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  1. @KulgawczykK @TomaszUrbas Z pracy też mogę dobrowolnie się zwolnić, nie jest to sprzeczne z tym że mogę być zwolniony.

  2. @DaKansasTroll @Spaceinventory or else you mean those pictures added are long exposure, as they seams so, but it wan not that long.

  3. RT @gamespot: Hideo Kojima, Guillermo Del Toro, And A7X Guitarist Confirmed For The Game Awards https://t.co/XCed6PGlyq https://t.co/TIxw3c…

  4. RT @okkumanch: 見所はBブロックの 「5.お母さんがS+」vs「6.誰か母を止めてください」 https://t.co/hAVOhgFtsp

  5. RT @lishainik: https://t.co/pEgiZOFanc

  6. RT @Conduit_Flux: My @LittleBigPlanet level Champion of Avengard Table Top is now available! https://t.co/SvLsKwUfsM https://t.co/LAeJWyvk0P

  7. @VertexSoup @UnrealAlexander He is probably owned cat his fur looks like his taking care of, some people let cats w… https://t.co/rV8frjEEzf

  8. @scoobaluyt @haruO_no_sekai2 @GoboTheOwl @AstroKomrade sun light

  9. @SchwertnerPL @Karol_Gac Więc pytanie czy jest możliwy Polexit jest takie samo jak pytanie czy będą sankcje.

  10. @cyappyn @RRR30000 私はまれに酒を飲む、禁酒が必要ない ;3

  11. RT @sylweriusz: Wielki #AtlasKotow https://t.co/CC3AXXKm8N

  12. RT @NinjaMicWZ: 6th Terra flops #XboxOneX https://t.co/Mx2lG3QOGH

  13. @UnrealAlexander More like PS2 or emulated PS1, PS1 didn't have texture filtering ;p

  14. You wondered how Persona 5 UI was made? :p https://t.co/nwfqJ7lwZc #gamedev #UE4

  15. RT @shiropen2: Disney Research、機械学習を用いて雲のシミュレーションを効率的かつ精密に再現する手法「Deep Scattering」を論文にて発表 https://t.co/ieXDRDEEMc https://t.co/tAcCs7s7Fo

  16. RT @yoshigeriko: @tukushiA Happy Halloween! ???? https://t.co/YOVqfxkdmA

  17. @HIKOOSEN49 @nk_lbp 両におめでとう :3

  18. RT @NeloGame: 4 More days! https://t.co/caiLBcogFp #steam #earlyaccess #shmup #characteraction #bullethell #beatemup #runandgun #shooter ht…

  19. RT @Theia3D: Newest build of our #harleydavidson #augmentedreality experience - now featuring accurate light reflection capture. Come see i…

  20. @sammelton2121 @FIFAWorldCup @DBUfodbold No worries, you gonna probably host in less 10 years and if not there will… https://t.co/Icn9s7rmQK

  21. RT @_kadoer: Nie dla psa kiełbasa #ITASWE https://t.co/SQxUad3fqI

  22. RT @UnrealEngine: In 4.18, you can now drag and drop elements to reorder them within an array! https://t.co/O6THfOgvIV #UE4 https://t.co/PB…

  23. @Johnny9985 @ZSzabowski @RychoM @wPolityce_pl @prezydentpl Śmieszą mnie zwolennicy PO którzy nic złego nie widzieli… https://t.co/Z2O8RXEEO7

  24. RT @victorburgosG3: I'll be starting the playthru of all 279?!?! #ue4jam submissions at approx 7PM EST. https://t.co/c4GUotQ97C @UnrealEngi…

  25. @MastaBlastyacan you hop in to chat, i got things working ;]

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