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  1. Two cauldrons would be expected..one in Beijing for ice events and another one in Zhangjiakou for snow events.
  2. Do you know him? Ning Zetao,maybe 2moro you will know him in swimming pool.
  3. There are about 3 big points in bid book fit to Agenda 2020. I really don't want to be tiresome type machine, u could find out the bid book and read those. If the truth was as your saying, the IOC members were all blind...Maybe they were all blind in real, hohoho.Bye some guys here, enjoy your selfish life in hundred years ago...
  4. I promise some guys like u here are prejudice. I really want to know what your so-called TRACK? Now I could tell u the truth is the track u mentioned, sorry. U should accept and learn what the track really is. Plz talk to the truth...ok...don't be selfish and do respect endeavor.
  5. I only want to say, maybe some of you misunderstand 2020 Agenda and also misunderstand Beijing bid...so, enjoy the end.
  6. Plz pay attention to your word"small".....Lol, u should google Harbin...
  7. Alright, I have to tell u, maybe it's not so important point which really help one bid city win or not.So if u just because this point and make your guess, I think it's a little superficial.
  8. Passion superficial is not important, even useless for wise IOC members. They have done a lot of works with the bid reports. They want certain facts and details about the bid to make the games safe and outstanding in future..so...
  9. I have to say, Almaty 2022 bid pre is a beautiful red apple full of poison.. Lets wait how Beijing deal with it... OOOOOHH BIG YAO...
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