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  1. This all just goes to show that there's no 100% "safe and reliable" hosts left anywhere to be honest. The IOC is between a rock and a hard place and for once it's not all their own making.
  2. Stop talking about canoe slalom now. A certain someone may get a new rash of Estanguetphobia again.
  3. The EU is VERY influential in law-making, which is either denied or giving the EU the blame by the anti-EU folks, depending what serves them best. EU parliament is voted every five years actually, and of course while it should be about Europe, it often is an indicator at national level too. It also is - almost - representative of country population size, so German or French results have a bigger impact on the EU parliament than e.g. Maltese or Estonian. We also vote for our national parties (who then form groups with those foreign parties in the EU parliament aligned mostly with their own programmes).
  4. Thanks @Cyriln and @sebastien1214 I just hope then whoever will form the government, the transition will not harm the Olympics preparations, especially the security.
  5. This is a sad day for Europe. Putin OTOH must be very happy. His biggest fans in Germany and Austria also did very well, and of course Le Pen now doesn't want to remember but she cosied up to him quite a lot over many years already. Isn't the French election system built in a way that most seats will be distributed in a run-off so that hopefully the Kremlin puppets will not be able to get a majority?
  6. The Kayak Cross Qualifier is actually today during the WC in Prague: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2024_Canoe_Slalom_World_Cup#World_Cup_Race_2
  7. That‘s the easiest thing to count on though. First responder Farage already on scene to take care of the wound and bury the victim unceremoniously.
  8. Some people are really full of sh*t, so good to see them getting rid of it finally.
  9. First, Switzerland has to shuffle together quite a few Fränkli to host next year’s Eurovision https://eurovoix.com/2024/05/31/eurovision-2025-details-about-bidding-process-revealed/ Full bidding process, this will get some excited in these dire times for Olympics bids!
  10. Maybe that Spanish site misheard and instead of "Olympic Games" and "2036", Qatar just signed up for the "Commonwealth Games" and "2026"...
  11. That's all true, but we really cannot know 12 years out how the political landscape in the Middle East will look like then. If the IOC was to award either SA or Qatar so early on the Olympics, they'd be really crazy. There's no need to rush it and if all materialises for 2036, they will probably have some candidates that only need the "traditional" seven years lead time anyway. If those candidates would be the right ones to please whatever agenda they might have in Lausanne is another matter entirely of course.
  12. Vanderlei de Lima was attacked in Athens 2004 and the “mass marathon” in Paris will NOT take place simultaneously with the elite race. Education is indeed a very valuable good for society as Sebastien rightly pointed our.
  13. Oops…not working…well then here: https://www.google.com/search?client=safari&sca_esv=6dc0ae32fc817d32&hl=de-de&q=suitcase+money&uds=ADvngMhDNpEni0P7O0qvPcH0EAwuJEeigB940KtAQXI4De0lA5W9mp3P0QUBscQHxFJVx_LL_vc23ThGVxjxu4Ac96-JQTw1wLTl2EXNc5lxkHtwHkr2KR98D-OAQuukgwwl2xPbqfWbRNlv9Qbdk3wcbadKaODTAvW9yyoUhHkm2nB5Xr7XRqwfpstraSlKUYayCM2RtSLkm4K_sabNwJLXrjeXr2y0-Pq9U4wPJSuB2-kEaLCP5B9hQm454QS_X7bCfGbwad7WCBrBfEnCfM11_dPCDbtVRKgaMbWWORQmL_K00BCg5k4&udm=2&prmd=invbz&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiG9-fe9rCGAxXuhf0HHUwgD2AQtKgLegQIDBAB&biw=390&bih=663&dpr=3
  14. You can check out Qatar’s plan here.
  15. Tsk! I just visited R-R (apart from Cologne) for the first time last autumn. Surely not the most charming/picturesque places, but the vintage industrialism concept is certainly attractive in the tourist spots they actually do have!
  16. The less Riefenstahl the better for an Olympics documentary, I say.
  17. Whenever it fits Fencing 1976‘s purposes. Which might also be: never.
  18. Let‘s indeed go back to the thread‘s proper topic (instead of discussing 2036 and beyond in general): the German bid. DOSB (and politicians like e.g. Munich mayor) have multiple times stated already said they prefer a combined/national approach over a single city bid. To re-cap the five regions/cities DOSB is in dialogue with: Rhine-Ruhr is no different to LA metro really as a „region“ when it comes to a compact bid, just with more different cities. It has a lot of facilities but it lacks the athletics stadium. Leipzig is LOL and can really only be a supplement in combination with other bids - I think they have a canoe slalom course near, plus of course football stadium/indoor arena. Hamburg also lacks the athletics stadium but it is a beautiful city that has some facilities ready and surfing/sailing venues nearby. Berlin has a lot of facilities, including athletics, and of course is the capital with lots of historical narrative (good and bad). Munich (biased here!) could probably host on its own if there were downscaled venue requirements, as was shown in the 2022 European Championships that re-ignited the bid debate. There is very expressed political support (social dem/green city govt and conservative opposition) to bid (but not on its own), Olympic stadium will be renovated soon, a new indoor arena will open in autumn etc. Also clear that it is the only feasible German winter candidate but because of climate change, the city has ruled it out clearly. As Frankfurt was mentioned: not even in dialogue with DOSB, so clearly not interested. Apart from the airport, I wouldn‘t know what‘s going for them really. More like a bigger Leipzig in the sense of facilities etc. Apart from my own city being involved, my favourite would be a Berlin-Hamburg combo. They‘re within 90 minutes by train and together have basically everything in place. Both have strong NOlympics movements though.
  19. If Istanbul gets 2036, there won‘t be another European city getting 2040. Same logic when Munich 2018 was told by then FIS President Gianfranco Kasper that Sochi was in Europe too and they wouldn‘t do two in a row on same continent (famous last words! RIP Gianfranco!). And that was for winter with much less geographical options than for summer.
  20. Oh, just wanted to write something about news semi-related to the German bid myself: There is trouble with next year's Rhine-Ruhr University Games as the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia (conservative/green coalition) has withdrawn a promised sum of over 7 million EUR for renovation of the water polo venue in Duisburg and it is now unclear if that sport will be part of the event. Of course the state opposition (precisely social-democrats) have criticised this also pointing at the Olympics ambitions on the one hand and now withdrawing funds for what would likely be a nice, if lesser scale, test run event. Also, some reports that the state of Berlin (so not the federal government) has re-purposed about 500k EUR originally foreseen to prepare for a 2036 bid amid some rumours the federal government would rather prefer to focus on 2040 to instead of celebrating 100 years of learning from the past in 1936 use 2040 to celebrate 50 years of re-unification. Which actually would be a good narrative which I completely had not thought about TBH. But that would of course require 2036 to indeed go to somewhere like Fencing 1976's new favourite buddy in India. In what is probably minor news but against the background of the inner-German bidding race (if you want to call it that) might be interesting, Munich city council approved enlarging the tennis grounds where every year an ATP250 is held so that it can be upgraded to ATP500. Hmm...
  21. Official resales platform is open. https://ticket-resale.paris2024.org Immediately worked for me as I found some judo tickets/sold hockey ones.
  22. Yes. Fencing 1976. After all, his idol JAS had a cameo in Lausanne 1989. In reality because of requirements, it will be Basel, Bern or Zürich though.
  23. The voted will be recalculated, the EBU said, as every jury had to rank countries 1-26, so everyone below him just moves up a spot. It‘s an incredible sh…ow but accusations like that are to be taken seriously (though some apologists already spin the creepiest conspiracy theories).
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