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  1. Pikachu what's next? Please do Leningrad 1994. That one was really weird
  2. B looks a bit like 2002 FIfa WC logo
  3. AFAIK Luzern has never bid for WOG. But they are in the race for 2021 Winter Universiade. They are agains Belarus-Poland joint bid. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2021_Winter_Universiade
  4. I kinda like 11. and maybe 4. 7. looks like a scene from "The RIng", 8. is just a Sochi rip-off 13. looks like written using toothpaste??
  5. Just change it to Olympic colours, maybe with smaller dots
  6. I can only help with Torino 2006: http://issuu.com/thatsnotmypuppy/docs/torinodossier1 http://issuu.com/thatsnotmypuppy/docs/torinodossier2 http://issuu.com/thatsnotmypuppy/docs/torinodossier3
  7. Madrid 2016: https://doc.rero.ch/record/23248?ln=en Tokyo 2016 https://doc.rero.ch/record/23193?ln=en Chicago 2016 https://doc.rero.ch/record/23192?ln=en Istanbul 2020 https://doc.rero.ch/record/31180?ln=en Madrid 2020 https://doc.rero.ch/record/31181?ln=en Try also: http://issuu.com/thatsnotmypuppy/docs
  8. Better version of Prague 2016, but I don't think they'll be shortlisted. About venue plan, this is what I could find: (in Hungarian, so beware ) http://valasz.hu/itthon/budapesti-olimpia-terkepen-a-tervezett-helyszinek-113441 ORANGE sport venues RED Olympic Village LILIAC IBC-MPC VIOLET Media Village BLUE technical village (?) Main Cluster:
  9. So now they'll have a referendum (after May 2014 I really hate those ) https://www.facebook.com/constantinos.kyriakis/posts/10153517967257975?fref=nf
  10. Well, Vienna ain't Dusseldorf I don't, hypocrisy didn't win. I feel bad for Germany and Austria. They didn't deserve 0 point.
  11. It looks like they already made some plans for 2020 bid: http://issuu.com/budapesti_olimpia_brosura/docs/budapesti_olimpia_brossura
  12. They could use Elphi as a very modern mascot
  13. Here's London http://issuu.com/thatsnotmypuppy/docs/london2012 and Rio http://issuu.com/thatsnotmypuppy/docs/rio2016questionnaire That'sNotMyPuppy upoladed a lot of the bidbooks here: http://issuu.com/thatsnotmypuppy/docs
  14. Well, I guess EBU needs some SMS money from Aussies They are only nation voting in both semifinals and in the final. 12 points to the UK?
  15. And they just defeated Germany (GERMANY!!). I didn't watch the whole thing (watching Poland-Croatia, obviously), was the Qatari team really better?
  16. You obviously ridiculoused my post about Polish movies nominated to Oscar Awards.
  17. I think "Ida" will just be another "Das weiße Band".
  18. Nice to see a Polish film with more than one nomination And two Polish documentary short subject films got their spotlight ("Joanna" and "Our Course"). Best Foreign Language Film award will go of course to Russian "Leviathan". It's anti-Putin, it's forbidden in Russia, good acting and screenplay, nice cinematography, a perfect choice for the Acedemy.
  19. This is 1980 Lake Placid Opening Ceremony photo, so USA marched last as the host. Yugoslavian team must have felt a bit awkward standing between USSR and USA (and considering Tito showed huge FU to Stallin in 1950s). Russians look stereotypically Russian, Americans look stereotypically American... Those were awful years...
  20. No "My Kraków" was out 7 months ago and I'm still interested in that dullness Asian race. My parents always bid for an underdog, so here it is: #teamalmaty2014
  21. I think some people really underestimate the importance of hosting SUMMER OGs. and experience of hosting SUMMER sports events Annecy 2018 applicant review got 9.0-10.0 scores, Do you remember what the listed? Annecy: cycling, open water swimming, athletics, mountain bike, golf France: rugby, athletics, handball, cycling, tennis
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