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  1. RT @DeepSpaceBanana: Probably one of the most useful Images I have found on the interwebs, thanks to @bookofshaders . Not sure who the orig…

  2. @Luos_83 i know that ;p but i tought you be atleast interested how it looks like

  3. @RRR30000 何のゲームを作っているの?

  4. @MrHepik @limaknifares @naspokojnie No a co, jak to inaczej nazwać? ;p TVN i GW też stosuje "Dobrą zmianę" w swoich… https://t.co/5sFppk2fuV

  5. lol i didnt know LBP Wiki made news :p https://t.co/OjoAsm7YBo

  6. RT @intindra: Sick POTG Link https://t.co/9kGXPnMAHr

  7. RT @Kekeflipnote: A lovely photo with my friends ???? https://t.co/1Ei3iad1VL

  8. Xd #PS4share https://t.co/B9lUXGbHSq

  9. @NinjaMicWZ @trilllizard666 Not canon, should be 5 mysterious figures not 6 :p

  10. It would be funny if C would won and companies own similar mascot sue them and they would need to change mascot again like the logo ;p But 1. I don't think Japanese are as much as plagiat copyright sue frenzy as US or Europe 2. They use common characters from Japanese folklore as base
  11. I just realized that B eyes have colors of olympic and paralympic flags I found dome vote tweets with huge large number of voters (reminder ア = A イ= B ウ = C) Question of poll: Which do you like? Note: on line 2 he said he likes C Question of poll: Which do you think is good? Quastion of poll: Which do you choose? Quastion of poll: Which is good? And here some english poll i found: SPOILER ALERT: C steamrolls all of them Also found this fan art of A lady:
  12. @KulgawczykK @TomaszUrbas Tylko to się odwraca do ciebie też :p

  13. Here another twitter japanese hashtag about mascots https://twitter.com/search?q=東京五輪マスコット
  14. Here Japanese hashtag about mascot selection https://twitter.com/search?f=tweets&vertical=default&q=小学生投票 It's already top trending in Japan. It still flooded with news, but i see some people pointing out that paralympic C remind them mascot of this service: https://point.recruit.co.jp/point/ C seem to grub there attention
  15. Yeah, C has closest look to Totoro it has that value
  16. Still NicoNico is very specific community so you never know And it's still very close it can go either way
  17. Well the fate is on Japanese elementary school students, if you ask me this is cool way to choose and promote Olympics in same time, kids can feel involved ^^ more a look at them the more i think im happy with either of them, they really good designs, Japan never disappoints in that.
  18. There no names, the text above them say "Olympic mascot" and "Paralympic mascot", also ア = A イ= I ウ = U which is first letters of japanese alphabets in katakana i suppose it substituting names
  19. Other two fro the scene, sry i posting one by one i promise this one is last one the companion mascor is defintly paralympics as they mention that on stream
  20. I i like how those things make logo a litt bit more likable for me i catched better pic of them from stream
  21. Wo i jumped in middle of action ^^ On stream there also partner mascots which i suspects are for paralympics, i like the middle one, but the paralympic of 3rd one look nice too ^^
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