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  1. Looking at what is again a very strong Dutch team in Tokyo, maybe there will actually be some political will to go for 2036 in the Netherlands. Amsterdam to Rotterdam is basically one big metro that already has plenty of facilities and is economically safe. I think if Germany continues to mess up and if the IOC does not want London so soon again, that would be their dream candidate. Of course there’s various layers of different regional and local authorities to be considered, plus probably a lot of opposition, but it would fit the idea of a sustainable regional bid very well.
  2. What??? LOL! Everyone * in Germany knew this was hopeless, I wonder where those trolls came from. * everyone but the mayor of Leipzig and the then President of the old NOC
  3. I think there’s other threads for the whole southern hemisphere WG debate already…. As for Tokyo/Covid…another test for these “safe Games” IOC storylines will be how many athletes/coaches return home and find out that did not (only) bring a medal but also the virus because these bubbles really only exist in the fantasy of the organisers.
  4. In prefectures outside Tokyo, limited audiences are allowed, e.g. for track cycling that started today. The rest of the audience in other venues is just accredited people, mostly athletes cheering for their teammates, which is actually quite nice because it’s almost like they can just celebrate each other as if it was a school trip.
  5. And on top of all the misery, the IOC is now deeply in hot water thanks to Lukashenko, still Belarus dictator, former NOC President, father of current NOC President and recipient of a Coubertin medal (or whatever the IOC calls its honour awards) from the hands of Thomas Bach himself. Belarus wanted to basically kidnap its own sprinter Timanovskaya after she had criticised officials, and she managed to seek help of airport police. Latest is she is in the Polish embassy and asylum plans are made. Belarus (and Russian) media say she was removed from competition by the team because she was “emotionally unstable”. The IOC at least seems to support her and watches this case closely. That’s what you get when you’re friends with dictators who like sports (and organise e.g. European Games for you).
  6. Let’s be honest: how many of you believe that all these amazing performances are clean? Two athletes have been dumb enough to be caught so far, but others are smarter and doping is not just a Russian speciality. Nowadays, the doubt is always there when watching.
  7. Too much faith in the IOC. ”Russia” is not allowed to compete, but they just laugh it off: I’m sure Bach will soon confirm that his friend Vlad has taken all necesary measures to reinstate Russia fully and that there’s no problem with a 2036 bid. Hell, why not throw another WG in as well. Sochi has it all.
  8. Slovenia’s PM is trying hard to follow Orbán’s footsteps. So I wouldn’t rule out a bid just as a vanity project for him and his cronies. As I said in the dedicated Ljubljana thread, geographically it should not be a problem (unlike Croatia), so it’s not completely off the cards.
  9. I think it’s time to crawl back under the rock where you came from. There’s racism, disrespect for mental health issues, a touch of conspiracy theories, using victims of a pandemic for your own argumentation…quite the Trumpian approach in that message if you ask me.
  10. But you (the UK) are alone in the pool trying to keep your head above the water.
  11. From our isolated continent, it seems the UK is even on the 2nd lap already…
  12. No Union flags necessary, the St George’s cross one will be sufficient by then! Anyway, CWG or the European Champs like in 2018 might be the right size for Glasgow, but an Olympics would certainly be too much to handle IMHO.
  13. Australia did not do anything with Sweden. The IOC had to separate equestrian events when it turned out horse quarantine rules for Australia back then would make it impossible to do these events there. That was not a voluntary choice and if more IOC members had been aware of it before giving Melbourne a one-vote advantage over Buenos Aires…well, who knows?
  14. Her history of mental health issues is well known, yet you chose to call her a twat as if she had done all this deliberately to become even more iconic. Voting Biden doesn’t make you a good person per se.
  15. You know that Scotland has about half the population of Greece/Hungary, right? Besides, I believe in Scottish independence when I see it, though Boris & The Brexiteers are doing a great job promoting it.
  16. They can NOT introduce anything at will. The core sports (most, including handball) remain, the rest is up to IOC decisions and their approval of proposals by the host. There’s still a limit in number of events and a certain degree of universality, i.e. practicing of that sport on a high level in many countries/continents still factors in. That said, I’d love to see Lacrosse added.
  17. Universiade cannot be compared to YOG. Age range there is just like in the Olympics basically.
  18. I never said the IOC wouldn’t go for Russia, but they really shouldn’t. Anyway, I doubt they’ll be busy locking 2036 in as early as they did 2032. Many things can happen in the next 5-7 years before this becomes concrete.
  19. As is Karate again in Paris, but we’ll get breakdancing instead… Wasn’t impressed by skateboarding, seemed very unspectacular and hard to see the nuances. Haven’t seen much of surfing, but it also felt a bit underwhelming to me.
  20. Sorry, now with link: https://www.gamesbids.com/forums/topic/29233-not-sarajevo-but-ljubljana/
  21. You mean… Not Sarajevo but Ljubljana?
  22. Yeah, the dream of many an official! Leave the pesky audience out, just make it look good on TV. Who needs ticket sales, maybe with new technologies you can make more sponsoring money by selling virtual tickets to exclusive Zoom crowds even who are then also projected into the TV broadcast making venues look full. (yes, this is sarcasm, just to be clear)
  23. Sorry folks, but the glitzy pictures and dramatic stories the Olympics are always producing might still draw audiences (especially when nightlife is non existing and not much else to do), but people can still at the same time ask the question whether it all, the costs, the health risks, etc, is really worth it. I heard a comment that Japanese people - now that the athletes are there despite all protesting - want to make it a good experience as they are the least to blame. But of course they are still angry at Bach, Suga, etc. The IOC has no real answer or even interest to convince people of its product and the Japanese government just hopes and prays basically.
  24. Nobody in the IOC should touch Russia even with a bargepole unless there are very significant changes to the current situation (and the doping issue would even be one of the lesser worries).
  25. Not that hard when apart from Istanbul in all these years no „risky“ candidate was on the ballot.
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