1. Let's be honest - it isn't Halifax, Toronto is not going to undercut Hamilton and Vancouver just doesn't care. Unless some idiots in Calgary have a wild need for another public slapdown it must be Edmonton. Or the Quebecois having a he!! of a laugh. How wild would a Quebec City Commonwealth Games be lol.
  2. I was thinking about this the other day and I think the EOC has it wrong. The European Championships are doing their job - maybe a winter European games would be a better option?
  3. Well Auckland is closer than Perth if they plane to share the football prelims around the country... I don't see a huge issue with it.
  4. The OCA has not confirmed anything. With Pyeongchang, Sapporo (again) and Beijing all able to host at short notice I'm guessing they are waiting until everything (sponsors/sport federations) are all lined up.
  5. LOL - ill fated 1992 bid. They were own-goaled as soon as they let Albertville run for the Winter Games - allowing Samaranch an easy way to give Barcelona the Summer Games.
  6. Neither of which is possible. Suncorp is not a modular stadium - it would require a complete rebuild. The Gabba cannot accommodate a track in it's current configuration and there is no land nearby to expand into. It is completely surrounded by major arterial roads and residential areas. Furthermore Cricket Australia have flat out stated they will not allow it. The only feasible existing stadium is QSAC - however access via public transport of spotty at best and the entire area is completely built up now. The best immediate option is Metricon Stadium down on the Gold Coast
  7. The coastline down Zushi way would be a nice option as well. It is normally quite nice that time of year.
  8. Yep - https://www.japantimes.co.jp/sports/2019/10/16/more-sports/track-field/ioc-planning-move-tokyo-olympic-marathon-north-sapporo-bid-avoid-heat/#.Xaf6uUYzaUk I'd imagine the medals will be still be presented in Tokyo - however this is a good idea. Maybe the road cycling as well?
  9. I've had a look - not a great deal to get excited about. I find it hard to believe the only football tickets available are to the semifinals and are $500 a pop. So every other single match all across Japan are sold out? That'll be a first...
  10. Edited - was complaining about CoSport not having Paralympic tickets in Australia - it's Kingdom Sports selling them apparently. Move along. Nothing to see here.
  11. It's a local issue. I don't know why these Boston idiots feel the need to start grass root anti-Games committees outside of Boston. Do I think building a new 80,000 seat stadium is needed in Brisbane for any reason? No. Would I welcome the public transport overhaul a Games would bring? Yes. Do I think a region like mine could responsibly host a Games with the existing infrastructure to the degree the bidders claim? No. The cost and the way they are sprouting how much revenue the 2032 Games will bring in is ridiculous. The only way a 2032 Games will succeed is if local sponsors are
  12. Which will be quickly eaten up with the maintenance costs of the venues. So yay - but hmm.
  13. Well that'll give those venues a bit more use - still... not a good look.
  14. I think we touched on this in one of the long gone fantasy bid competitions. I think the general concensus was the distance was prohibitive (700+km from Barcelona to Albertville, 800+ km from Andorra la Vella to Albertville) however that doesn't seem to be a huge issue these days. Yes - Milan to Cortina is half of these distances - however the IOC may be open to this plan to show they are serious about legacy.
  15. Ah Barcelona again. I don't know. I much rather another summer Games from them or Madrid. Maybe Lisbon? I just can't equate Spain with winter sports. I know they have mountains but... eh. It's a stretch.
  16. There was a credible push from the Victorian state government for a Melbourne bid for 2028/2032 however the AOC flat out said no (there is a lot of back story to the AOC basically hating Melbourne). Thus the Melburnians know until Coates is ousted (and they tried to do that a couple of years back) there is no point.
  17. I'm hoping there are lots of escalators and lifts that I'm just not seeing because that is not a Paralympic friendly venue based on the latest pics...
  18. Not a surprise. They are too expensive unless you have the vast majority of venues and infrastructure already in place. Adelaide most likely has enough venues - however they may not be of the right capacity for the CGF. It may get to the point where the CGF will approach cities directly. Melbourne again? Back to back in the UK?
  19. Yep - that is what I saw - but to be honest they are both kind of adorable. Neither tops the 2008 Paralympic mascot though. Fu Niu Lele forever!
  20. Valid points - but the Comm Games are costing in excess of a billion dollaridoos these days. There has to be a way to bring that right down - and the CGF is a good position to lead the way in making these multisport events cheaper.
  21. The Gabba is in a very built up area. The new metro station and road expansion will not allow any expansion beyond it's original footprint. It is surrounded by high rise apartments and retail areas on all the other sides. The Gabba board is also hugely protective of the ground and is about to sink a considerable sum in upgrading plumbing, electrics, seating and the under pitch infrastructure. It is Brisbane's only major oval ground - and there is no way it will be taken offline for a few years to build it up to Olympic Stadium standard. The Lions members will not consider multiple seasons b
  22. Similar - though milder weather issues. Remember - in 2000 the Games started mid September. Sydney no longer has a stadium that can realistically fit a track without major deck work - reducing capacity and sight lines. Also there hasn't really been any interest from Sydney to host a major event - bar the current FIFA Women's World Cup bid.
  23. Two factors - the IOC's apparently non-negotible hosting window and the AOC's refusal to back a Melbourne bid., The first is due to TV rights, the second is due to the head of the AOC being a bit of a dick and Melbourne has a relatively mild - yet wet - winter. July/August has fog, rain. sometimes snow on the higher hills and day time temperatures rarely above 18 degrees celcius. Never mind that the vast majority of sports are indoors and long distance athletes have repeatedly stated they'd rather run a marathon in cooler weather... So that is it. Climate, John Coates and NBC basicall
  24. We are here - however the 'No' is tempered with 'maybe'. There is a general lack of belief that this will come off - that it is still just politicians having a wank. We'll see.
  25. I hear this a lot and frankly major changes need to be made. The Commonwealth Games should maybe fully integrate 'Paralympic' sports on an equal footing (same amount of able bodied and non-able bodied athletes), perhaps take a leaf out of the Asian Winter Games book and invite a couple of sporting superpowers to the party and finally look at the sporting programme and scale back those sports that already have sufficient international championships/exposure.
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