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  1. @irekimiela tylko ze statysycznie druzyna liczy sie jako 1 ;p

  2. RT @Crunchyroll: Congratulation to Made in Abyss for winning Anime of the Year!!! #AnimeAwards https://t.co/SFVrZcYu5P

  3. He deserves it then no body else in Japan, if Nagano would about to happen now he is 1 candidature to lit the cauldron, in ski jumping he is legend no body can't belive how he can maintain form is such age in ski jumping and everybody knows him and loves him in contries where ski jumping is popular, including Poland ofcorse Zbigniew Bródka was bearer flag for Poland btw, which got first Polish gold in history for Speed Skating in Sochi
  4. I think it had a lot less content then opening at least i feel that way, those ceremonies definitely been cheapest since long time. I like how they used Seoul 1988 mascot, also drone mascot was pretty cool too. When i was looking Twitter durring ceremony everyone was hyping EXO kpop band, don't know why in in Poland trending there always kpop stuff poping out time to time so i kind of not suppriced that for them it was key event of the ceremony ;p
  5. I think winning gold in hockey not in Russia colors (this includes there stats) might be more painful to watch for Putin then ban
  6. I like how it feels little bit like Tokyo presentation high tech presentation minus typical Japanese pop culture. I really liked those transparent screen, if i'm not mistaken those are transparent OLED displays. ....so there was quite expensive hardware moving on the scene or else it's some glass projections. But you can also feel Beijing 2008 opening in it, so we probably gonna get another high budget big memorable opening ceremony again
  7. This is probably first case i seen And I absolutely agree, yea i forgot to mention that we finally getting some more colorful logo, i think London 2012 to even past logos to 2004 been more interesting then Pyongchang and Tokyo. I really love gradient logos and when they add some 3D elements to it, thats why Rio is my favorite Olympic logo so far, they hired really good company working on them (looking on there presentation videos), medals on other hand was meh
  8. It's very very similar to candidature logo so i didn't realize that logo been actully annouced, i thought they still using old one, but when i seen they been using logo everywhere in Pyongchang i realized that this is actual logo
  9. Definitly gonna watch ;3 is there any info on which time the announcement gonna happen? From all i really like Paralympic mascot B not so much it's Olympic counterpart
  10. Drone based displays are nothing new actually i heard of synchronous displays of drones for quite some time, but aside of news of such displays i never seen it used in such big event and with such quentety which impressed me. Since drones allows to put lights and small things above the scenes without need o any costly infrastructure (for example that center installation on stadium that been used to lift the light installation, if there was stronger drones), definitely you gonna see them used more frequently as IoT and drone technology improves not only in Olympic and sport event ceremonies, but pretty much on any outdoor events, it will be compatition for fireworks. Also not only in sky, it can be used on stadium it self too and not only for lights.
  11. @pinkzep おめでとう ;3

  12. RT @olympicchannel: Ester Ledecka's dream @Olympics continues with another finish at the top of the podium. After claiming #Gold in Women'…

  13. @SlawomirDomasi1 @Piotr_Lis_ ona ma racje, zamiast ja z szambem mieszac sam sprobuj biatlonu skoro lepszy jestes. M… https://t.co/obo6vMJ9jx

  14. @lagosmlawa @tvn24sport nie szczęście, przed Soczi panczeny miały dobre wyniki można było się spodziewać medali. Ma… https://t.co/0F8xWuEcLO

  15. RT @abco414: UE4で映像制作を作ってみた。記念にあげ。 #卒制 #UE4 #3DCG https://t.co/GPT95qQNnq

  16. @MaciekZi cieszę się że nie tylko ja czuję niedosyt ;p

  17. RT @bbo_lbp: しばらくBlender触れてなかったからリハビリ(下書き無し一発勝負思い付きローポリキャラ https://t.co/ZAPuMtpvLU

  18. RT @lemonade0428: UE4楽しい。フォリッジとかいうツールは、ゲームで遊んでるのとまったく同じ感覚。 https://t.co/ulj09fRfxC

  19. RT @nytgraphics: ⛷ In a huge upset, Ester Ledecka of the Czech Republic wins gold in the women's super-G. American Lindsey Vonn finished 6t…

  20. @Mootjuh0 @bitrate1280 Thats power of reflection system all thoise UFUNCTION and UPROPERTY in C++ code can be find… https://t.co/Hh0ZWl6J5H

  21. @KubaKazula ten przerarzajacy strach ze polska moze miec medal w czyms innym niz skoki, przeciez ma byc katastrofa… https://t.co/JQCjD1uHN9

  22. Well thats interesting results, we made have age group opinion difference ;p still it's only 0.04% not really represtive group, things can go either direction
  23. US got better because it is a lot better to sit little bit later at night then start right after midnight to 3PM in Europe. I got luxury to allow myself switch timezone so i don't complain, but it still quite annoying... and we have 2 more olympics with this timezone..
  24. Opening ceremony felt cheaper then in Rio, but it feels it better quality then Rio imo. I really impressed with drones also great fireworks they utilized local area very well for them making very nice view and quantity was quite large.
  25. @MarekBorowski @katarynaaa Na tej zasadzie każdy może legalnie łamać prawo gdy uważa że władza łamie prawo. PiS nie… https://t.co/85T723ZmNC

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