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Status Updates posted by woohooitsme83

  1. Happy new year all! (plus 20 something days)

    Hopefully I can get back into action this 2017 and not disappear suddenly again :D

  2. Ah, a forum upgrade I see! Thanks, Rob. Good job :D

  3. What's happened to TNMP? D:

    1. krow


      not enough attention as a child leads to regressive behavior in adults

    2. woohooitsme83


      Of course! It all makes sense now.

    3. thatsnotmypuppy


      I had some questions and I decided a single thread was a poor use of my talents.

  4. Maybe I should've taken Korean as my foreign language :Phttp://imgur.com/CmiLjr1

  5. Spending the whole day watching Pokemon from their Twitch stream isn't very productive, I don't think ;-; #Pokemon20

    1. Victor Mata

      Victor Mata

      Yes, it is. It's a special anniversary! #Pokémonth

  6. Server errors are stupid.

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    2. woohooitsme83


      Lucky, I still keep on getting "[#10145.1] The application '' does not support search"

    3. Rob2012


      Good, it's not just me then. And no, still not working.

    4. Rob2012


      Working again now

  7. Nintendo Wurld Championshipz yaaaaassz

  8. The new Google 'G' stole from my Gothenburg logo D:http://seorealestateexperts.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/google-dk-flat.png

    1. Rob2012
    2. Palette86


      Too bad.Your logo has been Sanoed.

  9. OMG AF IZ (somewhat) BAAAACKKKK

  10. Getting ready to watch the opening ceremony of the Special Olympics at the coliseum! :D

  11. lol Almaty's slogan is "keeping it real," with subtle hints towards a compact venue plan, and a legacy. Sounds like a big FU to the Beijing plan ^.^

  12. Trying... not.. to.. read... spoilers.. on TO15 OC...

  13. #LoveWins #DoHashtagsEvenWorkHere?

    1. Rob2012


      No but some people link their Twitter accounts to this feed.

  14. Aiiiiiiii! At least I may have a World's Fair to look forward to in the 2020's! http://laworldsfair.org/

    1. BR2028


      It's a tad outdated, but would be cool.

  15. I kinda found Rik's social media accounts... ? XD

  16. The "Connect with us" portion of the Gamesbids site really bothers me. WHY AREN'T THEY ARRANGED BY HUES???

    1. Rob2012


      Because they're arranged by type.

  17. Krow... Krow is... back... ?

  18. Happy Singles' Awareness Day(?), I guess...

  19. I just thought of this: Krow is the Krown of Krowtopia! :P:D

    1. krow


      krow is dead. long live ߷

  20. Life Is Strange

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    2. krow


      i'm going to give you a chance to go back in time and take that little quip back before it's too late.

    3. woohooitsme83


      *deletes comment entirely*

    4. woohooitsme83


      Uhm. Sí señor, the computerized game entitled "Life Is Strange" is what I speak of. Thank you for your understanding, dedication, and efforts to ensure you have kept up with the latest digital trends. Your parents must be proud.

  21. Oh yeah. Today's the Super Bowl, isn't it? Hrmmmm...

  22. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

  23. Why would anyone want to harm a group of people walking on the sidewalk?

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