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  1. knowing many members that join, the person would join, claim the prize, make about 5 posts and disappear! :upside:
  2. i think both reasons are worthy for consideration, think about how busy most capital cities are world wide and having seoul as one major big city, ask a westerner to name another big city in south korea, they might have problems answering it. so maybe moving the central government to another city and establishing that is a good idea! ???
  3. great to see the legacy (memories...) of games available 24/7 online, does sydney 2000 or salt lake 2002 have one? i know that www.saltlake2002.com provides information about the park and tours available for visitors etc.... i wonder if athens 2004 will have one..... :oo:
  4. Nice jesture but few people outside of Latin America have any interest in the Pan AM Games. I am one of them, to not be particulary interested by this, but the fact is that when you go on the Other International Games section of the forum, it's so mixed that you are not able to see how evolve situations, for exemple how evolve rio infrastructures and accomodations (and life) and so on. How evolve things to keep in mind that maybe with this evolution, it could make another bid for 2016 or later as the moderator is gonna be organising the topics (i think), in the international games section, he could organise it as a group and the topics are divided by continent, so the section is more organised! :ooh:
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