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  1. ok, some surprises in PASO president election: Neven Ilic avoided the cut in first round of vote by winning a tie-breaker with Nuzman and then also won the final round against Puello by one vote! (26-25). So in short, the Puello voters made him win against Nuzman and then the Nuzman voters made him win against Puello. Hilarious.
  2. Actually, I was thinking Buenos Aires would win IF they were at least serious about it. It's all politics and influence, not really who can present the best bid for PASO. And Argentina currently has more weight than Chile in the organization + IIRC the voting system would give advantage to Argentina because they hosted before (for 2019 Santiago got the same votes as.... La Punta).
  3. I'm so pissed off... There won't be any bid for 2027 or 2030 or whatever guys, it's just damage control so they don't get berated by the press. Payasos impresentables COA, váyanse con Macri juntos bien a la mierda. Congratulations Chile btw.
  4. I see a possible China bid as the biggest threat for Argentina-Uruguay-¿Chile? 2030. About Europe... you shouldn't understimate the hate the other confederations (and the FIFA organization) have for UEFA.
  5. And I can see the 2027 ones also being in the south, I mean... Mexico and Canada won't bid for a time, USA is not interested and all the other countries are incapable to host. Maybe Brazil or Colombia will show interest.
  6. Macri smells blood from Santiago and takes the shot huh, he wants to project a "winner" image in parlamentary election year. Could backfire though... Well, personally i'm happy... every day the YOG seem more and more like a cheap scam to me, so I'd like a "true" sporting event in the city.
  7. Aside from the Village no, only upgrades for existing venues.
  8. I think we (Argentina) are not in $$$ conditions to host two consecutive year multi-sport events, also I read yesterday that our NOC president wants to try for 2023 PanAm. Anyway, I think Lima will be ok at the end, so no point bringing this up.
  9. Si mis oídos no me engañaron fue mitad ovación mitad pitidos. Mejor de lo que esperaba a decir verdad.
  10. Handball players, this pic if from London I think, since the guy on the right (Diego Simonet) is not in the team this time. Guy on the left is him:
  11. This is so typically brazilian, they get super defensive when they get criticized and start to blame the "foreigners" despite this person already helped in organization of PanAm 2007.
  12. Then the more reason to not listen to such requests. IOC already got the money in their pockets haha
  13. Who cares about that? are you their employee or sth? lol If they want out or bid less, then someone else will take the opportunity... you know, capitalism. Anyway, they already signed until 2020.
  14. It seems the NBC request has been turned down by organizing committee. Good, it would have been humiliating for host country to accept that.
  15. Sorry, this guy is olympian in which sport? surely not Jiu-Jitsu since it's not an olympic sport...
  16. I don't know much about the political situation in Turkey... let me guess it's yet another one of those countries lead by a mostly authoritarian figure that has public opinion divided 50/50? if that's the case then this coup won't work, it will only sink the country in deeper ****.
  17. The only positive thing I see about this game is that will force people to go outdoors for a change. For anything else... I would rather keep playing the normal pokemon versions.
  18. Not posible. There were problems because Martino, who was going to coach the team, resigned few days ago. But the argentine federation already asigned a new coach and enough players were called to make a list.
  19. The SA ladies did qualify, it's just their NOC rejected the quota afterwards.
  20. I love the colored Tom dolls to be given to paralympic medalists, the sculptures are lame though. Why not Vinicius dolls?
  21. Just a quick search of cabinets from other south american countries: Argentina - 3 women Bolivia - 6 women Chile - 7 women Paraguay - 3 women Peru - 8 women Uruguay - 5 women Venezuela - 8 women
  22. Do you really think that in such a large group of people not even one black person or women was suited to cover a position and we should think it's by pure coincidence? Of course it won't be changed, he wouldn't do something so obvious and that could have enormous negative impact on his image. The question is, will his government continue to promote progressive policies regardings human rights and cultural diversity in the future?
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