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  1. Hi Moderator:

    Im sending you only to report that im preety tired of the racist comments of RAP and Beatles against me.

    RAP has been bothering me..only speaking of bad things  of Mexico when i post something in some forum.

    He changes the topic of the thread and starts to talk about how bad Mexico is and..another preety bad things (bad words) he tells me in Spanish.

    Beatles has no right to speak of some members..he insults everyone he wants to..

    I can say that im preety sad about the  idea of some members about Mexico.but im more consterned about how they insult me...can you do something plz?.

    I remember also RAP talking against the Spainards in the Madrid 2012 forum..and that time it was preety insulting and preety racist comments.

    Plz..i ask you to do something.


    usually pretty anti-American comments by mexico1968.

    Mekky can be put in the same boat.

  2. Hi the boss ! Can we not create a section dedicated to Pan-american games ? especially for Rio 2007 to replace their Rio 2012 section (Rio/havana) ? I know a lot of brazilians who were really sad, maybe it can be a compensation, and it's close to olympic games spirit ! thanks, bye !

    Nice jesture but few people outside of Latin America have any interest in the Pan AM Games. :(

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